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Tiger Woods -- So We Were Wondering ...

2/20/2010 10:30 AM PST BY TMZ STAFF

Tiger Woods gave a 13-minute, heartfelt (?) apology to his wife, his family, his sponsors, his ... well, everyone. So now we ask ...

Tiger Woods, Elin Nordegren, Oprah Winfrey, Kobe Bryant


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Sorry but I think his wife as so many other women takes him back, unfortunately. I mean there has to be a phase here so that she can preserve some kind of dignity, because a lot of people follow this drama, but wait and see.

I’m not saying infidelity is unforgivable but there is a limit before it turns to degradation and in my opinion the limit in this case is crossed several women ago.

1669 days ago

J Byrd    

HERE'S WHAT HIS MOM SAID AFTER TIGER'S SPEECH: "Mee lub yu long time. Tigu neba du nuting wong, he goot boy. Me lub yu Tigu. Now go pay goff and makey goot monee to Nike and mommy. Tigu goot boy. He nebu do anyting wong."

1669 days ago


I think Tiger should get Trojan to sponsor him, he's gonna need it

1669 days ago


Tiger is a golfer, maybe one of the best in the world but he owes 'US' nothing! The only people he should be apologizing for is his family! He should of had a press conference to say just that and that only! It is high time we start not thinking we are 'entitled' to being part of whom he 'hurt'... could you imagine if every celebrity, athlete, government official had to do a press conference to apologize for their actions? We would never have real news!!!

1669 days ago


everybody needs to mind there own business yesn he is famous for golf and thats all people should be worring about yeah he cheated what man doesnt its not the end of the world his wife is either goin to accept it or not thats it

1669 days ago


The only people he had to apologize to are his friends/family, his sponsers and anyone who he has on his payroll. I wish him well in his golfing career. His personal life is his business. Only Tiger and Elin can decide on what happens there. Everone acts like he KILLED somebody, he's not OJ Simpson!! (I don't blame him it's those tramps that went after him i blame. Women see $$$ signs and they are off and running after who will give them the time of day...or night.)

1669 days ago


So we are suppose to believe Tiger....I never took performance enhanging drugs, we never had domestic violence in our marriage. BS Tiger, how can anyone believe a word you say? 16 women and that is the ones that came forward, what about all of the wives/girlfriends of his employees, fellow competitors, etc. that did not come forward. His phony, will always be phony and I hope the cheating bast***** never wins again, especially a major tournament because anyone that looks at him knows he used steriods. Using the "F" word loudly at golf tournaments talking about being respected, how did any parent respect him as a role model, good golfer, yes, role model no.....anyone that cheats in their marriage will cheat a golf..........

1669 days ago

Fred Farkel    

Good for you Penelope... it is SO TRUE that women these days are absolutely disgusting. And what an incredible opportunity that phenomenon presents for other women.

My god. How easy can it be??

The opportunity to STAND OUT in a sea of humanity by simply acting civilized.

1669 days ago


Here's the worst thing that Tiger can do:

•move back in together and try to play like he really likes the family life.
•Temper his passion on the golf course by being stoic and emotionless.
•continue with the emasculating process of therapy and inner reflection

Here's what Tiger should do:

•Tell Elin to take what she wants - no questions asked
•Send the Jet to pick up the kids for a weekend a month.
•Inform sponsors that Act II is going to be different than Act I
•If the sponsors don't like Act II then you are free to go(except Nike Golf which he built and has ownership stake).
•Quit apologizing to these clowns who never were fans and never bought a red nike polo shirt, $500 driver, or ticket to a tournament
•Rejoin the tour immediately
•Play with the same passion and fire

The longer he tries to stick around Elin, the worse the tabloid will follow and the more depressed he's going to be. If they split, the story and scandal is over.

here's why it won't happen the way it should:
• There's so many people on the payroll who are earning a nice living in the Tiger Woods empire
• They will pressure and convince him (and Elin)that staying the course is the right thing to do
• He's roped in and been handled by professionals since he was an adolescent. which is why you have robot woods and pu$$y hound woods. this is the classic case of the catholic school girl or child star going wild.

This man makes 110 million when he played a full year. The analysts say that if didn't play a round this year he would make 86 million. He lost 10 million in sponsorship (AtT and accenture).

Yet look at his/her lifestyle.

Their clothes are either Nike or off the rack department store. They drive GM Suvs and Buicks. They live in housing development that looks like your average "gated community" in anywhere, USA. The main house is bleh. the house in sweden is bleh. Even the yacht is so-so. Their only extravagant asset is the home in Jupiter.

He's got Hall of Fame bankroll but is living in a minor league lifestyle.

All they do is take the kids to school, have lunch at pf changs, and stay at the house all day. These two are miserable.

1669 days ago


I'm a little old-fashioned. Firstly, I don't think it's classy to talk about your personal life at a press conference (unless you're an elected official-that makes more sense). Secondly, I think, when you make a mistake of this magnitude, you need to pay the piper. The problem is: People are really quick to forgive or make excuses for crappy behavior. As far as I'm concerned, unless he saves a class of kindergarteners from a burning school building, my opinion of him will stay locked in the basement in the corner by the furnace. When you do something like that to your wife and kids, you have a long way to go before you can deserve respect again.

1669 days ago


You forgot a choice...Who cares?

1669 days ago


OH NO! A man cheated on his wife! Whoopdy Dooo. No different than any other male in North American.

1669 days ago


he will get a whole new flock of ladies but this time he won't get caught, no cell phone, no blackberry, ways for elin not to find out; he has the money and can pay off her private eyes, it is simple, but if he gets caught, he looses her, maybe the children, his mom, all of his sponsors, he would be taking a big chance.

1669 days ago



1669 days ago

Sali Peifer    

Why is everyone speculating about Tiger Woods. He is a man with faults, as are all of us. It took a lot for him to take total responsibility and share it with the world. Can't imagine how humbling THAT experience would be. Give the guy and his family a break! Judge not, lest you be judged...

1669 days ago
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