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Jermaine Jackson Knows Who Killed Michael

2/21/2010 2:30 AM PST BY TMZ STAFF

But it's a secret. Shhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh!!!!!!

Jermaine Jackson told a radio station in Australia the timeline surrounding Michael Jackson's death was fishy, saying, Michael was "not with us way before he arrived to the airport ... I mean way before he arrived to the hospital."

Jermaine says he thinks Dr. Conrad Murray "didn't act alone" and "it's all going to come out."


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I don't know what you are smoking or were smoking, but Reloaded is right. You opened THAT door.

If you don't want people to think it's a hoax, then you should be careful by what you say. Slip of the tongue?

1707 days ago

Trooper Tom    

Dpoes this family ever STHU?

1707 days ago


dr. murray should sue the whole jackson family becaus of defamation...MJ was a drughead and he knew what he was doing...and nobody in his family cared for him!

1707 days ago

deborah patterson    

I am so sick of Jermaine with his trying to get some fame by stirring this pot and plot of murder.He is the reason the Jackson 5 broke up and now he is the reason they show has been put on hold he is not reliable and maybe if he would leave his ex sister in law now wife at home he could mend the divide between his brothers and himself.She is like is shadow she came to court,shes always lurking somewhere when he is with his family.Jermaine your 60 seconds of fame are over you were never the lead singer of the J5 and we dont want to hear your 3 hits "Your in Good Hands Now" and "Daddys HOme", "I found that Girl" you were good at your part with MICHAEL singing lead as was Tito and Jackie on "I Betcha"you are not the 'star'you think you are come on back down to earth you did not try to help your brother when he was alive so stop trying to capitalize on his death-greedy does not look good on you and flashing your Rolls Royce doesnt impress the fans.Marlon,Jackie and Tito are grounded and behave like normal business men they have had scandal and now they avoid the spotlight.You need to take a lesson from then or maybe you are too much like your Father to see how awful you have become!!!!

1707 days ago


Is it just me, or should this guy blow his nose? Sounds like he has a cold all the time when he talks.

1707 days ago


yep on his way to the airport! that seals the info why lax was shut down on that day for a couple of hrs!!!

Posted at 12:20PM on Feb 21st 2010 by screamin in dig

So now we have the FAA, the airport authority, the pilots, the flight attendant, security team, Michael's driver (whoever that might be) all in on the hoax too! Man, Michael must have been worth BILLIONS of dollars to pay all these people off!!!! Oh, and that doesn't include all the air traffic controllers who would be guiding the plane as it flew to wherever.

My sister is a flight attendant, and she told me once (I said this on TMZ) that when a plane is in the air, there are what are called transponders on the ground and they "ping" the aircraft as it flies over. This ping tells the local air traffic control several things: The flight number, the airline or private company, what type of aircraft it is and where it is heading. These transponders are ALL OVER THE WORLD - it is how air traffic control keeps the traffic in the air from accidents. It is their way of tracking. Just like on 9/11, remember the air traffic controllers were calling to the planes that were on their way to New York, and the planes were answering. If you look back through that you will see on the ATC (air traffic control, tired of typing that!) screen the flight number, the airline, etc. This is how they know who is who.

If Michael got on a plane that was not identified (remember they said the tail number was blacked out) and did not identify itself to the ATCs, the Pentagon (since it is post 9/11) would scramble fighter jets and SHOOT THEM DOWN. There is NO WAY Michael could have been on a plane that was not tracked as the hoaxers claim. NO WAY.

1707 days ago


Just a silly little hunch that might even be deleted. Just before July 1997, Princess Diana was secretly diagnosed with a terminal condition. Just before November 2008, the same could be said of Michael Jackson. Shhhhh, it's a secret only for smart people who can see what I see....

1707 days ago


Oops - that should have been the planes were NOT responding

1707 days ago


This is a good clue, thanks Jermaine... Thanks Harvey ^_^

1707 days ago

Who Cares reads a wonder    

Jermaine!!!We know you had a hand in the death of your bro++

1707 days ago


20. Just a silly little hunch that might even be deleted. Just before July 1997, Princess Diana was secretly diagnosed with a terminal condition. Just before November 2008, the same could be said of Michael Jackson. Shhhhh, it's a secret only for smart people who can see what I see....

Posted at 12:57PM on Feb 21st 2010 by Eric Vaughan

I am a Princess Diana fanatic, even worse than Michael, and this is the first time I have ever heard she was secretly diagnosed with a terminal condition. I have a bookcase full of books on her, including ones on the "conspiracy" by the Queen to have Diana murdered and not ONE OF THEM SAYS she was diagnosed with ANYTHING. Just another baseless rumor. If you really WERE smart you would know that.

1707 days ago


to # 3 --> Us "hoaxers" are already well aware of this video and have been discussing it for 3 days... TMZ - a little slow on the uptake!

1707 days ago


To # 3 - us "hoaxers" have already been discussing this video for 3 days. TMZ - a little slow posting this!

1707 days ago


How can anyone laugh at us believers now?? Even blind and deaf can see and hear the truth of the hoax now.

1707 days ago



1707 days ago
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