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'Growing Pains' Star -- Battling Depression

2/21/2010 2:35 PM PST BY TMZ STAFF

Andrew KoenigThe parents of Andrew Koenig -- who has reportedly been missing for the past week -- described their son as "suffering from depression" and "not doing good" in the days leading up to his disappearance.

Judy and Walter Koenig (who played Pavel Chekov in the "Star Trek" series) tell TMZ the last time they heard from Andrew was on February 9. They say his cell phone is turned off and that they have learned the last time his phone received a text was on February 16 in Vancouver.

They say he was last seen at a bakery in the Stanley Park area of Vancouver.

The Koenigs tell TMZ they plan to fly up to Vancouver in the next few days. They feel the police in Vancouver have been doing a good job so far.

Lance Miccio, who worked with Koenig on several projects, tells TMZ he reached out to Koenig about a project two weeks ago but Koenig passed, saying he was "not going to work anymore."

Right around that time, Miccio says Koenig dropped off a bag of Miccio's stuff. Miccio says he hasn't spoken to Koenig since.

Miccio also said he thought Koenig was "suffering from depression."


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Boo-hoo. He's staring in big movies and baking tons of bucks and he's depressed? How about the guy who just lost his job and can't pay the mortgage on his house and now has to tell his family their going to be homeless in a week. Yeah, what a miserable life he's living.

1703 days ago


Oh yea..ok, now I remember. Thanks to posters #11 and 12.

1703 days ago


I hope he's okay. I don't mean any harm, but maybe Miccio should be checked a little closer, seeing he was the last to hear and see from Boner. And to state that Miccio said "not going to work anymore." and he thought Koenig was "suffering from depression.", I'm just saying, take a closer look at Miccio.
So... Miccio reached out to Koenig "about" two weeks ago, then Koenig returned some of Miccio stuff, then Koenig sends a text (in between the "reach out" and the "dropping off"), and now he's missing; hum....(plus, Koenig is kind of cute too), CHECK OUT MICCIO! Just saying!

1703 days ago



1703 days ago

Stacey Hunter    

Andrew-you are sooo loved by many folks! I am pleading with you to turn your phone back on and accept some assistance from all the people that love you. Even those of us that don't know you beyond what we see on the tube care. You are a young, beautiful, talented person and need some help falling in love with yourself-which it totally ok to do. Take care! We all care about you.
(just a person who gives a rip)

1703 days ago


Life is too short for this type of depression, which ends in some type of suicide. Low money, and no jobs are not making it not right for a lot of people at this time. - I prey they find him, and get Andrew some help. Life is no bowel of cherries, and somebody sold Andrew a full bowel of cherries.

1703 days ago

R.J. Johnson    

Some here don't have much sympathy. I wonder how they feel if and when depression happens to them or someone in their family.

1703 days ago

Amber Berglund    

Yeah, I agree with #18. Someone should investigate Miccio. Strange things happen in the gay community. Vancouver B.C. has a seedy underbelly. There are some parts that are very, very dangerous. The fact that, most Canadians are polite and good people, doesn't mean that there isn't an hard-core element that exists. If Boner was active in an alternative scene where rough activities happen on the might be too late already.

1703 days ago


I wonder if the Vancouver police know that he is on tv right now competing in a curling event for the Japanese team..

1703 days ago

Stacey Hunter    

Many of these comments are unbelievable. What happened to commpassion for others? What is wrong with all of you? My life isn't fantastic, I can barely get food on the table, but can still not only muster compassion, but am sickened by how anguished this young man is. You folks don't seem to understand the premise of depression. Depression makes every thought,even nice thoughts-black and foreboding. You feel as if the universe has turned against you. Have a heart people. This young, handsome and talented man needs help, not criticism.

1703 days ago

I get a pain on the left side, next to my p/enis.

It hurts.

Then after it feels happy?

Any doc's here?


1703 days ago


Sad to hear Boner is a loner.

1703 days ago

La Toya Jackson    

I'm depressed too ... Ain't no one worried about me

1703 days ago

La Toya Jackson    

I'm with Coco

1703 days ago


Wow he looks great..He was funny on Growing Pains...I hope everything is ok and he's just getting his head straight.

1703 days ago
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