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Will Ferrell

Sorry Jay Leno,

I'm Calling in Sick

2/20/2010 7:12 AM PST BY TMZ STAFF

Conan O'Brien's pal Will Ferrell is in no hurry to make an appearance on "The Tonight Show" once Jay Leno takes back over. In fact, if Leno comes a callin' ... Ferrell said he might conveniently call in sick.

Will Ferrell
Will made the comments on the Todd N Tyler Radio Empire morning show in Omaha yesterday. 

During the interview, they asked Will if he thinks Leno would still have him on the show since he's such a Team Coco kind of guy ... and he said, "I don't know. My vote's with Conan."

But in the case Will actually gets the invite, he said, "I may have a cold ... I may have a sore throat."


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The only people that like Leno are old, up-tight, dry-humored douchebags.

1684 days ago


Oh no!!! Please!!! The box office virus/most overrated SNL alum, HAS to appear on Leno!!!!!!

This guy is an absolute joke and has already ran his course in Hollywood.

His whole "man-child" shtick was played out way back in Zoolander days.

1683 days ago


Jay Yoko's site has announced his initial guests, and boy-o-boy are they a motley crew (no, Motley Crew isn't on, they have too much dignity) of has-beens, don't-matters, and wanna-bes:
Jamie Foxx, Mar 1,
Lindsey Vonn, (?),
Sarah Palin, Mar 2,
cast of 'Jersey Shore,' March 3,
Matthew McConaughey, March 4,
Simon Cowell, March 8,
Kristen Stewart, March 10,
Judd Apatow, Mar. 12,
Adam Lambert, (?).

I will never give another dime or a minute of my time to any of these rat-finks.

1683 days ago

Cappy Lills Kid    

Coco is crying with 32 million in the bank -- I should be so lucky.

1683 days ago


YEAH!! If only you would have watched the show when conan was on the air...!!! See the TRUTH is if all these SO-CALLED team coco fans had been there from the start then Conan would not have been asked to push back the show 30 mins and maybe he wouldn't have QUIT like a P*U*S*S*Y!!! So what is the message here, if you really want something and you finally get..don't fight for and then QUIT??? YEAH...GO TEAM COCO!! QUITERS!!! 1-800-whaaaaaaaa

1683 days ago

Milf Biggenson    

I watched Leno's return tonight. Swore I wouldn't. The Oz opening was decent but it would have only been funnier if Conan was the Witch. That would have been perfect for the self-referential comedy of Mr. O'Brien. I watched Jamie Foxx and couldn't believe that was the same person who portrayed Ray Charles. I swear to God Foxx must be the best actor alive as not one shred of the brilliance that he brought to that movie was evident in his buffoonish caricature of a pompous douche bag looking to score easy audience yowls. Yeah we know Leno's back on the air. Okay we get it. Okay, ha ha. Okay, now you're making me nervous. SIT DOWN YOU HORSES ARSE!

Conan's audience ratings didn't work out for him because his demographic isn't sitting in front of the TV at that hour. Their noses are in Facebook, iPods, Blackberries or other people's nether regions where they belong. And maybe that was a good wakeup call for NBC and Conan. It's time to rethink the way entertainment is created and sold to a market. Yeah, The Tonight Show was great, but so was Vaudeville once. Look to the future and I'm guessing, whoever manages to create a viable and lucrative entertainment model without TV is going to be a very rich person. Look at music. Did you ever imagine you'd be buying songs for 99 cents a piece and not even getting a hard copy for that price? Did you ever imagine a world where a Tommy Hilfiger t-shirt looked like a steal when compared to a Miley Cyrus concert T? Did you ever imagine that moron from Grade 6 looking you up 20 years later on Facebook? Speaking of which, I don't see ads for anymore. That was once like The Tonight Show. How fast things change. Change with them or else. You've been warned.

1676 days ago


Good for Will. Hopefully this gets through NBCs dense skull on the dumbass mistake they made by pushing Conan out the door.

Screw NBC.

1676 days ago


Leno is a better host than Letterman,, Will will probably go on Leno when he has a project to promote. Its about money..... right?

1675 days ago


i love jay leno people need to get over it it wasnt leno's fault conan wasn't funny and didnt have good ratings, plus thats what conan gets for tryng to take the tonight show from leno in the fist place. will ferrell you blow..!!!! leno is hillarious i love him back on the tonight show

1675 days ago

Cappy Lills Kid    

Your wrong #1
WIll farrell is the only one boycotting leno ---
america still loves leno

1674 days ago


Why do so many Leno supporters write posts that make them sound like they're eighth-grade boys? (See example above.) It's spooky because I'm pretty sure his fans are mostly old people.

1683 days ago
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