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Jermaine Jackson Knows Who Killed Michael

2/21/2010 2:30 AM PST BY TMZ STAFF

But it's a secret. Shhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh!!!!!!

Jermaine Jackson told a radio station in Australia the timeline surrounding Michael Jackson's death was fishy, saying, Michael was "not with us way before he arrived to the airport ... I mean way before he arrived to the hospital."

Jermaine says he thinks Dr. Conrad Murray "didn't act alone" and "it's all going to come out."


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His hair is weird.

1704 days ago


I dont believe that there was any conspiracy. I think that Dr Murray acted on his own, he was just being greedy. I'm sorry, I love the Jacksons, and Mike was my first love, But I really dont see a conspiracy here. Love you Michael and Jermaine, and the rest of the family.

1704 days ago


Come on Jermaine! Not you too! Everyone knows Latoya is a little kooky, look at the way she turned on Michael during the molestation trial, but I thought you had more sense. I think the timeline with Dr. Murray is messed up because he knew he screwed up bad and was trying to cover his butt with the phone calls and getting Prince for a witness to say he was trying to save MJ. I can't imagine why anyone would be better off with MJ dead than MJ alive. He was a money maker alive or dead simple as that. When he said "they are trying to kill me", I think it was just a figure of speech, because he was tired from all the rehersals. He was the one that got this thing for concerts going. No one forced him to do it. They were probley happy he wanted to do it, but it was MJ who wanted to do the concerts. If he couldn't do all fifty concerts I am sure they would have worked it out. I think everyone who knew him loved him and was his fan. As far as him being alive, I wish with all my heart it was true, but it is NOT! The autopsy report with the official seals speak for themselves. Besides a hoax like this would be criminal and MJ was a good man, and he would never do something like this. He would never watch his baby girl cry on TV for him. He loved his kids to much. He would never put his real fans through the tears and pain we have all felt either. He loved us to much. I have followed MJ's career for 45 years and he was not that kind of guy. Forever fan

1704 days ago


no matter if he is alive or if he has gone his message has AND WILL ALWAYS BE the same.
heal the world
start with the man in the mirror.

why is everyone showing so much hate over the store's. (telling TMZ to go to hell, calling people names..... you know that Michael would never do that. why do you all have so much hate in side you. L.O.V.E. we can get our message across with out bashing people.

see you can be respectful with out saying mean things to people and cussing and really people will pay more attention to what you are staying if you are not disrespectful.

he has always loved us so we should love ourselves as well

In Our Darkest Hour
In My Deepest Despair
Will You Still Care?
Will You Be There?
In My Trials
And My Tripulations
Through Our Doubts
And Frustrations
In My Violence
In My Turbulence
Through My Fear
And My Confessions
In My Anguish And My Pain
Through My Joy And My Sorrow
In The Promise Of Another Tomorrow
I'll Never Let You Part
For You're Always In My Heart.

1704 days ago


The hoaxers are stupid, ill-informed people who are so gullible they will swallow anything as the truth. I have followed the hoax videos and stories, and I am not buying any of it, which is funny because most of my friends say I am naive. Not with this!

Remember this 20 years from now when no one has seen or heard from Michael. He is NOT with Elvis, Mother Theresa, Princess Diana, ad nauseum. He would not be able to hide for that long; as much as he denied it, he LIKED attention. He even said so himself in a Barbara Walters interview. HE IS DEAD. The sooner you accept that, the sooner you will be able to go through the grieving process and start to heal.

1704 days ago


Oh and another thing, Brian Oxman has confirmed the famous MJ ambulance pic is a FAKE!!!!

1704 days ago


jemaine always states srange things . in story I read he said the kids were in conseling and that the first passing of their father had to be explained to them. what,s he mean by that? you can only pass once. this isn,t a slip . he says these kind of things on purpose there is something going on for sure .and I have a feeling it,s much bigger then just Michael Jackson . even though it includes him. even the most sane person can see none of this adds up .there using all this to get attention for something much bigger . all this is leading us to the truth of something they want to expose.And I think we need to hold on to are caps in this whirlewind.this is on purpose for sure.

1704 days ago

just an observation    

Harvey and TMZ know nothing about this scam.

Posted at 1:41PM on Feb 21st 2010 by Tellitlikeitis

I don't know that I can agree with that. How is it that only TMZ had a camera in the courtroom for Murray's arraignment? No CNN, ABC, NBC, CBS, Fox News hmmmmm

How is it that they knew before anyone else that MJ "died"?

The list could go on.....

1704 days ago


why is everyone showing so much hate over the store's. (telling TMZ to go to hell, calling people names..... you know that Michael would never do that. why do you all have so much hate in side you. L.O.V.E. we can get our message across with out bashing people.

Michael called Tommy Mottolla "the devil" and he told Gloria Allred to "go to hell". Doesn't sound quite the innocent L.O.V.E. he preached. He was a human, and got angry like all humans do, and said things in anger he may have regretted later. The difference between Michael and the people here who spew hate is that Michael had a conscience and felt bad afterwards; the people here don't.

I love Michael but I am tired of people putting him up on a cross next to Jesus. He was a human being for God's sake, NOT GOD. STOP WORSHIPPING HIM. It's really disgusting and I am sure pi$$es the real God off.

1704 days ago


So, who believes this Attention Hog with a Closet Problem ?

1704 days ago

Linda Lovelest    

38.Private flights are still tracked by the FAA. The ATCs need to know who is up there and where so they don't crash into each other.

On Gulf Streams jets which is what Michael usually contracted for there is a pilot AND a co-pilot as well as a flight attendant. The flight attendant is not just a glorified waitress in the sky. He or she is responsible, in case of emergency for the passengers' safety. So there would have been at least 3 people "working" that flight.

I have never heard of, and neither has my sister (I just called her) an airport being closed for anything other than an emergency situation, like a plane coming in that needs emergency assistance, or if the weather prohibits flights coming in (which for most passenger planes is not an issue because the pilots are instrument rated). Even billionaire sheikhs and their planes have to answer to the FAA. Especially at a large airport like LAX - they would NOT close it just so some rich people could take off or land privately.

Posted at 1:37PM on Feb 21st 2010 by Kay

Oh course it was tracked. No one said it wasn't.

It was a privately owned and operated (including all staff) jet.

And no one said the entire airport was closed, just a section of it. You and your sister are mistaken. This does occur when some privileged flights arrive or depart. Even when a shiekh and his family land or depart, male airport staff in the proximity are even told to divert their eyes from the sheikhs female members of his family/"harem".

Jermaine and Tohme are responsible for organizing this caper. Tohme fired (let go) ALL security at Holmby AND at Michael Jacksons home in LV that very same day...within 24 hours!

1704 days ago


I thought Mikey went for the cryogenics program, whereby they freeze a person, hoping to bring him back to life in the future, when the physical problems can be resolved, that killed him. I'm pretty sure. Either I read it in the Star, OK, Hello, Enquirer, Globe or that Fact Filled rag-The Weekly World news. Yeah-that's the ticket !!!

1704 days ago


We all know the timeline of MJ's death was fishy, so Jermaine needs to focus on something else, like getting all that grease outta his hair.

I can't believe I use to have a huge crush on this dude when the J5 was rocking it. LOL.

1704 days ago

Linda Lovelest    

** Video clip of Michael Jackson disguised as Muslim woman while in Bahrain.

1704 days ago


TMZ you are so late this was out several days ago!

I have been a fan for along time but i do not "worship" MJ! I want justice to see justice for his death! He was not a drug addict like people(including tmz) have said. His autopsy proved that! I don't think people are saying MJ is God or Jesus but remember when Jesus walked his earth he was pure L.O.V.E. and he was name called,ridiculed,and lied about all the time just like the media did to MJ and are still doing to him,his children,and family!

1704 days ago
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