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Frank/Jamie McCourt Divorce - So Rich!

2/19/2010 9:30 PM PST BY TMZ STAFF

And you think you got problems? Ousted L.A. Dodgers CEO Jamie McCourt wants estranged hubby Frank McCourt to fork over temporary support -- to the tune of $988,845 a month.

Frank and Jamie McCourt

The judge in their divorce case just unsealed more than 1400 pages of documents. But the best part is the lifestyle of the rich, the famous and the dysfunctional.

- For the last 5 years of their marriage, Jamie and Frank took $2.31 million per month in salaries and perks -- almost entirely on a tax-free basis.

- Frank's financial advisor testified, "During the marriage the parties used the business to fund whatever they needed, or wanted, as it was their personal ATM or credit card.

- Jamie claims ... Frank's 2008 personal financial statements put his net worth at $834,900,000 and valued McCourt Enterprises in excess of $2 billion.

- Frank spent $52,000 in clothes since November and dropped more than $81,000 on a December vacation ... according to Jamie.

- As for Jamie's request for just under a million a month, she claims it's necessary "to maintain her accustomed marital lifestyle."


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How is their income almost entirely tax free... And here we are barely keeping it together and the IRS is raping us out of every dime they can get.

1650 days ago

Lloyd Elmore    

Good Grief, doesn't the IRS ever check on the big guys ?? How in the hell to you draw over 2 mil a month and not owe or pay any taxes?? Time the judge turned over some info to uncle sam...

1650 days ago


Oooppps! The attorney that called the financial adviser should be kicking themselves right now! Calling the financial adviser to basically testify that they've both committed tax fraud is a horrible move. As public as this is now, they've guaranteed themselves an audit.

1650 days ago

CVS Whore    

And yet the Austin Kamikazie had the IRS put a tax lien on his house for no taxes paid on about $12 grand of the wives' income.

This country sucks.

1650 days ago


"To maintain her accustomed marital lifestyle", should she STAY MARRIED? 'Just saying...

1650 days ago


Amen sickofit!!!

Look , the credit card companies have 10 criminal practices halted as of Monday , but they already figured out 8 new ways around it.

The IRS goes after the guys that have little to no income because they didn't file their returns, yet these two Rockefellers were able to recoup their investment in the Dodgers and then some by pulling in 30 Million a year tax free, no capital gains , nothing.
Did we see any damage control , like seeing them flying their jets out to Haiti filled with medical supplies , water , blankets?
The WRONG people have money because all they do is keep it all to themselves to support their lavish lifestyles.

Lavish lifestyles are politically correct and acceptable if they are earned or inherited and we see those fortunate 1% also giving so much to building schools , providing hospitals with free medical care , shoes and clothes for the little kids that have nothing , etc.

This is an awful example of greed and self centered , self absorbed elitism...what goes around comes around and I hope these two freaks do something to redeem themselves.

1650 days ago


sick f***ers! how obscene given the economy and how nearly everyday when I'm getting off the 710 freeway on the way to work, there's the same guy with a sign "Hungry, Please Help". What they probably spend in toilet paper a week would feed that guy for a month!

1650 days ago


spousal support yes but that much gimme a friggin break its not like she has kids to take care of its only sure she has enough stocked away in some unknown account most woman do have a mad money account and its prolly offshore and he knows nothing about it.

1650 days ago


I don't think anyone deserves that much money, especially when you've seen what they've done with it.

1650 days ago


Everyone on this board talking about "she shouldn't get anything" or "she should only get what she came into the marriage with" or "$1M a month, are you kidding me?!" needs to understand a few things.

1) Jamie McCourt isn't some dumb, gold-digging bimbo. She has an undergrad degree from Georgetown, a law degree from U of Maryland and an MBA from MIT. She was a practicing attorney for over 15 years. To all those knocking her, I ask, "what are YOUR educational credentials?"

2) She met Frank McCourt back in the 70's and married him OVER 30 YEARS AGO. To say she has not contributed to their marriage and their business is both ignorant and absurd.

3) Yes, she's asking for basically $1M/month. Yes that's alot money to most people, but you have to put things in perspective: they apparently earned over $2M/month as a couple. That's community property. She's actually asking for less than 1/2 of what she was used to getting before they split up. The language about "maintaining the lifestyle to which she's accustomed" sounds obnoxious, but it's just legalese that has to be used to accomplish the end goal - which is to get the funds.

1650 days ago


Both of these people are disgusting. They actually should stop the divorce because they really deserve each other. Spoiled rotten and their egos are so big you could kick a camera up their butts and fly them over the city like a blimp. Just nasty, acidic types.

1650 days ago



1650 days ago


how do you spend 1 mil a month? seriously? if you work who has the time?

1650 days ago


At least he's man'd -up and kicked her to the curb. She can go live on bodyguard wages maybe she will cheat on him too........

1650 days ago


Almost all their income is Tax Free? This is outrageous! They make me sick when we hear about Americans struggling, losing jobs, losing their homes, living in tents, NO MEDICAL COVERAGE AND SO NO MEDICAL CARE, losing their cars, no money to feed their children! And then we have the "filthy" rich living like this and NOT paying Taxes! It is just sickening!

1650 days ago
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