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Angelina Jolie -- Back with Daddy

2/21/2010 4:01 PM PST BY TMZ STAFF

It's been FOREVER since we've seen Angelina Jolie with her father, Jon Voight, but alas -- they were together in Italy today.


The famous father/daughter duo were spotted getting off a taxi boat in Venice, along with Zahara and Brad Pitt (that's his right hand in the photo above).

Jolie and Voight have been estranged for years, but no one can fight when they're in Venice. Ciao!

Guess the celebrity dad


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finally, finally, finally.. a picture of her with her dad and he is not embarrassing himself talking smack about her. but its good to see them finally together. i wonder if brad had anything to do with it? -

1703 days ago

Ms Renee L. Carter    

There is something very healing about children and grandchildren. Thank God that they are working on their relationship. Angelina was raised by her mother; and then her mother died a few years ago. Angelina has to find a way to work through her hurt feelings and her father has to gain her trust and friendship. It takes time; but, they are working at it and I think it is wonderful. Brad and Angelina are such wonderful parents to all of their beautiful children; I admire them.

1703 days ago



1703 days ago


As the saying goes, "Your parents are people too and that ALL they can be". In other words, parents make mistakes also!! Lighten up Angie!!

1703 days ago


I saw the picture of Brad with a ring on. On Perez Hilton website he has a picture Angie and dad taken today and she has a ring on her ring finger.

1703 days ago


#64 should just hook up with Jennay and be done with it.

1703 days ago


Oh who the freak cares!! Enough of these idiots already TMZ, sick of hearing about them.

1703 days ago


Goodness. Have Mercy. I'm happy for him - able to see and be with his grandchildren. Wonderful, wonderful.

1703 days ago


I am glad that they have reunited but I don't trust him. His political views are eccentric...He better watch himself. He better treat the kids all the same and not favor the caucasian biological kids.

1703 days ago


Total moron zone, I am so with you about the hand thing. I never would of put that together and I am sure it would of been bothering. Come on TMZ do we really care about Pitt's hand????? Save your dignity and take that part out of the story!

1703 days ago


Gin asked: Was Papa Voight there to walk her down the aisle at their wedding?

They have not bothered to have a wedding, because they say they will not get married unless everyone can get married. They're idiots! They are irresponsible parents not getting married with 6 children! What are they teaching their children by doing that? A bunch of psychobabble crap. They're just playing house. Sad.

1703 days ago


Don't Brad and Angie have to get married for Jon to be Brad's Father-in-Law? Jon must be so proud to have a daughter with six kids out of wedlock.

1703 days ago


Yeah 'rainbow' because everyone who gets married is happy and better than those who don't right.. I mean just ask John and Kate. Idiot.. a piece of paper means nothing. The 'sanctity' of marriage is $hit on daily by married spouses having affairs ..wake up. THEY ARE being responsible and standing up for their beliefs that all are equal in this country, something our forefathers believed that today's religious, bigoted idiots seem to want to flush down the toilet!!

1703 days ago

Ms Renee L. Carter    

After seven years you are automatically married; it is called "common law marriage". That is what the old timers did.

They are loving human beings which is what JESUS was and is all about.

1703 days ago

Clear as can be    

They have got to stop this nonesense! Poor Maddox and Pax. Kids their age, especially, need a home, a school, friends, a life separate from their family. This is such sickness! Stop carrying the kids everywhere! Create a loving home AND LEAVE THE KIDS THERE WITH ONE OF THE PARENTS!! Taking the kids everywhere is all about the PARENTS, not about THE KIDS. Brad and Angie need to grow up and start living this life all parents lead - you make sacrifices for your kids. That's just the way it goes. How freakin' much money do these two need to make anyway??? Enough already. Make it about those adorable children. Man-up and woman-up and make the KIDS the center or your home. Stop dragging them around like accessories.

1703 days ago
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