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Red Alert for Tiger Woods Mea Culpa

2/18/2010 11:01 AM PST BY TMZ STAFF

The golf course where Tiger Woods is expected to make a statement Friday is putting together a serious battle plan to keep spies, poachers and other no-goodniks away from the event.


TMZ has learned the staff at the TPC Sawgrass golf course in Florida has a 4:30 AM call time on Friday so they can get an early start on transforming the links into the safest place on Earth.

Sources connected to the event tell us the staff has been instructed to move all golf carts from underneath the clubhouse by 5:30 AM to clear a landing pad for Tiger's convoy.

We're told officials believe Tiger will arrive in a fleet of black SUVs sometime before 11 AM when he is scheduled to speak. Tiger's crew will drive underneath the clubhouse presumably so he can move about freely without worrying about interlopers seeing or hearing anything Tiger doesn't want people to see or hear.

We're told local police officers will be on site during the event -- some of the cops will be in plain clothes.

It seems Tiger plans on having complete control of the situation -- as we previously reported, he's not even taking questions.

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This is insane! Who does he think he is? God? Has it really came to this that our world as a society is so wound around a golfer ( no matter how good) that we have set ourselves up for this type of spectle? We have created this, enabled Tiger Woods and his mighty army into belieeing they can orchastrate this sideshow, throw egg on the face of women and the world as a whole and then go have a nice lunch at the country club.
Enough already Tiger! Enough already World! This sin't funny anymore it is deeply sad!

1603 days ago


What?? These people who are praying for Tiger as though he's some kind of innocent victim are too ridiculous for words. Like he's some kind of good guy, a hero. What a dumb bunch....

If you're going to pray, pray that he didn't give his poor wife, the mother of his children, HIV/AIDS or some other incurable sex disease.

1603 days ago


Hey Mike,
As far as we know, Woodie isn't queer, so you can stop sucking around about him. You don't have any chane of blowing him pal.

1603 days ago


Tiger needs to make himself useful and get a real job. He's a useless human being who is grossly overpaid. What kind of dum-dums worship an amoral, conceited man like him? He needs to get over himself. His ridiculous speech tomorrow (it will not be his own words but that of a speech writer) is guaranteed to be insincere and a bunch of drivel.

1603 days ago


Tiger will not say that he is sorry that he got caught. Only that he is sorry for what he has done. Not the same thing IMHO.

1603 days ago


THE PLAYERS CLUB... I like that. What a fitting name for a place to announce his return

1603 days ago


You can run but you can't hide. Anyone that has to go through all of the paces he's putting everyone through so he can make a stupid speech is a fake. He could have easily said what he wants to say from his own home. The guy still can't own up to what he's done by not allowing any questions. All he'd have to say is "no comment". Won't watch it, won't read about it. He'll go on with his life and that's fine but everything he has done will follow him for the rest of his life and that will cast a shadow on everything he does. He made his own bed and now he'll have to lie in it just like everyone else.

1603 days ago


out of 40 some posts on this site there may have been a one or two that was positive about that a-hole woods.......as far as this guy that posts here named mike......he's probably a guy who plays golf and cheats

1603 days ago


Who cares about Tiger saying sorry ? As far as I am concerned the only person he has to make amends with is his wife. If i were giving him advice i would tell him to keep his mouth shut.

1603 days ago

Cant Watch    

You know what would be awesome? If no media showed up, if it didn't even broadcast his stupid message. We should just ignore this self-righteous mother-%&?%*&?%*.

1603 days ago

Pat M    

Not only is this snarky liar not in control...he doesn't have a clue how vile he really is to so many of us. All this drama only sickens me more. His people will write a nice little apology and he will "act" contrite for his select little group. GREAT...that makes you less of a fake and psycho is that how it works AGAIN?

1603 days ago


We don't care about anything this pig has to say.

1603 days ago


This is what The Tour can look forward to for the rest of season at ANY even this chetah plays in. I hope "The Sorry One" pays for all of the added security and does something nice for the volunteers who will have to work extra hard because of his cheating lower head.

1603 days ago

Mary Jo    

Who really cares..he has the morals of an alley cat...he does what he wants no matter the results...they really think that will change? NOT

1603 days ago


"It seems Tiger plans on having complete control of the situation"
That line is a laugh, he can't even get complete control of his wee-wee.

1603 days ago
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