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Tiger Woods -- So We Were Wondering ...

2/20/2010 10:30 AM PST BY TMZ STAFF

Tiger Woods gave a 13-minute, heartfelt (?) apology to his wife, his family, his sponsors, his ... well, everyone. So now we ask ...

Tiger Woods, Elin Nordegren, Oprah Winfrey, Kobe Bryant


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Tiger is like the many out there that once they get caught, they are so apologetic and all so sorry for their wrong-doings and yet, had they not been caught, they'd still be doing what they had been up to......truly pathetic......we've seen drug dealers, politicians and others get caught and all of a sudden, they are so humble and so very sorry for what they did.....too little, and far too late..."money can't buy you love" ("The Beatles").....but it often buys misery and deceit and much unhappiness........

1684 days ago


Apology? I think not. Woods is not sorry for what he did...he's sorry he got caught. THAT'S the only reason he apologized. He was found with his hand in the cookie jar, and the only thing he can think to do is look like an upset little child, pout out his lower lip, squeeze out a few tears and say "I have a problem". If he hadn't been caught, do you think he would have honestly come forth on his own and admitted this? Hardly. He'd still be living the same lifestyle with absolutely no regrets. The man's a celebrity, and as such he should very well know that he's under a microscope when it comes to public opinion. Personally, I could care less about his escapades, but to try and make it look like he's sincere about his transgressions actually makes me laugh. The only thing he's trying to do is damage control, nothing more. Is he sorry? I'm not convinced. His wife deserves better, and if she takes him back, well, she's more of a woman than I am. All I can say about Elin is I admire her courage. She's got one tough road ahead of her, and it was her husband who paved that bumpy path for her. How proud he must be. As for the other women he brought in to this...well...I'll bet there's some pride there, too. However, it does take two to tango.

1684 days ago


Hey TMZ. Perez Hilton already got the pics of the couple together, what happened to you guys??????? so so late

1684 days ago


Hmmmm. Interesting. Tiger Woods is apologizing for being a selfish jerk while acting like a selfish jerk? If Tiger wants to turn his back on an adoring public I'm sure the public will return the favor.

1684 days ago

Just MySelf    

@209. A better question would be...Do we care?


We have a winner

1683 days ago


What's really sad is that the general public give a crap about who tiger woods sleeps with. the fact that This is a major news story and that they ran the press statement on all the major networks is just PATHETIC. Ridiculous that they preemted television to run his apology, the line between entertainment and journalism is just gone.

1683 days ago


tiger woods is not the first and not the last leave him alone bill clinton did it and he was the president of the u.s.a at the time and he went on tv and lie about it. tiger didn't so please leave the guy alone.mine your own business.

1677 days ago
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