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Michael Jackson's Dad Gets Medical Records

2/19/2010 7:46 PM PST BY TMZ STAFF

Michael Jackson's Dad Gets Medical RecordsJoe Jackson is entitled to get copies of Michael Jackson's medical records ... according to the judge in the Michael Jackson estate case.

According to the judge's ruling, Joe Jackson is only entitled to records from UCLA made on the day Jackson died.

Joe Jackson wants the records for a possible wrongful death case.

UPDATE: Howard Weitzman, lawyer for the estate, tells TMZ, "The estate has no problem with the Court's ruling which substantially limits what Mr. Jackson was asking for."


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OK But It Will Not Be As Much Fun
I Never Get To Have Any Fun

Posted at 7:41PM on Feb 19th 2010 by OhWell

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Awwwww, poor OhWell.

1704 days ago


Joe wants the records to see if there is some evidence there he can use in the wrongful death suit against Murray. Of course he can profit off of this if he proves it, other parents do it also. But is there any money to be gotten from Murray who is so in debt? Did he keep up his malpractice insurance when he let all his other bills go? Is malpractice ins. required?

1704 days ago


I just hope Joe uses the medical records for good and not evil. He should be entitled to them. I noticed when Dr Murray was brought in, Janet did not show up. Of all MJ siblings, I thought Janet was the closest to MJ. Joe was always at MJ side in court. I'm not saying I'm totally fond of the guy, but he is the only father MJ had, and MJ did love him, I guess not enough to put him in his will.

I want to know, how was MJ's body so saturated with Propofol? That's alot of Propofol, much more than Dr. Murray had claimed to have given him. Hummmmmmm! I hope the truth will come out.

What happened to the private autopsy the Jacksons had done and was it consistant to the state's report? Maybe Joe needs these medical records to make a valid comparison of reports.

On a lighter note, I went to Walmart the other day, and MJ's vidoes were playing on TV's around the store. At every TV, a crowd gathered just to see and listen to his and adults alike. I had to stop just to get a another peek at this musical genuis. MJ has this magnetic force and people stop in their tracks to hear and see perform...that is what makes Michael Jackson, Michael Jackson.

I still miss MJ :(

RIP my King of Angels

1704 days ago


good for joe he has the right to know what happened to his son.

1704 days ago


I notice the one store we crazy fans have in common is Walmart.

1704 days ago

Linda Lovelest    

44. Such Pretty Lipstick
Such A Ugly Face.

Posted at 7:28PM on Feb 19th 2010 by OhWell

Isn't she lovely.

1704 days ago


I want to start collecting books about Michael. Which one should I start with? I'm looking to read more about him as a person rather than an entertainer.

1704 days ago


OF COURSE papa Joe depended on his son for money, that was established when the J5 were recognized. His other sons have given him NOTHING because they made NOTHING. What is this 80 yr old man SUPPOSED to do now??!? Michael KNEW good and well Kate would assist Joe with money so why give him a separate inheritance? Kate had always been the mediator of the money between MJ and Joe(as I've understood, anyways)so he didn't need to name him in a Will.
Kate has also stated in THIS interview with Geraldo Rivera that Joe is a wonderful grandfather and the kids all love the man and he IS welcome into the home.

Papa Joe is the ONLY person in the family fighting tooth and nail against the giants to get the truth! His motives can not be only dollar signs because he loved his son and he hurts too.

OF COURSE he wants to sue people! I WOULD TOO! and it sure as hell isn't solely for the money involved.

Don't stop till you get enough papa!

1704 days ago

Linda Lovelest    

Look in the comic book section at your favorite discount store.

1704 days ago


I actually think Joe SHOULD be able to get MJ's medical records. In addition to UCLA's records, since the EMTs wanted to call the death at Holmby, and MJ was (for the record) dead, Joe should be able to retrieve those records as well.

Joe might not have been father of the year (or anywhere close to it) as MJ grew up, but I think Joe and MJ had mended their fences somewhat. MJ wasn't married at the time of death, so Joe should get the records, period.

1704 days ago


79. I want to start collecting books about Michael. Which one should I start with? I'm looking to read more about him as a person rather than an entertainer.

Posted at 8:44PM on Feb 19th 2010 by kimmie

Read more:

1.How I used my money and fame to get away with molesting young boys.
2.Women are icky.
3.How to use your fame to cheat people out of their service and money.
4.How to buy your own kids.
5.How to put on your nose,wig and lipstick.
6.How to look like a corpse without trying.
Too many to mention

1704 days ago

Who Cares reads a wonder    


1704 days ago

Who Cares reads a wonder    

This story needs to be cleared up OMER BHATTI is the son of MJ.with dna this WILL can go in the trash can.GIVE THE WHOLE TACO TO HIM

1704 days ago


I am so sick of michael jackson and his money hungry family, they will do anything for a buck, or put any member of their family on tv, the father is a gross looking, acting weirdo, Elvis will always top MJ in history and they can't handle it. They will exploit MJ to the inth for money.

1704 days ago


77. I notice the one store we crazy fans have in common is Walmart.

Posted at 8:28PM on Feb 19th 2010 by Deb

This cloner is actually hilarious because I LOVE WAL-MART!

1704 days ago
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