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Chaos in Court Over 'NYPD Blue' Star

2/18/2010 4:00 PM PST BY TMZ STAFF

"NYPD Blue" star Gail O'Grady won a permanent restraining order against a man she claims stalked her and her five-year-old son, but not before the man went ballistic inside the courtroom.

Steven Church was in court this morning for the hearing, when things weren't going his way. O'Grady wasn't present, but her P.I., Scott Ross -- who tailed Church during the investigation -- was too much for Church to take. He stormed out of the courtroom, then stormed back in.

Church apparently made all the wrong moves because Judge Carol Boas Goodson granted the stay away order.

During the hearing Church admitted sending more than 400 text messages to O'Grady.


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Jim Gothhelm    

NoNuts, pefect name for you pal.
Here's a question.
Are you delusional?
Do you realize this story is a spun lie?
It is fed by O'Grady's P.I. Who helped create and put himself in the story, then he obviously spends all day on the computer like a loser, continuing to defame others and this guy.
Here is what they left out.
Church has not been or near O'Grady's home since the middle of December, last having her sons trampoline he purchased in her backyard, that is still there. But its a so-called
"unsolicited gift left at the door".
Right! Sure!
Church only attended or was near her sons school once with O'Grady in early November.
Church only went to her store with her once in November with O'Grady.
Here's also what the O'Grady press release left out,
How many times did O'Grady go out with Church? If he "stalked" her, Why did she accept checks, cash and gifts from him?
The gifls were not left at a door. But personally given to her and her son. Including a Xbox registered in Church's name, with his personal info, credit card info and username on the hard drive. Another unsolicited gift left at the door> Along with the blu ray player and flat screen tv that made it from the "unsolicated gift drop off area" of the front porch to above her living room.
She wrote to Church and telling friends, family, co workers, how nice and compassionate Church is to her and her son. Asked Church out on a date January 15th.
How many times did she respond to his texts messages since September?
What did the texts say back to Church?
What did the texts say to O'Grady?
O'Grady's sad crew are spinners, false accusers and they know it.
They bullied this guy, harrassed him without his attorney present. The judge did not order this PRO to Church as punishment. In fact Church said he did not object to the order but the accusations behind it. Then in response and what the judge saw, she advised Church on record he should sue O'Grady and her investigator for slander, harrassment and defamation.
The altercation, comotion happend outside the courtroom that the P.I started.
People if you read closely at both gossip stories which came from one source. its all about the self proclaimed "awesome PI", the attorney and lies.
I dare ask.
Who is stalking who? Who is harrassing who?
The PI bragged to the world he had been stalking Church. Sorry, I mean "tailing" him.
An innocent person, who like O'Grady is trying to go on with his life, when the P.I. is not a police officer, that is stalking!
This has opened up a pandora's box on Miss O'Grady that will forever haunt her reputation. Just wait. Other are going to come forward.

1654 days ago

Dwayne C.    

Something seems very strange here. I have known Steve Church since Junior High School and he is an outstanding guy. He is very well liked by friends and strangers alike and most of all he is a man of god. I am not surprised if he helped her and her son, gave them gifts or whatever... if she needed it or not. He would do anything for anyone. A truly great dependable guy.

I get the impression from her previous issues with bankruptcy, casinos, the IRS and more (just search "Gail O'Grady" on TMZ) and her lack of a career that Gail O'Grady is out to make a quick buck or get back in the limelight.

Like I said... something is not right here. This is not in Steve's character. He does not deserve this and the TMZ Staff should be ashamed for printing the garbage supplied by Private Investigator. Look at the credits on this article... "TMZ Staff".... how shameful. TMZ Staffers cannot even put their name on a story that they cannot stand behind.

Steve, hang in there. This will all come around and bite them eventually.

Dwayne C.

1647 days ago

Caitie O    

FROM THIS WEEK'S USA TODAY on private detective Scott Ross in another case.

"In the declaration, Deputy District Attorney John Lewin reiterated his allegations that defense investigator Scott Ross improperly shared information about the case with Seacat.
Prosecutors also believe "he is now engaged in a continuing effort to dissuade Jerilyn Seacat from providing truthful testimony," Lewin added."

Really???? Say it ain't so Shoeless Joe.
SCOTT ROSS contributing in witness tampering & someone falsifying testimony?
Wow, that is soooo hard to believe. NOT
Scott Ross is a liar and a manipulator.
Church, YOU SHOULD sue this douche bag along with O'Grady.
They both flat out conspired to submit false testimony, to slander, defame and bury Church.
Private douche Ross and his ego actually admitted here he went to Beverly HIlls and LA to purposely conspirer and cover up O'Grady's false testimony.
God forbid Church do something like defend himself and answer false allegations made toward him, because if Church does such a horrible thing, private douche Ross threatned on this very blog that he and O'Grady will file false criminal report against Church. He knew all along she lied! He shows up for a case to be dismissed?
Why? What are they hiding?
Defogged, it seems like you know both Church and O'Grady.
I am aware O'Grady should be accountable, but not Private Douche Ross? Really? Church should sue Ross. Let me add if O'Grady wanted Church's "advances to stop" she should have just said so, and I am a witness to the FACT. O'Grady encouraged this relationship, Church's caring, giving, niave ways all the way up to the middle of January. It only ended because Church got a wake up call from one of O'Grady's website workers, the Enquirer, and then it was over.

Attorney general Brown's office should launch a criminal investigation on Ross.
He does not serve the public or the community.
Church hold your chin up, As I say sue them, perhaps just take a deep breath, walk away and let them fall on their own. Then sue them. lol
You have time, Hellcats did not get greenlit yet.

1625 days ago

Thunder Thighs    


0 votes
An appeal has been filed by attorney George Mgdesyan representing Steven Church in Los Angeles Superior Court concerning the civil P. R. O. case of Gail O'Grady v Church.
"Gross misconducts" were duly noted in court.
According to Los Angeles court records the O'Grady / Church P. R. O. case was originally dismissed by Judge Goodson at the request of Gail O'Grady's attorney Tamar Arminak, on the morning of February 18, 2010, then 30 minutes later; strangely the case continued without Steven Church's witnesses, evidence and most importantly without his attorney present.
Also noted were allegations of grievous misconduct on Gail O'Grady's contracted private investigator Scott Ross. According to witnesses, Ross approached Steven Church outside of the courtroom following the dismissal, harassed and threatened Church to sign a gag order and repeatedly asked why Church appeared in court and to "go back home." TMZ had incorrectly reported Church "throwing a tantrum inside the courtroom". Several sources confirmed this falsehood, along with all reports and stories regarding Gail O'Grady and Steven Church turned out to be complete fabrications and submissions by Scott Ross.
It turns out Ross, in an unrelated case is being accused of witness tampering, in a murder trial by Deputy District Attorney John Lewin according to USA Today. Thanks to Ross's grandstanding, bullying rogue tactics, sources close to the case say they are keeping an eye on the O'Grady / Church civil P. R. O. case.
According to an investigation,
Gail O'Grady's stalking story does not add up. In fact the investigation proved there is not one ounce of truth to O'Grady's statement under oath.
From how they met, why they met, what the relationship was with Church, his relationship with her son, even O'Grady's statements about the gifts she received, what, how she accepted the gifts. Shockingly, every detail of O'Grady's story was fabricated.
Among the deception...
O'Grady claimed under oath she was "in fear of her life," but had her attorneys ask Church to sign a "gag order" of the details of their relationship as part of the original dismissal.
In August of 2009, just days following what she claims were discussions of a business proposal from Church, O'Grady claimed Church harassed, threatened her and her son, manager and her agent Jeff Witjas of APA who also reps Betty White. But according to phone records, texts, notarized affidavits from witnesses and emails obtained prove that Gail O'Grady flat-out lied. Church contacted her manager by phone and email to ask her out on a date, according to the emails he made it clear there was no business.
The email obtained and its language was clear what his intentions were. IN response, O'Grady called him that day. In every text and email obtained, Church never once threatened her or her son, and the only business at hand according the texts and emails exchanged was a romantic courtship between Church and O'Grady.
Ironically about O'Grady's agent, Jeff Witjas who is vice president of APA and Church still speak to this day on several projects.
The investigators also obtained affidavits and witnesses who spoke directly with O'Grady, making comments how "good Church is to her and her son." and Church "is a dear friend," "Steve is very caring and giving."
Receipts, photos and witnesses accounts in notarized statements prove Church and O'Grady had a "non-working relationship," and were "very close friends" leading all the way up to the middle of January 2010. They were seen together at various places in Los Angeles such as the Pantages Theater, The Grove, Morton's Steakhouse, History Museum, Penny Marshall's home, and the W Hotel.
O'Grady alleged Church had gone to her home and a store she owns "on a daily basis" and even her son's school.
The investigation proved Church had not been near her home since December 15, 2009, and according to witnesses and documents obtained he was an invited guest of O'Grady staying there as long as 4 hours to install a trampoline he got for her son.
The investigation proved Church went to O'Grady's store once, invited by her in a text on November 21, 2009.
The investigation and school surveillance also proved that Church went to her son's school once in Beverly Hills on November 9, 2009.
Church was seen accompanying Gail O'Grady. Video shows Church, O'Grady, and her son walking out together all holding hands on the afternoon of November 9, 2009. This was the first and last time Church was near or at the school. O'Grady lives a walking block away from the school. (A 30 second walk.) Which also puts a hole in O'Grady's claim Church would ask to pick her son up from school.
Investigation had found Gail O'Grady cashing a check from Church for twenty-fi

1611 days ago

Stephie O'Graph    

The dust has settled, The truth is very clear and from what I have read, Scott Ross and Gail O'Grady need to be held accountable for their pathetic sad games. This Ross guy operates more like 13 year girl blogging at a computer than a "big time celeb P.I". What a joke. With cleints like Robert Blake, Scott Peterson and Gail O'Grady.
Scott Ross, How do you know Church? Oh wait...You dont know him. You lied... pretending to be someone else and accused others of what you were doing and got busted! LMAO.
This is how you conduct business?
"Ross "tailed Church" and found 400 texts over a 5 month period" with someone she had been dating...
Damaging, threatening texts like...
"How's your day going?"
"Want to go to the movies?"
"What time is the trampoline being left unsolicted at my doorstep?"
"Thanks for the check Steve"
"Thanks for my son's xbox and Star Wars toys!"
"Could you come over & hook up my cable and flat screen you left for my unsolicted at my door?
Wow... what an investigation!
What a douche bag!
Gail O'Grady... I've known Steve for over 25 years. He would do anything for anybody, even for your son, to this day. I suggest you grow up and apologize to him, his family, friends, John Goodman, his church. the list is long.
You and your P.I. are a losers!
To TMZ when are you going fess up and admit the "Chaos story" in the courtroom was a fed lie by Ross? We've notice you have been ignoring the questions several times on your live afternoon show. "We have questions you've got no answers"
If everyone wants the truth go to:

1575 days ago

Stephie O'Graph    

HI everyone here is your truth o-meter-update from Studio City California!
Gail O'Grady case,
In case some of you want to know the truth, Here what I just found out since TMZ is refusing to come clean. This what we found out from someone close to the case:

1. FACT: Gail O'Grady did not win a pernmanent restraining order, she won a TEMPORARY one. Another lie from Scott Ross.
2. It was a civil case.
3. Despite published reports; An appeal has yet to be filed on Church's behalf, a motion to vacate was submitted on April 15, 2010, that was denied.
Why? the details and on what grounds we do not know.
We were told it could help O'Grady down the raod if Church showed mercy toward her for the false statement under oath but that is not a done deal, it is strictly up to the DA and judge.
4. A motion to revoacte Scott Ross's practice as a private investigator has been filed. His career to rep murders, sluts and liars is in jepordy.
5. Church's attorney was not present Feb 18, 2010.
6. It is a fact" court records we obtained show the case WAS originally dismissed shortly after 9:15am Feb 18, 2010. You cannot "continue" a case that has been dismissed. This is where the injustice occurred.
7. Court records confirm Church did NOT go "ballistic" in the courtroom. Records show Church did not act out or speak in any "disrespectful" way.
8. FACT: An altercation happened outside of the courtroom following the dismissal between Scott Ross and Steven Church.
9. The story submitted to and "written by" "TMZ staff" was done by none other than Scott Ross.
10. Ironically Scott Ross as "different personalities" Tom, John, Lola, whoever he decided to be: submitted false comments and blogs prior to and after the Feb 18, 2010 hearing claiming to know Church, threatening Church, slandering Church's character and made up statements and discussed his medical condition.
11. Scott Ross and Gail O'Grady submitted false testimony and statements to the Beverly HIlls Police Department, The DA Steven's place of worship and to the writer's guild theater, also as "different and anonymous people"
12. Church's faces no criminal charges, he committed no crime, however O'Grady committed perjury. That is a felony. Regardless of what douche bag Ross had threatened on here, Church will not go to jail for defending himself and trying to clear his name. Another threat and lie from douche bag Ross.
13. The D.A and Beverly Hills have assured Church's reps, douche bag Ross does not hold any weight and they think he is a joke and a low life pice of crap.
14. Church is getting new representation with a huge firm.
15 Several motions are being filed.
16. If O'Grady and Ross think its over and they got away with lying, defaming, slandering someone's name, they better be ready to face reality.
17. Douche bag Ross never "tailed" Church, the only information he obtained, was from O'Grady which she obtained during her relationship with Church.
Bottom line,
99.8 Percent of this article is a lie, from "who wrote it" to the facts of the story.
All False allegations and stories were from Scott Ross and Gail O'Grady.
Church never stalked, threatened or harassed O'Grady, her son, agent or manager.
Church was never near her son's school or her pawn shop.

1572 days ago

Stephie O'Graph    

O'Grady got a role in the new CW series Hellcats. Cha-Ching for Church. Things are about to get good. TIme to file for that overdue lawsuit against the liar, the douche and the tabliod.

1564 days ago


Everything mentioned about my husband and Gail this is true, since 2009 she entered our shop Beverly, all the trouble started, Gail made my husband open a shop together without my knowledge nothing while I was on vacation with my children, it caused the destruction of family, and the deal with her boyfriend all was a lie, her novel was not published, she begged my husband that I do not answer to anyone who called, but there are limits to disgust that this woman can do,She's the one you were harassing my husband every day, in fact she did everything what she claimed that the men did to her, She caused him to be tempted to taste the forbidden fruit and betray his family his wife and his children to steal and lie to them, she is a witch, how her ex-husband said , he called her a black widow destroys families' People called to warn me about her, and she begged me to not talk to anyone she did not want me to tell the truth, why and how and why what she took her boyfriend to court, a woman without a heart, a lower level that I did not know it destroys families, without notice, the most important He would give her her money for gambling in casinos like Casino Morango

1555 days ago

Stephie O'Graph    

As many has said, including moi, the truth is going to come out, it is going to continue to come out...
Gail had the nerve to ask the woman of whose family she ruined and husband she had been sleeping with to keep her mouth shut while Gail comitted perjury. It was a plan Gail had all along. She made comments with her baby sitting assistant and her OTHER ex husband who is soooo well connected to the FBI and runs the store in Encino that "Mali" just mentioned!
This was planned back in November, All to slap him with a TRO to make him go away.
Church, heads up, her baby sitting pal, Deserae. she is about has two faced as Gail. She pretends to be is so disgusted by what Gail did to you she wants nothing to do with Gail? But now she is tweeting and is soooo yummy excited about getting the DVD to Gail's pilot to Hellcats! Gail's pilot? Really? Church how do you think the stories leaked? Baby sitting webmaster Deserae!
Church, tell your attorney to take the gloves off, put your guard up. Take them all to court. Including TMZ for publishing baseless BS. Church, Gail has hurt many people without remorse. Including Josef's wife and their family.
Even if Goodman ran away and hid like a bitch and left you stranded in a middle of a storm there are people who believe in you and are standing behind you. Have you heard from anyone since he arrived in St Louis. I know the answer; it is no.
I would not trust any of his midwest yes man either Church. Get out of dodge.
LIke a ghost creeping in the night... The truth is coming out..... There heeeeeerrrrreeeeee.
Where are all the "unsolicted gifts" that Church left at the door?
Oh.....In her living room and the backyard. A 3000 dollar trampoline, unsolicted at the door? Really?
Is someone going to call Gail's BS out? Gail and her PI obviously wanted publicity so bad, so give it to them! Gail O'Grady is an evil f%^&ing piece of trailer trash, just like her character on her soon to be short lived series that Deserae loves so much. That's if Gail doesn't get replaced.

1555 days ago


My husband of 22 years of marriage spent a few weeks ago a stormy night with Gail in a hotel in Santa Monica. wan I found out my dear husband told me that Gail told him a piece of paper should not disturb him to do whatever he was doing and that I can do whatever I want too the paper is worthless. This is the woman that respects herself. Every day she started to harass the my husband in our shop in Beverly, bringing him all her bags for him to sale for her .She had no money
And every day she was visiting my husband until one dayshe Suck up fine words pleasing to the ear caused him to betray his wife and his children and his family. Because bad actress. Addicted to gambling. who were married so many times and Her past is so rich she no longer feels ashamed of what she does

1554 days ago

Dandy Dan    

To Stephie, appreciate your passion for justice, but lets just keep the heat on the trouble making liar, O'Grady. I saw a healthy skinny John Goodman, Church and their friend O'Leary all at O'Leary's restaurant last night in St Louis. They are fine.
What do you want Goodman to do? Go beat up Scott Ross and go on one of his Treme tirades on behalf of Church?
John has this little thing called a tv series, family and health og his own to take care of. He and his friends have looked out for Church, Goodman has backed Church more than anyone could ask for, they believe in him and will continue to do so. Church needs a good lawyer to sue O'Grady. Then move on. Easier said than done but he has to move on from this.
Sounds like the truth is coming out as to why Gail lied: to look like a victim, "I am in fear! Please give me a job Superman and CW!" It was a cover up.
Also seems like Church will not the be only one suing O'Grady. What a sad excuse for a human being this once promising beautiful actress turned out to be. But she is never sorry. She is never wrong and has only hired s*** bag "P.I's" who also represent the likes of Scott Peterson, Robert Blake to back her and lie for her.
It seems her gambling problems haven't gone away either.
I also question TMZ's motive, and why they have not follwed up. My only guess this story got submitted by some 20 year old intern when Ross called and Harvey wasn't paying attention. Hence why it never made the cut for television. This story is baseless, slanderous and defaming & it puts Church in a false light. Now the truth continues to creep its way into the picture.
The clock is ticking Miss O'Grady. I think you should come clean and admit your short comings.

1554 days ago


How is it she's gotten away with this? Its perjury, the judge must have acknowledged as much, so how the hell is it she hasnt been charged?? Geez! Stephie, it sounds like you just got a new pair of glasses, how sad it has to be for Mr church that he's been hung out to dry like this and yet she's scored a new series (how many new husbands since then btw?) and apparently hasnt been touched. Yeah Mr church, get a better lawyer, clear your name which holds more value than anything Ms O'Grady has uttered! What troubles me most - and shouldnt really, why should I care - is shes a mother, she has at least one kid right? Has she retained custody through all of this?

1551 days ago


she was part of the Memorial Day program on tv; given all this thats been going on, it seemed disrespectful of her to be a part of it, probably hoping it would help her image

1547 days ago


image???? what image??? Now really she is the w .... of my husband, going to hotels with him for well you know what for,

1544 days ago


opppssss she did it again

she is my old man's “HIGH PRICED WHORE”

1540 days ago
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