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Sean Penn

Charged With Crimes

2/19/2010 8:30 PM PST BY TMZ STAFF

Sean Penn was charged with criminal battery and vandalism today, in connection with a run-in with the paparazzi ... TMZ has learned.

The incident occurred last October in Brentwood, CA. TMZ captured the confrontation as an angry Penn approached and kicked a paparazzo, allegedly breaking his camera.

We've learned the Los Angeles City Attorney filed two misdemeanor counts -- battery and vandalism.

If convicted on both counts, Penn could go to jail for 1 1/2 years.

Penn's rep could not immediately be reached for comment.


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dRop the beaT    

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1707 days ago

J.D. Rourke    

Go Sean Penn! Usually, taking a swing - or a kick - at someone isn't the best way to handle a situation, but given the slime-factor here, I think Penn should've tried harder...

1707 days ago

Bring 'Em Young    

The Sean Penn haters here must all be sore assed paps.

1707 days ago


Stalking! Stalking! Stalking! There should be laws where they have to stay a safe distance 100 yds. That would drive me nuts to the point of kicking their Ass too.

1707 days ago


celebs,do have rights,keep the cameras out of their faces.why does the paps think they have to photograph everything.celebs should turn the pages on them and photograph them.A+ to penn

1707 days ago


Many paps are total turds, but this guy didn't deserve to be kicked and hit. He *moved out of the way* and Penn changed his course and walked *toward* the pap in order to assault him. The pap did and said nothing to deserve getting attacked.

All Penn had to do was keep walking and ignore them. If he doesn't like being photographed, maybe he should retire and live a private life? But, then again, if he did that he wouldn't be able to jet all over the world proclaiming the US is a POS, now would he?

1707 days ago


What I find interesting from the comments are from the people bagging on the paps. People... you are on TMZ - Pap Central! If people didn't come to this site or read the pap mags, no money for the paps means no paps. Sean Penn is a tool and a bully. Someone needs to lay the smack down on his big nose and teach him a lesson.

1707 days ago


They already know he doesn't like to be bothered. As far as I am
concerned they knew they were antagonizing him. Isn't they a law against filming someone without their permission?

1707 days ago


He needs to go back to jail. This guy is a freaking out of control ego manic. He is too old to still be pulling these antics.To top it off he has no talent and he smokes!! The last two should put this ra-tard away for life!! Old man is gross.

1707 days ago


Hey Sean - you cant hit & kick someone just because you dont like what they said -- ITS AGAINST THE LAW. Didnt you learn that in preschool?

1707 days ago


I like Sean Penn's work, but this guy needs to get it through his thick skull that he's a celebrity. If he doesn't like the paparazzi being in his face 24/7, he should move to some small bumpkin town where he'll just be Sean the grumpy old dude.

He's a veteran of Hollywood and should know better by now. This guy needs some serious anger management.

1707 days ago


Pap was trying to get pics of his family or loved ones, nothing sets the Penn off more. Too bad there are no more true knuckle buster types around that will pull the 3 S's for a price and never speak of it again.

1707 days ago


The paps deserve whatever they get in the course of stalking their prey. Call it an occupational hazard when you hunt humans for your living. Sometimes the prey actually turns the table on the predator. They should cover themselves with better insurance. Good for Penn. I do not care what his politics are, and if he wants to kick a stalker's azz, that's ok by me.

1707 days ago

Dirty Diana    

Ithink those poperrazzi's are getting what they deserve...leave our celebrities do not have the right to do things those celebrities don't want you to!!!BACK OFF.........

1706 days ago

the expert    

He should have socked him and broken his camera i myslef am a celebrity and i dont have a good relationship with paparazzi there like little vultures lurking for there next meal a person walking around LA lets film them wow how cool lets get in there faces since were talentless weazels who were never good at anything except taking pictures of people looooooooooooooooooosers

1705 days ago
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