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Jermaine Jackson Knows Who Killed Michael

2/21/2010 2:30 AM PST BY TMZ STAFF

But it's a secret. Shhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh!!!!!!

Jermaine Jackson told a radio station in Australia the timeline surrounding Michael Jackson's death was fishy, saying, Michael was "not with us way before he arrived to the airport ... I mean way before he arrived to the hospital."

Jermaine says he thinks Dr. Conrad Murray "didn't act alone" and "it's all going to come out."


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I hate to say this because I think Jermaine is a bit of a grandstander, however, I too believe Michael was dead long before the paramedics arrived. Whether there were others involved in his death is questionable, however, there certainly is a possibility. Will we ever know the whole truth? Likely not and maybe that's for the better. All I know is that nothing will bring Michael Jackson back to life - only we can keep his memory, his music, his message alive for him. Rest in peace Michael and keep your children safe from harm.

Posted at 2:09PM on Feb 21st 2010 by Em


Wonderful post, Em. I agree with every word. Also, lol and leave it to Jermaine to inadvertantly feed those crazies who believe in the "hoax" theory. ;) Michael was a human being not a god. He died. Part of it was due to his own actions/behavior/choices, and part was due to the gross negligence of a quack doctor. I feel sorry for the family as I believe they are experiencing real loss and pain from Michael's death. I'm no great supporter of Joe Jackson, and I'm certainly grateful he wasn't MY father, but even still, I'm rooting for him in that I hope he makes life unpleasant for, and exposes some of these vultures who enabled Michael straight to his death.

I totally agree with you Em, that we may never (will probably never) know the whole truth regarding what happened that morning. And I also agree with you that perhaps it is for the best.

1704 days ago


Is Elvis Alive too?
Maybe There Hanging
Out Together,
But I Still Say....

Wacko Jacko No Come Backo!

1704 days ago

Jamaican Sam    

Not only did Jermaine not do anything to help Michael when he was alive, he's now milking MJ's death for all it's worth. He's like
Simba's uncle Scar in Lion King.

Guy's creepier than a spitting cobra.

1704 days ago


Wacko Jacko No Come Backo!

Posted at 2:33PM on Feb 21st 2010 by OhWell


This reminds me of a hilarious headline I read in the New York Post the day after Michael's death. I am a big fan of Michael, and thought his death was terribly tragic and sad (still do), but I could not deny the humor in this headline. It said....

Wacko Jacko Fade to Blacko!

1704 days ago


You have to look much deeper. Jermaine is not foolish, he did it on purpose!! Don't you see the way he talks? He said it slowly and with smile.

1704 days ago

Linda Lovelest    

61. Posted at 2:00PM on Feb 21st 2010 by Tellitlikeitis

I still have that ocean front property in North Dakota if you are interested.....

Posted at 2:09PM on Feb 21st 2010 by Shore West
__________________ thanks anyway. Hot, arid desert air and landscapes suit me just fine.

1704 days ago


people ve who do not only want… michael this living creature!

1704 days ago


Jamaican Sam, GREAT analogy. I just saw LION KING in Vegas,, you are EXACTLY 100% CORRECT. Jealousy, Jermaine always was the one that would never be Michael. Little with his barracuda wife that admits she is joined to his hip and with him 24/7. Now, one more question... does the black shoe polish for the fake shade hair cut last one or two washings? lololol!

1704 days ago


To Lisa (from 1:01 PM)

In 1922, you'd be hard-pressed to find anyone who believed Fatty Arbuckle was set up. Today, even the victim's name, Virginia Rappe, sounds fishy. Shortly thereafter, way underaged girls came on to Charles Chaplin. I'm not saying these stars were perfect, but that is the damnest luck.

Before the Cold War, you couldn't find anyone suspecting German spies involved in the Lindbergh kidnapping/murder.

One thing to keep in mind about Michael Jackson. He is huge in countries we're currently at war with. When Princess Diana began dating Dodi Fayed, she became just as huge over there. We're only now just learning how dangerous anorexia is, too.

1704 days ago


Wacko Jacko Fade to Blacko!

Posted at 2:41PM on Feb 21st 2010 by cathclassica87

Read more:

What kind of fan are you?
You are sick.
A real fan would never find that funny.

1704 days ago


Shamone, You know it!
Michael we are waiting for You!

1704 days ago


The Jackson family is whack.Michael Jackson with all his mental and physical problems needed to be surrounded by people who loved him and would not treat him like a cash cow.Unfortunately for the king of pop,all his life people treated him like a profit puppet and it broke his heart and he did drugs to forget about his misery.Now he is dead and I believe it is the best thing that happened to Michael.He is at peace and with God and the angels protecting him.Meanwhile his family,his friends,and his ennemies are feeding off his memory to make money.Such a pity!

1704 days ago

Big Mouth Joe will TELL ALL    

OH OH...NOVEL Lady is on deck.....

1704 days ago


MJ was always controled by many bad people but now he will show for all who is bad!

1704 days ago


OK just called my sister (who has been a flight attendant for over 20 years) to make sure I understood. First - the transponder is actually on the aircraft. As they fly it is pinged by what they call centers. If an aircraft masks their "ping" information the radar will pick them up and ATC will ask them to identify themselves. If they do not, or give an unsatisfactory answer, fighter jets are scrambled automatically.

Re the airport or PART of the airport being closed: NOPE, doesn't happen except in a few cases: 1. Air Force One is landing. 2. A foreign president or high level dignitary is landing (I will expound on this below). 3. A medical emergency is onboard. 4. There is an emergency with the plane and they need to clear the runwayS. (pleural)

My sister said that a high level dignitary like a sheikh or prince or even King of a foreign country, whose express purpose was to pick up or take off with MICHAEL JACKSON OR ANY OTHER CELEBRITY, would have to wait in line to land or take-off like any other aircraft. They would NOT close the airport for this, and there would be NO conspiracy to do so as all of the ATCs, airport authority, etc would be responsible for the lie. They also would not do it without proof that the dignitary was coming in or leaving for GOVERNMENT BUSINESS.

Also - the private plane taking off or landing (with or for the sheikh) would be directed to what is called an executive terminal where they would either board or deplane as the case may be in privacy for the people on that flight.

To summarize - the airport would not close PART or ALL of the airport except for the above listed reasons. They would NOT black out tail numbers as was reported last summer. If the people on board were dignitaries that were NOT on government business, they would be treated like ANY OTHER AIRCRAFT.

If you think you know more than my sister, you're deluded. If you do your research you will see that what she has said is correct. One is not a flight attendant for over 20 years for a major airline (and she does small corporate or private flights like the ones Michael flew on) and not know what you are talking about. If you still don't think this is correct, call your local airport and ASK. Or call the FAA. I don't really give a hoot WHO you call, you are going to get the same answers. Flight attendants are so well trained, and have to undergo extensive FAA training including simulated emergencies, both for land and water, as well as the components of the aircraft etc. My sister also took private flying lessons when she was younger, although she was not able to finish her certification.

If I were some of you I would be checking this instead of taking what other people are saying at face value. If you want to be firm in your beliefs, make sure you know if those beliefs are correct or not. Otherwise you just risk making yourself look stupid.

1704 days ago
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