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Stephen Colbert's Olympic Lunch -- Cold Cuts

2/18/2010 3:30 PM PST BY TMZ STAFF

Stephen Colbert -- assistant sports psychologist for the U.S. Speed Skating Team -- is so hungry for a win in Vancouver, dude actually used an ice skate to slice up a sandwich right before the men's 1000m.

Stephen Colbert's Olympic Lunch -- Cold Cuts

For the record, Colbert's psychological strategy is paying off: U.S. skater Shani Davis took gold in the event.

Turns out, there are 2 heroes in these photos.

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Response to "kim": grow a cranium, Stephen Colbert is very funny. Relax and juggle some chipmunks, you'll see life in a new way.

1654 days ago


"I dont know anyone who finds him even remotely entertaining."

You must know about 2 people then. There's a reason that his show has big ratings- a lot of people like him. Good to hear that Colbert and Shani have made up, btw.


1654 days ago


Too funny watching these right-wing dorks trying to trash Colbert. Hey dumb-asses, that's why he has a show, and you have your menial job. Get it??!!!

Go Colbert!! And as you dumb right-wingers might not have already figured out (they were never the brightest in the bunch anyways), Colbert is the one sponsporing the team when their former sponsor went into bankruptcy.

Try to be American, and not the dumb right-wingo weirdos who just jump to conclusions.... Idiots......

1654 days ago


Totally agree Eric! She probably has one friend (probably her mother I assume)... so that makes her sphere of influence two people... You go girl...

Try not to speak for the rest of us when u speak.... It's what's giving us a bad image overseas: the dumb ignorant American (we're still trying to live down the awful image G Bush gave us around the world)

1654 days ago


I think Colbert is too smart for a lot of people, even for some pretty smart ones. Those who think that someone Sarah Palin is "engaging", "folksy" and "charismatic" definitely won't get Colbert humor. That goes side by side, you can be sure of that. That said, you don't have to be a liberal to enjoy intelligence and witty humor. Also, The Colbert Report is one of Comedy Central's highest rated programs.

Read more: http://www.tmz.com/2010/02/18/stephen-colbert-sandwich-skating-olympics-photo-picture/2#comments#ixzz0fvdLji4Z

1654 days ago

Marta Cuba    

S. Williams just wants to learn how to do those acrylic nails. They decorate them with stones and designs. She probly just wants to do her own while she watches T.V. Besides, those nail salons stink of glue! You come outta there high and then with a headache.
Go to the mall, you'll see what I mean....

1654 days ago


As a proud "Syrup Sucker" I say: "WELCOME TO CANADA, COLBERT NATION!"
The U.S. has a long history of speed skating greats - Blair, Heiden, Jansen, etc. so I think it was noble of SC and all those who donated hard earned cash to continue the golden tradition.

See: www.globeandmail.com for Colbert, I mean Olympic coverage

1654 days ago


I love the lame "Colbert is just not funny!"-type comments from people who obviously a) have no sense of humor or b) do not actually watch his show. Or c) are conservative sheep who "baa" for their higher power (Fox News). Keep whining about how unfunny Stephen Colbert is -- it makes us liberals positively gleeful.

1653 days ago


Colbert does have some funny moments, but for the most part he can be annoying (which is fitting since the people he is mocking are annoying), but he is too much ME ME ME.

1653 days ago


Now this is the kinda stuff they should be showing on the olympics! lol

1653 days ago


First off, I love Stephen Colbert, he's hilarious. The olympic stuff is great and I'm glad he was able to step in for the speed skating team when they needed it.

Secondly, I'm a republican and lean right on just about everything, and I take offense to the people on here bashing all of us because of a few people, or just because you're a liberal and can't consider the someone else could come to a different conclusion than you without being a brain dead sheep.

You accuse republicans of going 'baa' along with Fox when they bash someone just for being liberal without considering you're doing the same thing but on the opposite end of the spectrum. Grow up.

1653 days ago


HA! Colbert is great!! We actually have Colbert Report parties. He's real popular over here. They probably dont even have comedy central in the bible belt do they? Those poor people probably live and die on "Jerry! Jerry! Jerry!". Kim, if you ever decide to leave kentucky, don't come here.

1542 days ago
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