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Sean Penn

Charged With Crimes

2/19/2010 8:30 PM PST BY TMZ STAFF

Sean Penn was charged with criminal battery and vandalism today, in connection with a run-in with the paparazzi ... TMZ has learned.

The incident occurred last October in Brentwood, CA. TMZ captured the confrontation as an angry Penn approached and kicked a paparazzo, allegedly breaking his camera.

We've learned the Los Angeles City Attorney filed two misdemeanor counts -- battery and vandalism.

If convicted on both counts, Penn could go to jail for 1 1/2 years.

Penn's rep could not immediately be reached for comment.


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Cappy Lills Kid    

Of course they are slime doggies BUT that does NOT give Penn the right to assault them no matter what.

1709 days ago


The guy was like only 20 or 30 feet of him taking photos, he had every right to kick his butt. I thought there was a law after Diana that photogs had to be like 300 feet away. What kind of person would be 30 feet away from someone taking their pics????

1709 days ago


I hope that Sean presses chargers against that person for harassment and stalking. Why can’t Sean do that? Plus I don’t understand why a star cannot copy right their image and charge astronomical fees to companies like TMZ for showing these pics and videos. I WISH that companies like TMZ would go AWAY and leave people like Sean ALONE!!!!

1709 days ago


sorry but all papparazzi's need a little bit of ass kicking...i would have cheered sean on.......friggin dude can hassel someone but cries fould when they give it back....papparazzi's remind me of the jackson family...blame everyone else for what you started!

1709 days ago


What does rich have to do with what Sean Penn did!
Yes he is rich.....being said....why would someone so wealthy spend weeks in Haiti helping the helpless, ill and starving!
Good for you Mr. Penn.....more people should follow in your footsteps to help these poor human souls!

1709 days ago


I wish the one who got in J. Timberlake's face would try that with Penn, so he'd get served, like most of those weasels deserve. Some may say it comes with the territory of celebrity, but when one invades a person's space they should be prepared to suffer the consequences.

1709 days ago


I can't wait until this garbage can lowlife communist and traitor goes to jail. If I was that cameraman and Sean Penn touched me, I would have laid him out... but then again I'm 6'2 230 I don't think Sean would have the guts.

1709 days ago


Jordan Dawes (the harassing photographer) you are a HORRIBLE person. LEAVE THESE PEOPLE ALONE and let them live their PRIVATE life! You, your colleagues, and TMZ should be ashamed of yourselves!

1709 days ago


This F A GGOT Sean Penn has been losing his cool for years. "Waah it's so hard to be a millionaire" Put this weird lipped fa ggot in jail for a few years and maybe he won't get so emotional over someone taking his picture. If you're such a baby about getting your pic taken, take all your money and move any place in the world.

1709 days ago


Hi I'm Sean Penn, I'm deliousinal, I played a tough guy in a few movies and think that I am one in real life.

Oh never mind, I forgot a tough guy wouldn't act like a little b itch over getting his picture taken.

I'm Sean Penn and I'm emotionally unstable, I've been losing my cool for longer than I've been famous, my fame makes me think I'm above the law.

I tell you what Sean, I'd love to be snapping your pic and you try that with me, I'd knock you out, steal your money and take a video of me pissing in your mouth.

1709 days ago


el señor Penn vino a venezuela a respaldar la dictadura de presidente chavez de venezuela, regimen comunista que el apoya porque no conoce la realidad de nuestro pueblo,y se molesta por los paparazzi, el señor penn es un completo idiota comunista

1709 days ago


I'm sure there's plenty to prosecute this dirt bag over. A run in with a photog is just the tip of the iceberg.

1709 days ago

Fuke Youuuu    

I killed a Pap 3 years ago in Burbank. Took his lifeless body and dumped it into a chipper shredder.

I sold his camera at a pawn shop for $300


1709 days ago


That jerk needs to be put away...get some anger management counseling...between this idiot, Tiger Woods and Charlie Sheen, I would love for all of them to just disappear...

1709 days ago


He kicks like a girly man

1709 days ago
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