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Johnny Weir -- Rose Queen?

2/21/2010 2:01 AM PST BY TMZ STAFF

Here's men's figure skater Johnny Weir after coming in sixth at the Olympics on Thursday (left) -- and Rose Queen Natalie Anne Innocenzi at the Tournament of Roses Parade in Pasadena last month (right).

Johnny Weir

One of them was judged too harshly.

We're just sayin'.


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What a complete embarassment to the United States.

This chick is on center stage at the Olympics and can't seem to take the sausage out of his ass for 2 weeks.

These homos who wonder why they are made fun of, denied access to benefits, and discriminated against, can thank but pirates like this flake.

Betcha he'd win gold for sucking a golf ball through a garden hose.

1704 days ago


He came in 6th.

He also came in 2 asses and a mouth.

1704 days ago


Sad. Just so frigging sad.

1704 days ago


Johnny skated great and should have gotten the bronze. But seriously, Johnny if you want to be taken seriously you got to tone it down a little bit, and who the heck do you think you're fooling by refusing to answer the "are you gay" question? Seriously!! But I still love you and you were brilliant this week. You was robbed Johnny, you was robbed!!!!!

1704 days ago


There is NO such thing as a sex change. If you were born a woman or man you will die the same way. Just like the pregnant woman on the face of TMZ this morning. Everyone was saying "pregnant man", but it was not true. She's a woman who grew a beard. But the press lied to us, calling her a man, and like complete idiots who can't think for yourselves, you went along with it, calling her a man. The same thing with Chassity Bono. She's telling everyone she's having a sex change. Wrong answer. She's a woman.....albeit a mixed up woman....she's one none the less. And when she meets up with God, he's going to inform her of that. Grow up people and start thinking for yourselves. Don't let other people keep you from God. If you don't make it in, let you yourself be the reason for it. Stop trying to be cool....saying things that you know in your hearts of hearts not to be true, but saying them because you want to be loved and liked. Just remember this one thing: When you die....and you will....there isn't going to be a single Ellen or Rosie standing behind you singing your praises to God. You, my dear people, are going to be on your own. So if you have to be on your own then, you might as well start practicing to be on your own NOW.

1704 days ago


His roses are beautiful..All opened perfectly.

1704 days ago


Skating and snowboarding aside, Mr. Weir can act like a girl skater AT the games and ceremonies(even tho he is a guy) and it's ok but Mr. Lago can act like a guy snowboarder NOT at the games (which he is) and it's not ok. Seems like a double standard. Mr. Weir makes his sport interesting and funny, Mr. Lago does the same for his sport. Mr. Lago got the short end of the stick. lol

1704 days ago


Wow does anyone else see the resemblence to a younger Paul Rubens???Seperated at birth??????????

1704 days ago

lisa mae magillacuddy    

i think ya'll should all get right with God, put Jesus in your heart & let all of His little lambs live & let live..... i'm just sayin'

1704 days ago

lisa mae magillacuddy    

For all you haters, this one's for YOU!!!

Ahem, mmmm, mmmm, mmmm,

And a one & a two.....

"Jesus loves the little children
All the children of the world
Black and yellow, red and white
They're all precious in His sight
Jesus loves the little children of the world

Whether you're rich or whether you're poor
It matters not to Him
He remembers where you're going
Not where you've been"

I don't remember or get the memo that said you breeders somehow had taken over the world and just thought you'd just boss around, everyone who did not think like you!! So all I can say is SUCK IT!!

1704 days ago


He's an unbelievable skater and I think he deserved the Gold medal. He's just charming to watch and to me is a combination of athlete and artist. It is just captivating to watch him on the ice and I'm a middle aged granny...Go Johnny!!!

1704 days ago


Don't know how he thought his "gay" short skate routine wasn't going to turn the judges off. I love him but his behavior wasn't appropriate... he deliberately exaggerated with the kisses and such at the end too. Loved his long routine...very professional with no silliness.
Have to say I thought the crown was a bit

1703 days ago

pink floyd    

@ #28 it's adam and eve not adam and steve. go sell crazy some place else were all stocked up here!!

1703 days ago


Bunch of ignorant, homophobic haters on this board. Each of you who has made some junior-high-school-level slur against Johnny Weir should strap on some skates and try to do just ONE of the jumps and spins that he can do. He's a world-class athlete and deserves the respect that implies.

You only make yourselves look stupid by writing comments like these. Grow up.

1703 days ago


I agree...
Why was he allowed to skate for the U.S. if he had no interest in representing our country?! I could say, "Go skate for Russia if you want to boast how much you adore them" but really..honestly, this was the Olympics ffs! What were you thinking? Like whatever country you want in your personal life, who gives a f@ck, but not in the Olympics douche!

1703 days ago
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