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Mitt Romney's Alleged Attacker -- Major Rap Star

2/19/2010 9:20 AM PST BY TMZ STAFF

The mystery man who was tossed off an airplane for allegedly attacking Mitt Romney has finally been revealed -- it was one of the guys from LMFAO ... and he claims Romney is the one who got physical first!

LMFAO video: Click to view!

It all went down shortly after the two parties boarded a flight from Vancouver to Los Angeles on Monday.

According to a video confessional from LMFAO's Sky Blu, it all started when he leaned his seat back while the plane was still on the tarmac ... and Romney, who was sitting behind him, started yelling at him to put his seat back up.

Sky Blu claims Romney then reached forward and grabbed his shoulder ... and in turn, he hit the Presidential wannabeen's forehead. Shortly after, authorities boarded the plane and escorted Sky Blu off the flight ... and the other member of LMFAO got it all on tape.

GOP LOOK ALIKESOn Tuesday, Romney's spokesperson said Sky Blu became "physically violent" when asked to put his seat up ... but the spokesperson never mentioned whether or not Romney puts his hands on him.

Sky (a Democrat) says it was an "unfortunate situation" and he's sure Mitt (a Republican) is a "nice guy" ... but not someone he'd vote for.


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Typical Spin    

Is this not the typical spin from the LEFT. Do you think a Motown heir doesn't have the same silver-spoon that Romney was born with? I guess the rules are different for a minority in the current politically-correct world we live in. I would assume a Motown heir has flown on a commercial flight before, so he should know the rules. Just another Bro trying to be a bad @$$. Just what the world needs today. Probably has an "I'm entitled now that Obama rules" tattoo on his @$$. What a joke! Lock his @$$ up and save the world from hearing the so-called music his band plays! All you liberals are fiercely self-righteous, but can't follow a simple rule that's basic to human kindness: do unto others as you would do to yourself. Guess who said that...the guy who championed the poor! I guess an Afro in your lap is what you think is "fair" on a commercial flight, espeically if you are ethnically tolerant and all...but not for most people!!! By the way I am an Independent not a Republican, but I can't stand selfish, spoiled, idiotic behavior by people not willing to man-up and face the consequences.

1708 days ago


I don't like politicos but in this case it was the rapper who started all the drama. He should have just had his seat up during the take-off like everyone else. Who did he think he was, a king? I guess he had never before flown in an airplane, or more likely he was acting a societal retard that rappers would often sing to praise. If you just didn't know to have your seat upright, learn, you three-year old: seats leaning back during a take-off or touch-down pose a potential danger to the people right behind, and that's why it is a common rule to keep seats in right position at those times. And, please cut it off, nobody cares whether you are a rapper, a jerk, or whatever, for god's sake.

1708 days ago


he said he was tired and reclined his seat after they pulled away from the're supposed to have your seat upright for take offs!! duh! thats why he was telling him to put it up. if you've ever flown even once in your life you'd know that. after 10000 ft, seats can recline and above 10,000 electronics can go on. and touching someones shoulder as to get their attention, like excuse me, isn't assault, it's not a crime and it doesn't warrant self defense, but evasion, (like if someone yelled at you and you stabbed them, in no way equal.)

1708 days ago


I've been Flight Attendant for 21 years. There will always be people who act like adolescent ass holes on the airplane that can listen to simple direction. After pushing back from the gate bring the seat up! That simple! It may seem silly but it is a federal regulation and it's fools like you that get us fined. Yes the flight Attendant's can and do get fined for not enforcing what for many seems to be a silly regulation. Your quite the rebel aren't you? Recline your seat during taxi..ooooooh. Smacking a much older man...ooooooooh! This should get you a lot of street cred. I doubt that but it did get you on the news which I'm confident is what you wanted. It's that or your just stupid...hmmm Now I'm not so confident!!!!

1708 days ago

john s    

First there was snakes on the plane, now wanabe negro rappers all plugged in to there I-Pod wishing to be the next Jay-Z. Who would have guessed his a** would end up on TMZ without uncle Gordy guiding his way. Maybe Jessie and Al can show up next for a parade about Air Canada.

1708 days ago


I like the heading "Rap Star" to find out its some no name group called LMFAO. Who are they? They must not be to famous, I've never heard of them.

1708 days ago


Some of you are missing the point... Romney assaulted him, period. If some random guy grabbed you by your collar or shoulder like you were a child, you'd react the same way, if not worse.

Romney obviously feels like he is above the law and can do whatever he wants whenever he wants to anybody he wants.

1708 days ago


Are you people really that ignorant? I mean...really?! It's not just a suggestion to have your seat upright for takeoff, but a Federal Aviation rule, and therefore a LAW! The SkyBlu dude was breaking the LAW and being a punk about it. He knew he was in the wrong and chose to ignore Romney telling him to OBEY the LAW. It's there for a reason. It's for the passengers safety. In this case, it was his Wife's safety. He's a MAN for sticking up for her. It is what it is, no matter how you try to say Black is really White. Ignorance is bliss though, so live it up idiots.

1708 days ago

Bring 'Em Young    

Romney has a glass chin. He would go down in one punch.

1708 days ago


assault?!!?? really. if you had headphones on and someone was talking to you and couldn't hear you even when raising their voice, if they touched your shoulder to get your attention, that would be considered assault to you people??? if someone looks at you funny are they raping you with their eyes too? i hope if i stand next to woman and i have a b0ner, that she doesn't run to the police and claim i tried to rob her with my p3nis!

1708 days ago


They should have hauled the rapper's pal off the plane too for having dumb a 5 year sentence for the glasses.

1708 days ago


Let's see, who do we believe? A lieing wanna be gangsta rapper piece of sh*t, or an Honest, Respectable Business and Government Leader. Mitt has more class and decency in his little finger than SkyBlu has in his whole family. Good thing it wasn't me. My military training would have kicked in and the RCMP would have had to carry SkyBlu off the plane as his head would have been firmly planted up his A$$! Oh yeah, it already is!

1708 days ago

Bring 'Em Young    

Hey "Respectable". We don't believe you. That's who.

1708 days ago


I love how you Democrats jump on Republicans and call them all names that you would never want to be called. The man was assaulted and yes you have to keep your seat up until the plane is securely in the air.

1708 days ago

Bring 'Em Young    

I love how republicans always wimp out of the fights they start. Better let Mrs. Romney handle it next time.

1708 days ago
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