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Jermaine Jackson Knows Who Killed Michael

2/21/2010 2:30 AM PST BY TMZ STAFF

But it's a secret. Shhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh!!!!!!

Jermaine Jackson told a radio station in Australia the timeline surrounding Michael Jackson's death was fishy, saying, Michael was "not with us way before he arrived to the airport ... I mean way before he arrived to the hospital."

Jermaine says he thinks Dr. Conrad Murray "didn't act alone" and "it's all going to come out."


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You're welcome.

1674 days ago


If she's right, yes Dr Murray should be charge for murder.

But i will try to think logicly.
Look at the bodyguards, they're always wearing suits like Dr Murray certainly would do when he will go to Michael Jackson's home.

Take a look at the picture at UCLA, Dr Murray was wearing like he would do when he's at home.
Did he get an emmergency call from the mansion and rushed there ?

If Dr Murray went with a call girl, would his current girlfriend, Nicole Alvarez (who's not a stripper like the media said, but a cabaret dancer) cover him ?

Her bother may be MJ's bodyguard. Would he lie to cover Dr Murray against his boss ?


1674 days ago


OMGOODNESS!!! JERAISIN ..... thank you for the smile LOl .


583. #26 I thought I was the only one who thought Jeraisin had a hand in MJ's demise. Will always think it. Sorry.

Posted at 6:10PM on Feb 22nd 2010 by MJFan2theEnd

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1674 days ago


One thing i wanted to say is up till now unless ive missed it has not one family member adressed the public about the hoaxers,do you get what i mean?they seem to come out every now and then to make a statement do interviews etc and i know they do check the net etc so for sure they would see how many beLIEve MJ is still with us..

they havent come out and said for people to stop with this hoax theory and to stop disrespecting me that speaks volumes..hehe..keep it up Jacksons

With Jermaine and papa Joe always talking by now you would think one of them ould say quit with the hoax theory

both seem to be so out spoken about other things,then again i beLIEve thats intentional at times also..

Jackie even mentioned on the first show he read something oin come on they are very aware of many of the beLIEvers theories..

If someone in my family passed away and someone said he/shes alive its all be down their throats in a disrepsectful,especially if in fact someone actually DIED...

Im sorry peeps but IMO this is a major conmfirmation... L.O.V.E Australia

1674 days ago


LankanDiva ... the family has addressed the hoax in twitter .

1674 days ago

Who Cares reads a wonder    

Miko wake up!! Miko wake up!! OH, DAD is that you Yes it's time sheco Look @ SANDMAN has the last word.Scene 6

1674 days ago


TMZ please do you know of something in a signal after all the tracks is almost all of you ... please we need a sign we do Brazil and the world fans of Michael ... grateful ... I love Michael so much

1670 days ago

danger baby    

Reminder that the VH1 program on Michael's death investigation starts in a few hours (9PM Eastern/Pacific).

1670 days ago


ohhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh what is this if jermaine jackson know that who kill mj so why he not disclose him.................... mj is alive or not ????????????????? but now everyone wants money money money

1670 days ago


Hey TMZ - stop putting up ugly photos of Michael Jackson! Everyone has off days, but you people seem to want to show MJ in the most unflatering photos you can find - like the photo of MJ in that shiny blue getup. It was obviously not his best look. There are millions of pics out there - find some good ones and use them, since his fans are the only ones who really care to come to this site.

You want to keep the haters? Then we're out of here!

Nessie from Asd

1669 days ago

danger baby    

Who did Jermaine's nose job? For all the money these entertainers made, MJ included, they should have had more talented surgeons.

1669 days ago


i think that he is too damn busy running around that he said airport instead of hospital. aahhhhh i hate jermaine and his wife along with joe and latoya these ppl are the most crappy of the jackson's. they are just all over the place.

1669 days ago

danger baby    

"I told the troot, and I have fate [that's not a typo] the troot will prevail. God bless you..."

Conrad Murray

1669 days ago

Pink Daisy    


What's up with Thome Thome? Where is he?

1669 days ago

Pink Daisy    

@Cher, I enjoyed your post.

It's a curious thing to me that Jermaine has remained mum on the subject of Thome Thome. His bro is gone and not one peep about how he (Jermaine) came to know him. Not one word asking Thome Thome to return Michael's items to his children.

Maybe that's not his style. He seems to like to keep the focus on him. ;)

To all of you people who complain about being tired of the MJ news: TMZ posts blogs about almost every thing that's going on in the celebrity world. You have your pick and only come here because YOU choose to.

1669 days ago
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