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Red Alert for Tiger Woods Mea Culpa

2/18/2010 11:01 AM PST BY TMZ STAFF

The golf course where Tiger Woods is expected to make a statement Friday is putting together a serious battle plan to keep spies, poachers and other no-goodniks away from the event.


TMZ has learned the staff at the TPC Sawgrass golf course in Florida has a 4:30 AM call time on Friday so they can get an early start on transforming the links into the safest place on Earth.

Sources connected to the event tell us the staff has been instructed to move all golf carts from underneath the clubhouse by 5:30 AM to clear a landing pad for Tiger's convoy.

We're told officials believe Tiger will arrive in a fleet of black SUVs sometime before 11 AM when he is scheduled to speak. Tiger's crew will drive underneath the clubhouse presumably so he can move about freely without worrying about interlopers seeing or hearing anything Tiger doesn't want people to see or hear.

We're told local police officers will be on site during the event -- some of the cops will be in plain clothes.

It seems Tiger plans on having complete control of the situation -- as we previously reported, he's not even taking questions.

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February 18, 2010

You can count on some things, like your schedule and your family -- and you need to double down on that stuff today. Fall back on routine and everything should work out for the best.

1709 days ago


Maybe Tiger will address what Tom Watson has been saying he should address. He is an arrogant ass on the course. Is rude. Curses like a school girl, and acts like he is King, He is a terrible excuse for a human being that happens to be good at a hobby. He should go out and do some social work.

1709 days ago


Here's what Tiger would say if I wrote his statement:

"Yeah, I screwed all those bitches. Anyone other than Elin have a problem with that?

Party at my place after I win the Masters!

Thank you for coming, no questions please."

1709 days ago


Hey Tiger......nobody cares what you have to say! Go back under the rock you have been hiding under the past 3 months!

1709 days ago


Just when I thought that nothing could possibly be less interesting than golf itself, along came this scandal. I am now afraid I may yawn myself into lockjaw.

1709 days ago

Up with It    

What will Elin be up to that morning?

1709 days ago


What a coward.

1709 days ago


Why doesn't he just put out a little videotape like Michael Jackson and Conrad Murray, reading off a teleprompter - that always cracked me up. But not for this egomaniac, he needs to have his little golf followers licking his feet in front of the international cameras. Upchuck.

1709 days ago


OMFG!!!!! STOP F***ING TALKING ABOUT F***ING TIGER F***ING WOODS!!!!! There are NO WORDS to describe how SICK your readers are about hearing about him. We do not care about Tiger Woods. We do not care about Elin Woods. We do not care about women that choose to sleep with married men. Adulterers should be SHUNNED, not slathered with unearned celebrity. Please, TMZ, please give us at least ONE DAY without filling your page with any more TIGER F***ING WOODS!!!!!

1709 days ago


He really thinks he's important doesn't he? Calling a press conference to admit to something everybodys known for months. No one really cares Tiger, get over yourself.

1709 days ago


I'm sure you all agree. We're all SICK of anything relating to Tiger Woods!!!

1709 days ago


If you want to hate Tiger then don't watch and stop sending out those moronic posts. He did nothing legally wrong and has not been charged with a crime. So stop believing all the bs. His wife should have been arrested for assault with a weapon. But we all know her complexion avoided that. It seems most of you haters have a problem with Tiger getting all that stuff from those white chicks? Probably because you cant get any. lol. You got elected leaders in this country who commit crimes and do not get any of the coverage Tigers got. Like it or not. He is still the best golfer and will back winning again. I know those white golfers were wishing he stayed gone.

1709 days ago


Every single word Tiger Woods speaks at that event will be from a carefully constructed script given him by Nike. Anything else is currently impossible. Tiger is totally under the screws now and is nothing but a corporate slave. The talk will be meaningless, pointless fluff. He may announce a tournament we wants to play, he may say this or that about his private issues and how he's going to deal with them, all of it PR that his sponsors want you to hear. Nike will let you know how they are going to handle his ass from here on and from Friday onward, the media will be taking the Tiger Woods backstory TO TOWN. "Swing batter!"

1709 days ago


His best friend Federer isn't cozying up to him like
in their tv commercial & sport events.

His choreographed speech won't end with
loud cheering from little drooling boys & rich old men. LMAO

1709 days ago


what the heck this bs he should b in prison by now he did a bad thing and get the heck away from but chrlie sheen and sum others star reg people go 2 jail pl this is a bigg jerk off the only whole he now 2 get in is a womans one 4real this gonna b a wate time 4 all ok im not gonna b wathing this crap boo u bad stupid tiger coward

1709 days ago
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