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Jermaine Jackson Knows Who Killed Michael

2/21/2010 2:30 AM PST BY TMZ STAFF

But it's a secret. Shhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh!!!!!!

Jermaine Jackson told a radio station in Australia the timeline surrounding Michael Jackson's death was fishy, saying, Michael was "not with us way before he arrived to the airport ... I mean way before he arrived to the hospital."

Jermaine says he thinks Dr. Conrad Murray "didn't act alone" and "it's all going to come out."


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Todos tenéis que saber quienes son los asesinos de Michael Jackson.
J. J. M. y los últimos guardaespaldas que tuvo. Además de querer manejar toda la obra de Michael, los asesinos quieren también llevarse mi copyright de Monwalk. Yo le enseñé a Michael J. los paso de Moonwalk y él registró el copyright a mi nombre en Londres, hizo 30 años en diciembre de 2009.
Leed mis blogs, es de suma importancia para los quieren a Michael Jackson, para mí, y para todos los que buscan la verdad y el amor en el mundo.

No me olvidéis. Yo continúo escribiendo. Quiero que todo el mundo sepa como fue planeado el asesinato de Michael Jackson.

Y los asesinos hablan español y leen mis blogs. No me olvidéis! No olvidéis el alma de la obra de Michael. Los asesinos saben cómo y dónde Michael encontraba inspiración.

All you have to know who the murderers of Michael Jackson.
J. J. M. and that was the last bodyguard. Besides wanting to handle all the work of Michael, the murderers also want to take my Monwalk copyright. I taught Michael J. Moonwalk's pass and he registered the copyright to my name in London, made 30 years in December 2009.
Read my blogs, is extremely important for they love Michael Jackson, for me and for all who seek the truth and love in the world.

Do not forget me. I continue typing. I want everyone to know as planned the murder of Michael Jackson.

And the murderers speak Spanish and read my blogs. Do not forget me! Do not forget the soul of the work of Michael. The murderers know how and where Michael found inspiration.

1682 days ago


I do not see in the network, between everything that revolves around Michael J. someone who wonders what Michael says in his songs, who called Michael: My baby!? Michael who this woman want? Who speaks in his songs? As in: Whatever Happens, and speaking on, This is it? And as in: You are my life: ... You taught me by sharing your life ... who is that person who teaches ... Michael? Who does that Michael left ... Speechless?
Someone asked who is the person that Michel wants to remember in Remember the time?
The brother of Michael knows me, the bodyguard of Michael know me, the murderers of Michael know me, and all know me Michael environment ... I am the soul of the work of Michael J.
How strange that they say nothing, when I told to the family that were doing around my house the murderers of Michael.
The most courageous and honest is Elizabeth Taylor. That has already spoken of me, I saw a video in October 2009 in Internet, but I'm not able to find her, she warned: this information will not last long in the network..
For all of you: Love and Light

1682 days ago


These blogs bring more and more confusion.Re comment nr 391 Dileo
and Thome -Thome had early brunch together, Dileo gets call from
"fan" and they show up at the home as soon as EMT leaves house.
Any truth to this? Sounds very strange to me, and then Thome-Thome
seen in hospital?Hospitals do not usually let just anybody come and
walk around.Anyone more info re this peculiarity in the story 6/25?
Thome´s comment on videoclip:"Michael has to be considered an institution and treated as such".At the same time he proclaims his love for Michael! Does this make any sense or do I have to lean towards the conspiracy theorists? Try to get that clip of Thome on You-tube.Thome had all of Michaels staff fired and acc.tohim managed all aspects of Michaels life including his personal life.
Sounds chilling.A shady individual with a shady past.Claimed to be ambasador for Senegal, & when inquired they had never heard of him.

1657 days ago


re comment nr 9, beth
If that was so we have to legalize murder.Posthumous justice is essential. Not even a streetgangsta would use that kind of defence:"If I didn´t shoot him somebody else would".

1655 days ago



1655 days ago


Hes alive :D

1637 days ago



1630 days ago


He is a you expect anything more from him. Muslims are all crazy anyway

1545 days ago


Michael is not dead already known to TMZ!
it wants proof
we are all believers We love you Michael returns quickly, it turns to the masquerade, we must act quickly it's almost over!

1492 days ago


Michael is not dead already known to TMZ!
it wants proof
we are all believers We love you Michael returns quickly, it turns to the masquerade, we must act quickly it's almost over!

1492 days ago


i dont think he's dead, i believe he's alive. c'mon guys jermaine's his brother, he's alot closer 2 MJ than u guys. and y the heck would he tell a lie on live TMZ.

1350 days ago


ha ha ha ha...hoax...

827 days ago
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