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Jermaine Jackson Knows Who Killed Michael

2/21/2010 2:30 AM PST BY TMZ STAFF

But it's a secret. Shhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh!!!!!!

Jermaine Jackson told a radio station in Australia the timeline surrounding Michael Jackson's death was fishy, saying, Michael was "not with us way before he arrived to the airport ... I mean way before he arrived to the hospital."

Jermaine says he thinks Dr. Conrad Murray "didn't act alone" and "it's all going to come out."


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Michael Jackson paid to be infused with the drug of his choice. Murray was money-hungry, star-struck, unethical and professionally irresponsible enough to give it to him. End of story. Jackson got the oblivion he'd been flirting with for years.

The people who truly have no lives are still busy making excuses for Jackson and blaming everyone except him for his death. The same fools who still want to desperately cling to beliefs either that he was a normal heterosexual person or an asexual saint.

As for Jermaine, anything that keeps him in the news and allows him to suck off his late brother's fame or estate money is fine by him.

1710 days ago

Stacey Leah    

on Michael Jackson I Be Leave Dr.Tohme Tohme had Everything to do of what to Michael Jackson and Tohme was in on it With Dr.Murray
Michael Was Afraid of Dr.Tohme Tohme it Will Come out.

1710 days ago


To be honest, I'm sick of the whole Jackson thing. The way I see it is, Jackson knew what he wanted. Yes, the doctor was wrong for giving him the drugs, but it's not like Jackson didn't ask for it first. The whole Jackson family is out to make money from Michael's death. It's so disgusting. They are doing any interview asked of them and they keep putting the whole blame on the doctor. Shame on you Jackson family for trying to make a fast buck. You may not pay for your sins in this life, but you will in the next.

1709 days ago


Saludos desde Venezuela, disculpen la traducción, es de Google :S I did not know that justice in America was so decadent, lazy ... and indeed it is not. That's why I think that Michael is alive. Murray is still not in jail, how is this possible? no longer know what to do with it, has trasncurrido too long since 25 June. Michael, I admit that I like after that "died" and I regret it because you're a big star and person. Now I know your suffering, and we will not misjudge you, I tell you with my heart in hand, you have a great love, we cry and rezamoss for you. I wish you a pleasant life, happy and peaceful ...

Read more:

1709 days ago


I think some members of the Jackson family are not out for money and truly want justice! We do not know them nor what goes on behind closed doors. Remember how the media(including tmz) has been towards that family,hardly ever reporting any truth or facts!

1709 days ago


When Jremaine say you no, and we say so who is this because this not Ecasanova this Michael Jackson when he smile he gave it away just look at this take look at this only Michael Jackson smile like that and for your did had and gammer key board zoom in and look at it.

1709 days ago


do anyone remember when E'casanova came out I could believe how much work he had done to has face to look like Michael Jackson it was so hard to tell them apart, and no that E'casanova had to stop working for Michael Jackson read that on the net some where after 25 face lift not do think it was Michael Jackson you are so wrong it was E'casanova,who was sick no Michael Jackson when Michael said he only had two surgery that was all I remember that was on his nose. but not his frend, now I no where I saw him at on the TV it's along time I say who funeral did they have E'casanova or unless Michael Jackson and Ecasanova is the same person and how can that be go back to the future you got no how Michael Jackson look like so your tying look like him that will never happing if you did no what he look like back then before thriller and speeking of thriller when it came out I all remember Michael ask about the mask not the surgery mask but the mask ha ask the guy that made the mask can this mask be were this mask at anytime the guy yes at anytime on the out side he yes then Michael say I think i would be were it and that when I his face change and skin color i could believe when i seen it. he didn't look like him seft no more.

1709 days ago


The Trouble with Jermy...
Jermaine knows who killed Michael? Of course he does! Wasn't he the one who introduced all of these characters into Michael's life: Tohme, Sheikh of Bahrain, Possibly even Murray. What kills me is Jermaine has been involved with these people and had to know that there was an element of danger, especially when it comes to the level of money they were playing with. Now I have to say that I've read many reports on how Jermaine, Joe and Randy were making deals and promises they couldn't keep for a J5 reunion knowing full well they couldn't get Michael to participate. I just wish hope that Jermaine will come clean and let the DA know what he knows about these people. Then again, I doubt that will happen because I don't trust him--he's out to save his own hide and revealing these people may show him for who he really is. There are just so many people who stood to gain from Michael's death--all you have to do is look around and you'll see all the profits being made by Sony, AEG, Branca, McClain, Tohme..the list goes on and on. What I think could be bothering 'ol Jermy is the fact that things aren't taking off quite the way he thought. With Michael out of the way he was set to be the heir apparent but...not so much. He only succeeded in proving to world that he's a narcisstic tool--on National TV no less...a far cry from the great comeback he may have envisioned. Problem is, he didn't realize what the co-conspirators did: the fact that Michael would be even bigger in death than in life...
Oh yeah, just one more thing:
The moment I saw this story I knew what it meant--that the hoaxsters would be in full effect saying, "Why did he say Airport?" Although this is probably one of the stronger arguments for the hoax theory, you have to remember it came from Jermaine, Mr. Wanna-be Michael/Music Mogul so anything he says could be held in contempt. I'm sure he knows full well that there's a hoax theory and this was his way of getting in the spotlight again.
As for this new bit of info that someone put out there--that LAX was shut down for 2 hours around the time of Michael's death? I had not heard about that and will look into it. If it's true, that is definitely the strongest argument to date. For the record, I still don't believe he's alive...only in spirit. But if he is, I wish people would let him be...if he's chosen to go away and start a new life the way you say he has, quit trying to call him out on isn't love until you learn to give it away...
No peace till Justice!

1709 days ago


Thanks again for your opinion.


Imo,there is a small chance he is here,
i don`t think Michael staged it.
May be one HUMAN really cared and brought him out off this misery!

Or Chico`s thought on this could be right also!


All 3 scenery are indescribable!


One thing for sure we never ever see the truth,imo.


If CM become a slap on the wrist i speculate more.



1709 days ago



1682 days ago

Knock Knock

Take a look and read the description!

1686 days ago


Jermaine is a loser. Always talking BS propaganda. It was the doc himself that is responsible for Michaels death and no one else. Conrad Murray didnt even want to give him any propofol, and tried to ween Michael off.

1685 days ago


You people are sick and twisted. You listen to whatever the media throws at you. You are just as stupid and ignorant as the guys behind the camera. You all fail to realize TMZ is the MEDIA. They will say ANYTHING to get paid. Think about it. If you were a celebrity you would want someone to believe what you are talking, especially if its on behalf of your personal life. Jermaine knows what he is talking about and I believe him. Murray is not the only one. There is someone behind the curtain pulling the strings. Just shut up and listen because it all makes sense. You think you know everything. Michael was murdered by jealous people who he thought he could trust. Conrad was probably scared into killing Michael. Who knows what people do these days?

1683 days ago

Ben Moon    

Cmon now, if you honestly think that MJ is still dead, you're seriously STUPID!

1671 days ago


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1690 days ago
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