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Olympic Medalist Packs Up after Biting Photo

2/20/2010 9:03 AM PST BY TMZ STAFF

It seemed like innocent fun ... but these pictures of Olympic bronze medalist Scotty Lago proved a bit too much for Vancouver -- Scotty is packing up his newly-polished medal and leaving.


Scotty apologized to the U.S. Olympic Committee and the U.S. Ski and Snowboard Association after we posted the photo -- taken on a public street with a crowd of people watching -- before volunteering to go home.

TMZ published the photo and apparently it didn't sit well with someone. He's a snowboarder for cryin' out loud. They should have cut him a break.

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screw you TMZ. why would you publish this!? you screwed that guy over and ruined his stay at the olympics. Let him have his fun. you guys blow

1705 days ago


Give him a break is right - the kid is young and just won the biggest accolade for an athlete, so let him have some fun. Plus he has a hot body :)

1705 days ago



You guys suck and you TV show is stupid.

I am only here to let you know - Yahoo article reported that it was you who did this.

You are trash; enjoy your karma... what goes around comes around and for each aspiring person you try to bring down - you will reap yours.

1705 days ago

Why Not    

It's not like it's ever going to be an Olympic sport despite every woman world-wide competing in variations every night after a few crantinis! He was on endorphin overload from his win. Why would anyone take exception? These OIC officials really need to have a drink and BREATHE OUT! He was decompressing, having some fun with the locals! He was not drunk, doing drugs, or actually humping the woman... All sports you can see on a regular basis in downtown Vancouver on any given night! They do know he was not actually humping the woman's face... right? Hard to say with some of these old prudes who probably never competed in an Olympic event or had sex in the past 30 yrs.

1705 days ago

Scotty is the Man    

Yeah give Scotty a break! So the pictures were a little suggestive. Big freak'n deal! It's not like he got caught banging some hooker in the back alley or being drunk off his freak'n mind in public. For all we know he was walking in the "crowded Vancouver street" having fun when the girl went up to him and ask if she can see his medal. She obviously knew a picture was being taken otherwise she wouldn't have been posing that way. Based on the picture, he didn't do anything wrong. So F all of you who have deemed him a douche or unworthy of representing the US. I highly doubt that you are all angels.

And TMZ...take some responsibility. You're a direct cause for getting Scotty reprimanded.

1705 days ago


he should have noticed the cameras...but still, who really cares? how does that photo really affect someone elses life?

1705 days ago


TMZ sucks!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! He won a medal!!!!WHY DID YOU HAVE TO SHAME HIM????

1705 days ago


If athletes are to learn one thing from Tiger Woods, it is that a high-profiled athlete is a role model on and off the field. Behavior that is meant for behind closed doors should be kept behind closed door. It is OK to celebrate and have a good time, but when you are careless enough to do it infront of others, showing off and acting like a fool for the camera then you should also accept the consequences.

1705 days ago


TMZ, you're twisted!! The kid is obviously not really comfortable with the situation, and looks like he's just following prompts from photographers. There's NOTHING risque about these pictures, the boy isn't touching her, his body language shows clearly that he's uncomfortable and is physically leaning away from her. The abundance of camera's surrounding him only reinforces my belief that he was coerced to POSE for those pictures. Good job, jerks. That young man worked hard to get to the Olympics, thanks for completely destroying him. Slimeballs.

1705 days ago


I do not know about anyone else but this looks almost like a set up. Who paid that girl TMZ??? If you look close the 2nd photo is actually the first one taken, the girl took the medal in her mouth then bent over near his crotch with it. She is holding the medal in her teeth on the first photo. Not sure what led up to this but even so TMZ shame on you. You people knew that posting this would hurt this guy.

1705 days ago


Way to go, TMZ. Try and shame our own American athletes. Have you no pride?

Speaking of pride, how's the whole gay thing working out for you, Harvey? Does your PhD boyfriend approve of this post?

1705 days ago


He is a snowboarder the sickest sport in the winter games….so should we be surprised he’s being a bad boy? I would be shocked if the ice skating dude broke out with some photos like this but not Lago. He won let him do w/e he want’s he deserved a good party…I’d bite his medal =)

1705 days ago


Sorry but you guys bashing TMZ are dead wrong, they didn't make him do anything, he did this all by himself. That kind of behavior may be part of the snowboarding culture-but you are there representing OUR COUNTRY, and you need to do so with respect and honor. How many kids would KILL to be in the Olympics? How about the kids who didn't get anywhere near the podium Wednesday night but tried their hearts out? He did, and he stood there and listened to our National Anthem being played thanks to Shaun White, and that comes with responsibility, to himself and his country. If people who snowboard don't like it-then stay out of and away from the Olympics!! This is for the elite of the WORLD- and you need to give that the respect it deserves!!

1705 days ago


I thought the whole reason for winning medals was to score chicks. His street cred went up. He just proved to the world he ain't a sissy.

1705 days ago

Why Not    

This is a young athlete who trains in the snow. He is no match for the 'hot steamy, seamy side of downtown Vancouver' Take your cameras, and you balls in both hands and go do a fast tour of the east side... if you really want some sensational reporting. It's not pretty, no matter how hard the PR dept tries to convince the world that Vancouver is all yuppie/hippie/environmentally friendly/save the whales/tree hugging/ highly literate/ vegetarians. Give the guy a break... this is all your fault TMZ... and ultimately.. I blame Trivial Pursuit for diverting the focus from the real issues... like Tiger Woods... haha

1705 days ago
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