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Olympian Scotty Lago -- To the Victor Goes ...

2/19/2010 1:40 PM PST BY TMZ STAFF

Bronze medal winner Scotty Lago got a little friendly congrats from a snowboarding fan in Vancouver last night.


No word on whether the fan received a medal for her work.

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You people are so stupid... What is snowboarding? an extreme sport... we all have a reputation for being a little bit rock star... more power to you SCOTTY! F the rest of you for being haters.

1676 days ago


Honestly, whether he's an olympic athlete or not, he's still human, and still a guy, how many guys do you know in america that hang out with their friends, party and do stupid stuff. Plus this wasn't even that bad, all of his clothes were on. Give these people breaks.

1676 days ago


For those who do not believe that Scotty Lago was behaving inappropriately, why are you unhappy that these photographs were taken?

1676 days ago

shawn huff    

that's it? those were the "racy" pics? this dude looks straighter than a born again christian. i've seen better on prime time Big Brother commercials. go balls deep next time Scotty!

1676 days ago


i think he let the usa down he had to know there would be photos taken of it and then be posted if i was him i too would be leaving with my head down it shows tiger in more of a man then what he ever
will be

1676 days ago


hey lago dont worry what other people think the shirt was yours so u should be able to wear it and do what ever in it plus u won the metal its also yours who ever took those pictures are just jerks they should have to say there sorry on tv again wear and do what ever u plz u have worked so hard for what u won

1676 days ago


Dumb move of his part agreed, but give the guy a break!

1676 days ago


While I agree that these guys are looked up to by young people, I also agree with comments 11 and 15. Snowboarders have to be crazy to do what they do, (and I mean that lovingly, as in it takes a pair to get up there and do that and not dwell on the risk they take,) and while I can't say that I'm lucky enough to have met him, he was having a celebration and not many of us can say we've never done something stupid while drinking. If people are so worried about underagers seeing this, why do they let them look at this type of website in the first place then. That's what people do is look for dirt to sell on famous people. They should have expected nothing less and not let their kids on sites like these. I don't let my 3 kids on here, so deal with your own and leave him alone.

1676 days ago


Hahaha you people and your comments. I see the word "classless" being thrown around. Please refrain from judging and be thankful you weren't surrounded by cameras during your youth/college years. You and your kids (if you have kids) have probably done or are doing far worse things.

1676 days ago


This is not the end of the world. Young people party, and sometimes they are stupid. It's not enough for him to go home early. However, at the Olympics when the attention of the world is on you, it's probably a good idea to leave the party behavior at home.

1676 days ago


This is what you get for making a stoner sport part of the Olympics. Oh well...

1676 days ago


No male can deny they enjoy the real act this picture represented. Women enjoy reciprocation. This is not even what was happening, this was more of a joke making fun of it. There is nothing wrong with the act itself, and these people are not forcing you to look at the picture. I hope as a parent I would be able to show this to my kid and go look, the world is trying to convince you that acts like this is dirty, disgusting and wrong. When in all reality it is about enjoyment, its not something you force people to watch, but it is not something you have to be ashamed of either.

1676 days ago


Scotty was a stunt rider in a movie I produced, and he was awesome. He was so cool that I decided to write a scene just for him to get a few minute cameo as an actor.
He's a great kid, and it is absurd if he was somehow pressured to leave after this tame photo.
So the girl's a bronze digger...so what?!
Scotty rocks!

1676 days ago


Whats the big deal?? Let him celebrate,after all he's trained for how long? If you think that this is a big deal, then you my friend are the jackass. It people like you that can't let someone be who and what they are. GO SCOTTY

1676 days ago

Cutem some slack    

The pictures were taken at different times, the girl in the picture is the girl friend of the rider that is injured and in therapy. An scotty is friends with both her and the injured rider. Geez cut the guy some slack he was celebrating his first olympic appearance and he got a bronze medal! Congrats scotty its sad that TMZ had to take a couple pics and follow the guy around to see if he did something stupid and put a bad name on him just bogus guys. Hes an athlete not a celebrity hes a young man in his prime and he's enjoying himself give the guy a break. I dont think he should have gotten kicked out of the olympic village. Thanks TMZ for ruining a buddys name.

1676 days ago
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