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Stephen Colbert's Olympic Lunch -- Cold Cuts

2/18/2010 3:30 PM PST BY TMZ STAFF

Stephen Colbert -- assistant sports psychologist for the U.S. Speed Skating Team -- is so hungry for a win in Vancouver, dude actually used an ice skate to slice up a sandwich right before the men's 1000m.

Stephen Colbert's Olympic Lunch -- Cold Cuts

For the record, Colbert's psychological strategy is paying off: U.S. skater Shani Davis took gold in the event.

Turns out, there are 2 heroes in these photos.

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When did you get your Gold Medals Colbert? Thats what I thought - jealous much? Regardless of how you feel about Shani he is a gold medal winner & a great speed skater period.

1675 days ago


The insults regarding Shani Davis are based completely on misinformation and propaganda spread in part by his own teammate, Hedrick.
People said that Davis let down his teammates in the team pursuit in the 2006 Olympics. The truth is (if anyone cared to do the slightest bit of research) that Davis was never supposed to have been in that event in the first place, and never agreed to be added as an alternate. That was done without even asking him, and he was only listed as an alternate. He had several other events, and some of the guys on the team pursuit event only had that one opportunity to participate in the Olympics. Only at the last minute did anyone suggest bumping a guy to put in the alternate so that the U.S. would have a (supposedly) better chance at a medal. And Hedrick was one who just wanted the medal, no concern whatsoever for the other guys who had qualified for that event and only had that one event.
Davis was a stand-up guy and did the right thing by not bumping a teammate who had no other opportunities.
Then Hedrick bad-mouthed Davis to the media, and that's all people remember.
The truth was all out there after-the-fact, and was discussed by the coaches in interviews. But no one pays attention when bad information is corrected--they just like to focus on the more controversial (and incorrect) stories out there.

Shani Davis is a stand-up guy.

Oh, and Colbert is freaking hilarious. Love the pic with the blade and the sandwich.

1675 days ago



1675 days ago

Jon King    

Thats strange kim. Everyone I know thinks Colbert is amazing. I work at a company with over 1000 employees and pretty much everyone I talk to loves his show.

1675 days ago


Sorry Kim Colbert RULES!

1675 days ago


I don't think "kim" knows what she's talking about. Yes, Colbert made jokes on his show regarding the skating team. But when their original sponsor declared bankruptcy and the team was left totally without a sponsor, Colbert offered to sponsor the team, and that is what he did.
That's why they invited him to be right there, on the sidelines, for the events, because he is the team sponsor.

1675 days ago


13. Thats strange kim. Everyone I know thinks Colbert is amazing. I work at a company with over 1000 employees and pretty much everyone I talk to loves his show.

Posted at 2:23PM on Feb 18th 2010 by Jon King


Sorry,Jon,but you must work with a lot of leftie dorks. Colbert really isn't funny. GO team Kim!!

1675 days ago

buh-bye weiner party!    

Colbert's schtick is incredibly tiresome. So repetitive, so predictable, so desperate. Makes Will Ferrell look like a genius.

1675 days ago


All you Colbert haters.......bite me!!!

1675 days ago


At least Colbert is wacky with over-the-top stunts. Talentless, arrogant, overexposed, unfunny, greedy idiots Leno, Conan & Letterman are better?

1675 days ago

Dave In Tulsa    

What a D-bag. Who had the idea to put this clown on with the Olympics?

1675 days ago


A: As a former speed skater myself, I can tell you this is truly hilarious, because those skates are sharp as #^%*!!! They are even sharper than hockey and figure skates *no offense to either sports*.

B: Colbert is a bundle of AWESOMENESS for taking on this cause. I can't believe we were about to miss out this iconic sport because of financial reasons. Thanks to Stephen and the Colbert Nation!

1675 days ago

lil ole me    

disgrace? looser? ya must of not watched the olympics last nite, last time I checked it takes a gifted talented person to win a gold medal besides curling of course...would of been so sad if davis would of slipped while skating and the cause be a piece of cheese stuck to the blade..lol

1675 days ago

Sgt Carrot    

The thing that I find hilarious about Colbert is that the people he is mocking think he is stupid without understand what the joke is. Awesome!

Think of what this comedian has done, what with the success of his show and all of the money he has raised for charities, not to mention the $300K for the US Olympic team.

Yeah, he is not an ice skater. But none of the ice skaters were able to raise that kind of cash, so I think they make a great team!

1675 days ago

annon imous    

Colbert is a genius. He figured out how to get his viewers to pay $300,000 to advertise his show and send him on a vacation to the Olympics.

1675 days ago
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