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Heidi Montag in 3DDD

2/18/2010 6:04 AM PST BY TMZ STAFF

Heidi Montag -- and all of her brand new refurbished parts -- managed not to melt while standing upright underneath the hot L.A. sun on Wednesday.


In case of an emergency, the 23-year-old may be used as a flotation device.

The hills are alive!


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kev the realist    

VANE, STUPID, VAPID, Aside from the obvious ASSETS, which she must need to show as nobody is interested in her for anything else (Let's see she is a moron, dumb blonde, self-indulgent, panty wasted, talentless emotionless statue, who in order to glamorize and capitalize on her less than 15 minutes of fame for her and her LOSER, ball less husband, undertook to ruin her perfectly normal good looks for this. You must be kidding me. That ball less jerk of a husband should have told her NO WAY, you idiot. But then agian that would have taken growing a spine, and we know he is spineless. Must be nice to live with an emoticon.

No talent, no emotion, big boobs, so I guess a bag over her head and she can be a porn star. May she a tag team wrestling match between her and Tia Tequila on pay per view. The winner,,, oh well who cares, they should both just go away.... far away.....

Heidi news flash, every time you open your mouth you show how truly stupid you really are. You live in the Vanity Mecca of the world.. everyone is laughing AT YOU.

Kev the Realist

1707 days ago

Your name:    

Theres no way she was a teenager 3 years ago! She looks more like 33. Also, people who get that much plastic surgery may look good in the moment but age horribly so that may be it.

1707 days ago


I feel bad for her parents. It must be hard to watch your child suffer from a mental illness and there is nothing you can do to help them.

1707 days ago


Pathetic. Just like Pammy Anderson.

1707 days ago


Congrats Heidi you now look like Tara Reid

1707 days ago


There are two big problems with fake giant tits:
1) If you touch one and it deflates, you can get sued.
2) If you caress them affectionately, SHE won't even know you're there!

Maybe the upside is that if you're 2000 miles away from her, and she hasn't said anything interesting for 6 weeks, you can email in a love-making session and she'll be satisfied. Very weird. Very weird. Is this what Alvin Toffler was talking about with his book "Future Shock"? Is this the final stage of the Stepford suburban corporate construct? Will John Galt go on strike again? Is Hugh Hefner really still alive and will Shauna Sand mud wrestle Heidi at the funeral bash? Tune in tomorrow to "The Young and The XXX-Breasted".

1707 days ago


Epic fail TMZ. She had a azz transplant which no one has shown yet.

1707 days ago


Updated Next Future Heidi Report--

Suicide Attempt...

1707 days ago


I see better-looking girls every day on the street without factory-manufacturing involved.

This looks like a bad prototype.

1707 days ago


it has gotten so old listen to this dizzzy broad stupid stuff
does she realize she can't sing, there is no acting career out there for her.

1707 days ago


OMG her face is crooked. One eye is all wonky, and her smile is out of whack too. Poor thing!

1707 days ago


I am probably the only one to say this, but I think she looks 100% better. Of course her boobs look fake, but I dont think she wanted the natural -look. By the type of shirt she is wearing, this tells me that she wanted the notice-me look, and she did get what she wanted.

1707 days ago


...anyone who thinks it's even close to okay for a perfectly healthy 23 year old to go through mulitiple surgeries to alter a perfectly fine appearance is clearly as screwed up as she obviously is...and the results are a disaster...she looks "off" -- like she's looking at you from inside some kind of permanent costume -- too scary for this early in the morn...

1707 days ago


she's only 23? she looks 33 and i don't mean it in a mean way, she just looks old and her chest looks ridculous.

1707 days ago

La La    

The bigger they are the faster they sag, so enjoy them while you can fool! She is a total IDIOT!

1707 days ago
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