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Nixon to Beyonce's Dad: I'm No Knowles

2/18/2010 9:18 AM PST BY TMZ STAFF

The baby boy Beyonce's dad, Mathew Knowles, may or may not have sired definitely doesn't resemble him in one major way: The kid has baby mama Alexsandra Wright's last name.

nixon beyonce's dad

There's no mention at all of Mathew on little Nixon's birth certificate -- the box titled "NAME OF FATHER" is blank.

So for now Nixon won't have Mathew's last name -- except on the $8,200-a-month child support check Mr. Knowles must pay.

A DNA test is scheduled for March 1.


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Yeah...the box is blank because the father has to consent to put his name on the birth certificate or have it done through the courts. You can't just put some guys name on the the certificate because you think he's the father.

1711 days ago


Probably no woman should be getting child support from someone to whom they were not married when they got pregnant. No morality here just reality. Pregnancy is a choice(for most)nowadays. Birth control is effective and available. Use it.

1711 days ago


thats his baby and Kelly Rowland is also his child from another time he cheated on Beyonce's mom! I hope he just man up!

1710 days ago


They shouldn't read too much into the name not being on the birth certificate. In the State of California if the father is not available to sign the birth certificate then they will not put him on it. The reason being that so many stupid girls were accusing men of being baby daddy's when they were not.

He probably is though... How low were her standards. He is fugly!

1710 days ago

Yeah, I said it    

The reason the baby has the mother's last name is because the father has to either sign the birth certificate or sign an affidavit or acknowledgement of paternity, if not then the father box will be left blank. I know from experience b/c when when my daughter was born, me and her dad were not married, so the hospital told me he had to sign. I called him at work and told him, he told me to go ahead and put his name on there but the nurse said no, he has to be present or else my daughter will have my last name and the father will be left blank, needless to say he rushed to the hospital and signed. When we got married and I had our son, he didn't have to be present b/c we were married.

I've never heard of any court forcing a man to pay child support on a child that he hasn't acknowledged or seen any DNA results first. That sounds just weird, if that's the case a lot of women will start going to Texas and naming any man, esp. wealthy men as the father of their unborn child. If it comes out that the child is not his, will she have to pay it back? I don't think that's right to force him to pay child support until he knows for sure. There's something fishy about this story. The only logic behind this would be if he's paying her hush money as if saying I won't come out and say that the child is mine, although there is a possibility but I'll give you money to take care of the child if you would just stop talking to the media. Some men would do it that way so that she wouldn't be able to get more money and some women will fall for it as long as they are getting some money. He knows that if it's proven to be his child she can get more but if she agrees to a settlement then that shows that there maybe a possibility that it may not be his, so some money is better than none. I actually know of a situation like this.

1710 days ago


Mr. knowls *** on B if u get dis tell daddy knowls dat he have 2 mine his child wen dat ***** wanted to *** he new where to go now baby *** ur back peddling bitch u need to make dat depost 4 dat **** of ur's..... knowls zee or B u got money *** on under all the **** it's ur brother and B the funny thing about it is dat look @ u who woulda ever believe u as a star wen u was small rite... ok give the baby a chance jus don't take it to mama knowls plz cuz i will be mad to ***** dis a bitch..... it is wat it is.

1623 days ago


Ummm... Beyonce and Solange don't look like him. Well Solange does a little. But I'm sure it took a while to see. Most babies come out looking only like one parent's family side until they get a little older. And if he is paying her child support already that means that he obviously was having sex with her around the time she got pregnant. (Regardless if she was sleeping with other men or not) So that's why he pays her child support already. (Mathew is no more innocent than she is.) That's what honorable men do.

1537 days ago

lady gaga    

ta ouvindo lady gaga!!kkkkkk zoa beyoncé e a melhor de todas e o pai dela e um chato pra ficar fazendo filho nos outros. love you

1460 days ago


Hey Sasha..hahahahahaha......last February you wrote old man knowles was honorable. yeh right. now that it has been determined by testing his DNA, that he definitely is the child of this 18 month affair what do you have to say for yourself?

1439 days ago


Where is the update to this story? This kids is now a year old I want to know what he looks like, and is he part of the knowles family. Does beyonce and solange see their baby brother. Is the father and baby mom together? find out for me I would like to he the update.

1242 days ago
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