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'Growing Pains' Star -- Battling Depression

2/21/2010 2:35 PM PST BY TMZ STAFF

Andrew KoenigThe parents of Andrew Koenig -- who has reportedly been missing for the past week -- described their son as "suffering from depression" and "not doing good" in the days leading up to his disappearance.

Judy and Walter Koenig (who played Pavel Chekov in the "Star Trek" series) tell TMZ the last time they heard from Andrew was on February 9. They say his cell phone is turned off and that they have learned the last time his phone received a text was on February 16 in Vancouver.

They say he was last seen at a bakery in the Stanley Park area of Vancouver.

The Koenigs tell TMZ they plan to fly up to Vancouver in the next few days. They feel the police in Vancouver have been doing a good job so far.

Lance Miccio, who worked with Koenig on several projects, tells TMZ he reached out to Koenig about a project two weeks ago but Koenig passed, saying he was "not going to work anymore."

Right around that time, Miccio says Koenig dropped off a bag of Miccio's stuff. Miccio says he hasn't spoken to Koenig since.

Miccio also said he thought Koenig was "suffering from depression."


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Where Is Spock
When You Need Him?

1703 days ago


Has anyone here ever heard of chemical imbalance? Depression often has nothing to do with how well one does financially. Their serotonin or dopamine levels become out of whack and the result can be moderate, severe, or even suicidal depression. Just because some of you can't afford your mortgage or handle your finances, don't judge others because they're not happy simply because they have wealth.
Money makes life easier, but it does not buy happiness or content with life.

1703 days ago


I hope Andrew is found safe and sound and that he gets the treatment he appears to need. I've battled depression myself, so I know how lonely it can feel. I hope he's okay.

1703 days ago

La Toya Jackson    

Back to us... Watch our movie... buy our dvd's, c.ds .. MO Money 4 us ..

1703 days ago

La Toya Jackson    

I'm with Coco

1703 days ago

Kirk Cameron    

Did he died?

1703 days ago

La Toya Jackson    

This is all very sad..

1703 days ago

La Toya Jackson    

He can stay at my house.... *I'm just say'en

1703 days ago


Agree with #32. Rich and famous people tend to freak out when their money and fame doesn't "fix" the depression and addiction(s). Because they're in the spot light and "should be happy" creates more shame, guilt, remorse and more depression. It's a vicious cycle unless they truly bottom out and have a spiritual awakening that gets them into treatment before suicide/death/bummer. Very few celebs make the transition and start the path of recovery.

1703 days ago

La Toya Jackson    

Do these blow up shoes make my butt look FAT?

1703 days ago

Kirk Cameron    

My Boner has long hair.

1703 days ago

TV Gord    

I hope he'll be okay, but I agree with those who say the signs point to an unhappy ending. I hope for the best.

Maybe his life would have been better if his character was spunoff into his own series, "Growing Boner".

No, but seriously, I'm keeping my fingers crossed for him and his family.

1703 days ago


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1703 days ago


26. Many of these comments are unbelievable. What happened to commpassion for others? What is wrong with all of you? My life isn't fantastic, I can barely get food on the table, but can still not only muster compassion, but am sickened by how anguished this young man is. You folks don't seem to understand the premise of depression. Depression makes every thought,even nice thoughts-black and foreboding. You feel as if the universe has turned against you. Have a heart people. This young, handsome and talented man needs help, not criticism.

Posted at 2:24PM on Feb 21st 2010 by Stacey

Listen Stacey, I hear you.
I've lived with a person for years with depression, and it was only when I had to take a psychology class that I learned many causes of depression. But the one that stuck in my mind, fit the person that I lived with to a tee!
The course stated that the word “depression” means to press down, hold in, and weigh down. That’s what a lot of depress people do with their feelings and thoughts, rather real or imaginary.
The person I’m referring to never, never express any emotions other than sadness or anger, and never ever could express what was going on inside. Did not know how to express feelings or thoughts, and was told as a child that revealing your emotions shows weakness.
It’s so sad! It just goes to show: As a man thinks, so he is.

1703 days ago

Stacey Hunter    

Dear # 27
It is never appropriate to give medical advice or diagnosis on line in this forum, however I will bend the rules a bit and suggest that you see your primary care physician. I don't know if this is a testicular issue, or a penile issue, but I am suspect that is is a congestion issue based on the symtom of post-coital relief of pain. What is causing the blockage, or congestion is pure conjecture and I will not go there. See your doc because symptoms like these only worsen without treatment and I would not want to see you end up on Cialis or Viagra for ED. Take care and see your doc pronto!
doc on line

1703 days ago
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