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Mitt Romney's Alleged Attacker -- Major Rap Star

2/19/2010 9:20 AM PST BY TMZ STAFF

The mystery man who was tossed off an airplane for allegedly attacking Mitt Romney has finally been revealed -- it was one of the guys from LMFAO ... and he claims Romney is the one who got physical first!

LMFAO video: Click to view!

It all went down shortly after the two parties boarded a flight from Vancouver to Los Angeles on Monday.

According to a video confessional from LMFAO's Sky Blu, it all started when he leaned his seat back while the plane was still on the tarmac ... and Romney, who was sitting behind him, started yelling at him to put his seat back up.

Sky Blu claims Romney then reached forward and grabbed his shoulder ... and in turn, he hit the Presidential wannabeen's forehead. Shortly after, authorities boarded the plane and escorted Sky Blu off the flight ... and the other member of LMFAO got it all on tape.

GOP LOOK ALIKESOn Tuesday, Romney's spokesperson said Sky Blu became "physically violent" when asked to put his seat up ... but the spokesperson never mentioned whether or not Romney puts his hands on him.

Sky (a Democrat) says it was an "unfortunate situation" and he's sure Mitt (a Republican) is a "nice guy" ... but not someone he'd vote for.


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Hey SP #40 ... Why do you think we are called Taxachusetts?? Romney upped everything from taxes to how much you have to pay for a paper copy of your deed! When he did try and cut our budget he decided to take away eye care,dental care and prostheses from the elderly and disabled .. all while he drove around in his new state tax payer cars and lived in his big mansion so don't act like this tool would be doing you any favors in the White House, he doesn't care about you. Politicians care about one thing money and much they can get.

1707 days ago


"You are allowed to put your seat back." // Not while the plane is on the ground you're not. Have you never been on a plane? Have you not seen the little blinky lights above your head telling you when you can get up, release your seatbelt, etc.? This no-name-punk-rapper-wannabe is a selfish fool who infringed on the rights of another passenger. He should have had his ass kicked before being escorted off the plane.

1707 days ago


Why do Republicans think they are in charge and own everything? If Mitt had a problem with a passenger then he should have hit is flight attendant call button and conveyed the problem. Instead he puts his hands ons omeone else and acts as if he is running things. Word to Mitt and any other like minded fretterists...don't touch me. I will defend myself and you will be arrested for battery.

1707 days ago


you go Mitt!!! slap his ass down. momma didn't teach him any manners, life will.

1707 days ago


it doesn't matter who they are, loser, rapper, republican...WHATEVER!! If Mitt was professional he knows he could have handled that better. He could have asked him to lean his seat back up politely, even though he just would have reclined again when he was allowed, so does he really feel better about himself for yelling at the guy? Why are people so stupidly immature?! especially the ones that should know better!!!

1707 days ago


So where's the video? Oh wait...I've got a video that shows me putting all my gold in Ft. Knox. Can I get it back now?, you can't see the video.

1707 days ago

Flores de la Hoz    

I'm 6'3" and have had jerks push their seat back without any consideration for the pain inflicted on my knees. I first try to be gentle and if that doesn't work I push the seat forward and scream at very close to their hear. It works 100% of the time. Unfortunately, Romney is an older man cannot do this.

These idiots are rude and deserve to be on a no fly list for one month.

1707 days ago


I was feeling hopeful that maybe Sky attacked him because he knew his politics.

But of course Sky is just another ignorant Bastard who probably couldn't name a single member of congress.

1707 days ago

I selpt with John Edwards, too!!!!!    

Romney is like 60 years old. What's this oreo looking douchebag doing attacking a senior citizen? Oh wait, nevermind, I see he's a Democrat. And we all know Dems hate old people since Obama wants to cut Medicare out by 2/3's and instead of giving them proper healthcare treatment, he just wants to give them a pill for the pain so they can hurry up and die.

You gotta love these compassionate kook leftists!!!

1707 days ago


If Mitt over reacts in a mild situation like this, just imagine him in a nuclear confrontation.

1707 days ago

Real People    

Putting the seat back on Takeoff is a NO NO......... Flight attendent should have been doing her Job. Seats in Upright position !!! That happened to me on my last flight.. I just Kick the seat ever so gently to annoy the person and get there attention. Then I nicely ask if they could put up their seat, as they are in My Lap.

1707 days ago


ReThug Romney knew better. He cannot go around bullying innocent people on flights and he's not mr. privilege where everything must go his way. He totally handled the situation like a thug by harrassing those innocent men. He will never be president. Pres. Obama will do a second term.

1707 days ago


Would love to seen Romney get the dog *hit slap out of him. My money on the rapper.

1707 days ago

Jamaican Sam    

This guy sat behind me on a flight once. Kept kicking my chair like a 5 year old.

All you rapper dudes should grow up. You're a disgrace to the human race.

Apparently you haven't heard:

"During takeoff and landing on an airplane you are required to put your seats and trays to the upright position."

Y'all mighty ig'nant.

Pants on the ground
Pants on the ground
Lookin' like a fool with your
Pants on the ground

1707 days ago


Mitt Romney ROCKS.


1707 days ago
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