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Arnie Klein in Jacket Flap with Michael Jackson

2/20/2010 10:00 AM PST BY TMZ STAFF

Dr. Arnold Klein -- Michael Jackson's longtime dermatologist and friend -- has filed a claim against Michael Jackson's estate ... but this time it's not about money -- Arnie wants his jacket back!

Dr. Klein claims Michael borrowed a Gianfranco Ferre green jacket from him several months before he died -- a jacket Klein claims is worth $10,000.

According to the claim, "The jacket has not been returned prior to death and has not been returned after death (although demand has been made)."

Klein is not asking for any money, but wants his threads back.

Klein filed another claim against the Michael Jackson estate back in October -- for $48,522.89 for medical services.


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80. Hey,
Leave Deb Alone
Low Life Cloner
Or I'll Come To
Your House

& Rape Your Goldfish

I Mean It, I Will

Posted at 11:33PM on Feb 19th 2010 by OhWell

ROFLMAO!!! OhWell, where do you come up with this stuff???!

1705 days ago



What's a golfball worth was TOTALLY COOL and TOTALLY GROSS, missy.

1705 days ago


i thoughtt it was your "can you spot the difference" bit - I'm only up to 1

1705 days ago


Sounds like Arnie is just looking for some money. I bet he wasn't even thinking about that jacket when MJ was still alive. Besides, the jakcet looks better on MJ. Arnie looks like he's gonna bust out of it. This is also proof that Arnie was a fatass and twice MJ's sicze.

1705 days ago


Where the hell is ric? Did he finally give up on the boards? I miss him.

1705 days ago


I'm Coming For Your Goldfish
All Of You.....

1705 days ago


i doubt it will be on ebay i would say more like an auction house or private collector somewhere but it WILL surely be sold.arnie has been losing alot of business since this thing and is in financial trouble.mj is pulling the breast of the jacket waaaaaaay over to the side and you can tell its huge on him.

hint arnie check latoya she took all kinds of his crap before the mans body was cold.

1705 days ago

danger baby    

Michael and fashion. Sigh. Someone could write a book about how his fashion sense evolved. He started out in those outlandish, garish stage get-ups his mother made, then morphed into the 'banana republic' quasi-military garb (plainly ridiculous), then, gradually, managed to find his own interesting style. The suits he wore at the Santa Maria trial were a little over the top, but I liked them because of it. And in later years, he could look positively elegant at times. As to his 'look', everyone says "oh, I don't like what he did with his face". Well, I did. I loved the androgyny of it, which I thought suited his 'rock star/celeb' status, and I loved the long hair, even if it was made up of extensions. Who cared? The man could sing! But this green jacket get up (which I clearly recall) is just wrong, wrong, wrong. It's at least 3 sizes too large. Someone should return the jacket to Klein. Who has MJ's stuff? I assume his family, but do not know. R.I.P. MJ. Green jacket or no, we loved you.

1705 days ago



1705 days ago

Alligator Purse    

Kline should be charged because he to supplied Michael Jackson with tons of drugs to. He is trying to get to see those kids...

1705 days ago

Simon Cox    

How can that ugly jacket be worth that much?! Whatever!

1705 days ago

They were in it for the money    

Why oh WHY would anyone buy such an awful green colored jacket? The Green Queen style of Arnie does not suit Michael. Yea it prob did cost $10,000 the designer used to work with Coco Chanel and stragely enough also dies in June.

1705 days ago


He probably gave it to him. and now wants it back if u give a gift u don't take it back. if somebody barrows it u don't wait till they die to get it back or even 8 mo. after passing before even requesting it back. HELLO!!!!!

1705 days ago

Linda Lovelest    

96. How can that ugly jacket be worth that much?! Whatever!

Posted at 1:04AM on Feb 20th 2010 by Simon Cox

Michael Jackson didn't think it was ugly. But what is ugly is Michael Jackson. Look at that photo. What an ugly freak! Sad and pathetic. The borrowed jacket just swallows him up. He was such a creep.

1705 days ago


dr.arnie is over twice the size of can't be the same size jacket, so there' do your homework first.

1705 days ago
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