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Olympian Scotty Lago -- To the Victor Goes ...

2/19/2010 1:40 PM PST BY TMZ STAFF

Bronze medal winner Scotty Lago got a little friendly congrats from a snowboarding fan in Vancouver last night.


No word on whether the fan received a medal for her work.

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I'm so tired of this "think of the children" bull. It really chaps my @ss. You're worried that kids don't have good role models? These guys are perfect role models, in the professional sense. They are dedicated and hard working, exactly what you'd want your kids to be. As for a role model for their personal life? Why don't you as a parent be a role model for that. Step 1? Stop getting in a huff and bringing so much attention to someone who works hard and is having some laughs. You don't know the picture before or after this, it's a tabloid's job to find dirt and to turn things into more than they seem. Your are looking at two seconds worth of an evening. Get over yourselves people, where are your kids while you're sitting on the computer complaining?

1705 days ago


Peter, come on are you for real? Are you comparing what the snow boarder did to your favorite tv show. I undertand that you may be a couch potato and have no life. but, wht you called me was uncalled for...be glad you have no clue who I am cause I would kick you couch potato ass into the outside where I believe you have not been exposed to in years...go back into you shell little man

1705 days ago


Scotty’s behavior was offensive and degrading to women. As a fan of snowboarding and its advancement his actions hurt not only the sport but hurt having women’s snowboarding taken seriously. How can they expect the world to respect them as equals when clowns from their team treat women like nothing but sexual objects? It is highly insulting. I’m glad they sent him home. And for all the guys who are like “Who cares? She was willing.” Think about how that sounds. Really think about it.

1705 days ago


I think if you win bronze in the Olympics, beating more than 180 countries, you should be able to get your, ahem, medal, sucked in public if he wants. So what? He's like early 20s and male....if he were a grammy awarding winning singer, it would be like, "oh, no biggie." Look at half of the artists around today. The difference is he has TRUE talent, not auto-tune. So, give the man a freakin' break. If I ever win a medal in the olympics, you damn right I'll have my junk out! I'm an Olympican, bitch!

1705 days ago

uncle buck    

to becky #12:

Hate to be the one to break it to ya, but your 20 year old has most likely been going down on guys for at least 4 years now.

1705 days ago


Bill, come on are you for real? You really don't seem to have any morals. Also you seem to have a quick temper and a thirst for violence. So let's sum up you as a person:

1) No morals.
2) Quick temper.
3) Like violence.

Seems like you are a real winner Bill. Enjoy your life of immorality and violence.

1705 days ago


Anabella - Give me a break. He was not being degrading to women....she was degrading herself.

1705 days ago


PEOPLE, get a life! He won a gold medal, and took a funny photo with some drunk ho, BIG DEAL. He's a snowboarder! I think he's a cool guy, and it's stupid he's getting to much sh*t for it!

1705 days ago


OMG!!! Glad to see that you guys are here to talk smack versus support An AMERICAN MEDALIST! Way to go Scotty in both aspects!!! That is whats wrong with us now days.... Scott won something he has practiced years for. If it bothers you that much then hey support them financially... pay all his bills and that of ALL the American Athletes then you can sensor them... (most pay their own way and that of their families) if not then dont say squat! He went out and partied... weve all been there and done that in some form or fashion. He is a young guy let him enjoy it and dont cast judgement on him.

1705 days ago


Vic, glad to hear that you see it that way...do you have a mother or sister that I contact so that they can suck my gold medal?

1705 days ago


Peter, I recommend you donate your body to science when you die...we could use your body to make a few snowboards.

1) No morals = Having got into your world of thought...I do regret lowering myself to your level
2) Quick temper = Punks make me want to take their heads off..yes you are correct
3) Like violence = I would still kick your ass cause you need it kicked to get a morality check

Pete this was not about you or I...It is about letting people be themselves...who is anyone in here to judge this kid...he has done something most in here can even imagine...Damn even our president had a little fun... but in his case he was married...and he lied to us all...

1705 days ago

Coastal Guy    

Just want to know who designed the medals this year, Flava Flave? They look like a jar top off of spaghetti sauce.

1705 days ago


Lago that's it kid representing NH.. So all you haters out there shut the hell up.. he worked four years for that and he accomplished his goal, a medal at the Olympics. Hes only 22, I am 22 and do you know what 22 year old's like to do after they have accomplished something like that? Well let me fill you in, have fun, drink a little bit and hook up with hot chicks.. New Hampshire WHAT!!!

1705 days ago

Cindy Lancaster    

What is really funny is that today they released a story about the Olympic committee providing over 100k condoms to the athletes for them in the village. What is the difference? they obviously believe that they are fu#$cking like banshees in heat while in the village, and then the freak over something like this? is it just that this was "public" jeez! let the guy have some fun, has anyone been to a club recently? there are women doing a lot heavier things than this, every night of every day!

1705 days ago


Stuff like this is the only thing that keeps me from falling asleep when watching the games. really who cares?

1705 days ago
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