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Tiger Woods

Screws the Paparazzi

2/18/2010 12:35 PM PST BY TMZ STAFF

It was the holy grail -- the most sought after image in the world -- but when the first image of Tiger Woods was released through Getty Images yesterday, the move blocked the paparazzi from their million dollar shot.

Tiger Woods Run
TMZ has checked around with some major paparazzi agencies, who tell us the first picture of Tiger could have scored them more than $1,000,000 in worldwide distribution profits.

But when the image was released through Getty Images -- a non-paparazzi, subscription-based photo agency -- the value of the photo plummeted ... as most major media outlets got the pic essentially for free as part of their deal with Getty.

FYI -- Just 24 days before the shot was taken, Getty had announced a "multi-year" deal with the PGA, in which both sides touted the move as a "strategic partnership." Turns out, they were right.

We called Getty for comment -- but they're on lockdown.

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I hope his wife leaves his ass,she needs to concentrate on them babies.As for them,their gonna grow up one day and ask him Why? Why daddy did you hurt our mother?All the money in the world cant buy you repect from your own children.Next thing you know,his sick ass will be in a closet with a string around his D**k,and arope around his neck cuz you cant be cured of a sex addiction in 90 days!!!

1710 days ago


Are they going to have some onions or something to make tiger tear up for his fake crying scene.

1710 days ago


Get ready for the Oscar performance by the lying tiger. Hollywood may need to add another award to its show

1710 days ago


I wonder if tmz will have live feed since they've tracked everything this far. Question for me to ask Harvey later on.

1710 days ago


Good for Tiger. Maybe he and his family will be hunted less and therefore be safer. So many people die with paps aggressively following them, this is really a safety issue.

1710 days ago


That was a smart move by Tiger Woods. He got paid for the picture and it'll cut down on the professional stalkers (Paparazzi).

1710 days ago


So the media whores got boned, just like the other ones did.

Every celeb ought to do this. It would put an end to the insanity and the army of rude, obscene papps.

1710 days ago


I think it was smart of him. He and his family have been hounded so he took at least one part of the leverage away. If indeed that was the thinking and not just a shot as he prepares to come in, I think he did photo ops all the time prior to all this.

I kind of thought it would be cool if he found one person that was down on their luck and said, here man, take my picture and get the benefits. Of course, in a time like this you are not thinking in that mode I would imagine.

1710 days ago



1710 days ago

Le Tigre    

Good, the paps need to get screwed.

I find it freakish that some people are upset that he's not answering questions. He cheated on his wife, not you. He doesn't need to answer any of your questions.

1710 days ago


I don't have a problem with how he chose to get the first pictures out. Its all about having control of your life but its to bad he couldn't contol his #@%!.... I feel bad for his wife because how do you trust someone that has put it out the way Tiger has. I hope they BOTH have been tested.

1710 days ago

fish for fun    

Good for Tiger!!! :) F__k the Popaprazzi!!! no picture is worth that kind of $$$

Go Tiger!!

1710 days ago


Tiger thinks he is greater than God by his actions and ploys.

Tiger thinks he will outsmart every living human.

EVERYONE, and Tiger is one of those, will face the ERRORS of HIS ways, sooner or later. And you haven't seen NOTHING yet.

The Tsunami has has to crest in TIGER WOOD'S life!

1710 days ago


Sure, like the fact her driver was high got nothing to do with the accident...

Posted at 10:57AM on Feb 18th 2010 by MightyMad

If they weren't hounded by the paps, he could have driven off at 40 MPH instead of over a 100 and would have made it home safely. Much like you or me!!!

1710 days ago

Zach Swan    

50 reputation points for Tiger Woods. Well done, Tiger! I admire him a little more today than yesterday.

1710 days ago
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