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Tiger Woods -- Back Home with Elin

2/19/2010 6:45 PM PST BY TMZ STAFF

Tiger WoodsTiger Woods has returned to his home in Windermere, Fla. -- and his wife Elin Nordegren is there too ... according to an eyewitness.

Tiger arrived home about 45 minutes ago as part of a four-car motorcade. About 40 minutes later, Elin arrived at the house.

We're told security in the gated community has been ramped up with Tiger's own private security.

Security teams are set up outside the house, at the end of the street, and at the lake behind his house.


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5 years later, all about Tiger Woods and Mj news. TMZ why?

1671 days ago


What woman would ever want to touch the private parts of her philandering husband?

1671 days ago


what part of his speech did you not hear? did you not hear the part where he BEGGED for you to leave his wife alone? enough is enough.. no one cares but the golf community..and the golf community is very very small compared to the rest of us.. so STFU already and move on.

1671 days ago


Tiger Woods: “I had affairs. I cheated.” I know you saw the press conference - what do you think???

1671 days ago

Margot Magowan    

If sex really is an addiction, Tiger should have apologized to all the women he used as drugs.

At this morning’s press conference, Tiger said he was sorry to his family, his wife, his kids, his fans, his sponsors, but he left out the more than a dozen women he had sex with. Tiger further objectified these women when he only referred to them in his speech as “temptations” of power and fame.

Tiger, do you get that women are human? Or does insight come later in your recovery– around day 56 or so?

He apologized to his wife, as he should, of course, he supposedly loves her. But the skills men learn to divide women into wives or whores creeps me out, and if there really is such a thing as sex addiction, this dichotomy seems to fuel it.

I’m not saying Rachel Uchitel and all the porn stars and models and single moms who slept with Tiger are all victims; they could very well be sex addicts themselves who used Tiger to get off. But, as far as I know, they aren’t the ones in intensive recovery programs making public apologies.More commentary onmy blog ReelGirl

1671 days ago


WTF? This is so far out of hand I am stunned. Is this really necessary? Isn't this between Elin and Tiger? I think enough is enough. MOVE ON.

1671 days ago


Shouldn't this story end now?

1671 days ago


MOVE ON. It's between Elin and Tiger and with regard to all of us, it OVER.

1671 days ago

scum bag TMZ    

F@ck off TMZ, leave them alone. You're the sleaze bag website that Wood's was talking about today; you f@cf sticks, following his children and his wife, any frickin' pic you can get, no matter what the price.

LEAVE THEM ALONE. Leave Michael Jackson stories alone now too, you. Morons!

These are humans; real people, real feelings, real lives and real families, they're not here for your humor or your entertainment.

Sleaze garbage can TMZ. Leave the damn family ALONE, it's none of our business..

1671 days ago


I believe that Tiger Woods is sincere because realize the pain that he has brought onto his wife, kids, mother, friends, fans and everyone else who love him. why does a porn star think that she is entitle to an apoligy from Tiger, when she knows that he is marry and has children. that porn star or any other of those women need lto leave Tiger alone so that he can repair his marrige with his wife and be the father that he needs to be to his children. hiding behind lawyers will not get them any sympathy. he shouldn't pay any of these people money anymore. tiger I hope that you have learned a good lesson from this.

1671 days ago


If my husband did what tiger did I would kick him to the curb and start divorce proceedings.

I would be so sick to think he put his thingy into some dirty old whore and he would NEVER touch me again...

Tiger does what he wants and he will certainly cheat again guaranteed...

1671 days ago


TMZ, How does it feel to, finally, be called out by someone. A direct hit, no doubt. LET IT BE.

1671 days ago


I was one to judge this man, without ever walking in his shoes...not a good thing to do, least you be judge the same way! I was in tears after watching his news conference and I applaude him for taking the first step in moving forward with his amends to the people he has hurt. Let's not forget that he is a human being, and he deserves our respect. Let's leave this family alone to move forward and wish them love and understanding on trying to heal the hurst caused to so many loved ones. Those women all knew that he was a married man, he owes them nothing but and apology and shame on any of them who hope to profit from his poor choices!!

1671 days ago

Eldrick Woods    

Bill Simmons from ESPN has a column today that gets it right. No sugarcoating, sympathy, awwwww good for him stuff.

1671 days ago

Eldrick Woods    

I can almost guarantee (our sources said!) that Elin will require Tiger to be on a "short leash" (get it?) with an ankle GPS monitor any time he leaves the house!

1671 days ago
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