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Tiger Woods -- So We Were Wondering ...

2/20/2010 10:30 AM PST BY TMZ STAFF

Tiger Woods gave a 13-minute, heartfelt (?) apology to his wife, his family, his sponsors, his ... well, everyone. So now we ask ...

Tiger Woods, Elin Nordegren, Oprah Winfrey, Kobe Bryant


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The woods    

I would take my money and run for the woods :) (with my family)

1705 days ago


I was just sooooooo glad that Elin was not up there, sitting by "her little man" like so many American wives were like Kobe's
wife and I am not sure WHAT Kobe's wife was thinking.
I respect Elin for that. She showed some self respect from the start on this.
He doesn't owe me anything and he should just say ok, I'm a slug, take it or leave it to the public. As for Elin, he owes her more than he can ever repay. Having multiple partners, he potentially could have infected her with anything and since she was pregnant, her children also.
Just the lowest of the low in that regard. His audience of friends and family today was just a ploy, like anyone looking to make themselves look good. He is correct in that it's between him and Elin. He doesn't really need any more money. He's got more than most. As for Dr. Drew saying on Larry King Live tonight that Elin has work to do herself, I say my opinion is that she doesn't have anything to do with his mess. Why does she have work to do?
She's either going to take his sorry a** back or she's not.

1705 days ago


Yet another corporate staged, overly scripted event -- if pro writers have to compose your apology, it's NOT sincere! Mistakes? Forgetting your anniversary or her birthday is a mistake...not banging whores 2 at a time or doing it in church parking lots and bringing them into your home(s) This is about what it’s always been He was totally emotionless, cold dead eyes, robotic delivery…disgusting! So now Elin is going to provide him w/ the sexual contact he craves daily? Sure, she will -- a billionaire in his 30s swearing off wild (Ambien/Ectasy) sex just like's not even believable! Imagine how miserable he’s going to be w/her constant reminders in the most excruciating ways, you wives know how insufferable you can be…good luck!

1705 days ago


If she takes his sorry ass back, she needs to have therapy/counseling. The doctors told her there was hope, but they were paid by Tigger to say that. He's a sociopath, and there's no hope for their marriage.

1705 days ago

Midnight Dancer    

I think it is time you americans give Tiger a go, he has done
wrong and I guess so have you unless you are a saint. I don't feel he should have had to apology whole heartedly to Elin, as ther is always a reason why a partner strays, it takes two to tango. He is doing the hard yards afnd getting help, so don't drag hime to the ground like you did Michael Jackson help him to get back to playing golf as he is mi8ssed and he is the best golfer in the world Midnight Dancer from Australia

1705 days ago

Halo Al    

If Elin has any self respect at all she will walk away from it all raise her children under her code of ethics. The Tigers episodes wre not spontanious reactions they were planned orchestrated and deliberate.

If Elin takes him back it will be the second biggest mistake in her life

1705 days ago


Tiger woods is a little bitch

1705 days ago

The man the smiley face serial killers decided to set free    

Omg why did he do this press conference? It’s like the corporations, the therapists, Tiger and Elin are all wagering against the future decisions of his penis. You never wager against penis. Someday penis is going to feel the need for speed and make even bigger fools of everyone who thought they had talked him down.

1705 days ago


There is little comparison to the Kobe situation other than the media attention. Kobe was looking at serious prison time and an immediate premature abrupt end to his career ala plaxico burress/michael vick.

Tiger is more along the lines of Letterman, Magic Johnson, Steve McNair or your favorite rock legend. Life in the fast lane.

1705 days ago

Fred Farkel    

1) Tiger likes sex.
2) Tiger likes a lot of sex.
3) Elin does not put out.
4) Elin will never put out again anyway.
5) Rehab teaches you that sex is bad.
6) Sex is good, not bad.
7) Tiger likes good sex.
8) Lots of women will give Tiger good sex.
9) Tiger will go get some good sex.
10) Tiger will be happy.

1705 days ago

Fred Farkel    


Very few people understand what you are saying:

"So now Elin is going to provide him w/ the sexual contact he craves daily? Sure, she will -- a billionaire in his 30s swearing off wild (Ambien/Ectasy) sex just like's not even believable! Imagine how miserable he’s going to be w/her constant reminders in the most excruciating ways, you wives know how insufferable you can be…good luck!"

My former wife turned 50 and let's just say that her desire for the occasional Ambien/Ecstacy/GHB/Cocaine sex all dried up and went away. Dang that sex was good for many decades but when the b!tches decide to go back to Jesus, there isn't a d@mn thing you can do but pack your sh!@t up and go.

Now that I am over 50, lord knows I ain't the horndog that I once was. I'll survive... but I have found that FEW WOMEN understnad what gifts from god are out there in nature!!! I sit back and watch with my bag of popcorn, figuring it will be interesting to see how Tiger deals with this... and for what? Just to keep some sponsors happy???


My god people.

Nature attached the p3nis to a man for one reason.

And that reason was to use that thing until it wears out and falls off.

LMAO... I can picture Tiger in rehab with some FOOL UGLY woman looking at his p#nis, waggin her finger and shouting: "BAD BAD P3NIS". And there's Tiger all worried about those extra millions when he already has plenty in the bank.


No worries. His p3nis will help him figure it out.

Cuz Mother Nature always finds a way...


1705 days ago

billy buck    

Who cares, other than his wife and kid(s) whether he cheats in his marriage or not.
I'm not gonna lose one second of sleep over it. He certainly has a lot of guts to get
up in front of cameras and talk about his personal life.

Mark McGwire on the other hand earned plenty of extra money because of his cheating.
Not only did he cheat in regards to statistics but he also potentially cheated some other
guy(s) out of playing first base for the Oakland A's and the St. Louis Cardinals.

1705 days ago

Big Rubes    

This poll has no credibility. Anyone who follows sports(not just golf) knows that Tiger is gonna come back more determined than ever. He's the most dominant person in the world at what he does, which is play golf. One couldn't compare KOBE to Tiger, KOBE was accused of rape. Tiger admittedly cheated and apologized. Further more, if yesterdays press conference wasnt evidence enough, Tiger doesnt need Oprah to repair his image. The FACT remains that ALL the products he endorses are geared toward MEN, men that can relate with being caught cheating. TIGER WILL BE BACK IN DUE TIME BIGGER AND BETTER.
P.S. If there really is a TMZ sports coming i pray you get a staff that knows something about sports. When you cover athletes it's brutal.

1705 days ago

grossed out.    

For all of you who say "Tiger made a mistake" - what the F are you thinking??? That 14 girlfriends, screwed with over many years, including "I love you talk" etc. is "a" mistake???? Bull crap. He lead a completely separate life from the one that Elin thought existed (or so we have been lead to believe), all the while leading foundations that sponsor and mentor children (you/our children out there, by the way), and endorsing products like Nike, that are intended for good, clean healthy living. Trust me, I'm no girl scout myself, but then again I haven't chosen a life in the public eye, that relies on the support of that public, financially and statistically to get by. And when you choose a life in the eyes of the public, the judgment goes along with it.

1705 days ago


Did you read the body language? Looked to me that all of his "friends" didn't want to be there at that press conference. He was not sincere, just there to secure his sponsors. and that poor little ole me look on his face, the same when things don't go right on the golf course. What a loser!

1705 days ago
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