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Scotty Lago -- Apologize and Go ... Or Just Go!

2/21/2010 1:00 PM PST BY TMZ STAFF

If Scotty Lago didn't volunteer to leave the Olympics, he'd have been told to leave by the U.S. Olympic Committee ... this according to sources close to Lago.


Lago offered up an apology after a mildly suggestive photo of him -- using his bronze medal for snowboarding to score chicks -- popped up on the Internet. He agreed to leave the Olympic Village on his own accord, but sources close to Lago tell TMZ he received an ultimatum from the U.S. Olympic Committee: either say you're sorry and go ... or get ejected from the Olympic Village.

As for when we might hear from Lago himself ... we're told he's in a "blackout period" -- meaning he can't talk about the incident at all until March 3.

A call to the USOC was not returned.

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The medals they are giving out are truly buttugly this year. That bronze medal looks like a burnt bagel on a string. I think the ho was just hungry and grabbed the bagel on his crotch. There was nothing sexual or suggestive, she was just feeling hungry!

1673 days ago

Rip M 2 Shreds    

Lago should have his medal taken away by the Olympic committee. This jerk thinks he's bullet proof, and he's NOT. What a lame excuse for a Olympian. He has made a fool of himself and his country. Pack your bags Lago and hit the road. You'll probably smoke a doobie and think you're cool. You can't leave fast enough, punk. Congrats TMZ on showing what a moron this idiot really is.

1673 days ago

Rip It Up    

This whole situation just shows how low this country has fallen. TMZ exposed Lago as a jerk and he deserves to get kicked out of Vancouver on his tush. He acts like a fool and these little boys think degrading women and his country is cool just because he won a medal. Well, he's an animal and deserves to be put down like an animal. What an embarrassment to the Olympics and America. Lago is a true punk. Take the medal away from him, he deserves NOTHING.

1673 days ago


It's pretty well known the olympic village is practically an orgy once people finish their events. Asking him to leave for that is not only a joke but a disgrace.

1673 days ago


I swear!! sometimes i just want to sock TMZ in the neck bone! WTH man.. you just had to post this picture and ruined this guys olympic career. you guys should post an apology or something. he got him kicked out.. im feeling really really bad for this guy!!! coolcrappystuff.com

1673 days ago

Rip It Up    

Lago is a pig and foolish child. He thinks with his d!ck. Kick the creep to the curb ASAP. TMZ has exposed this moron. Lago acted like a idiot jock and made America look bad. Take the medal away from him, he doesn't deserve it. What a putz.

1673 days ago


1) jesus, this is so NOT an issue. *pulls hair out*
2) that boy's fine as a muhfuh!

1673 days ago


WHILE I AGREE WHAT HE DID WAS NOT THAT BAD WHY IN THE WORLD WOULD HE DO IT ON A PUBLIC STREET WEARING HIS EFFING OLYMPIC SHIRT?! are you kidding me? you're representing you're country's olympic team and should be on your best behavior. now what you want to do behind close doors is your business. but when you're representing an organization you need to act appropriately.

1673 days ago

Rip M 2 Shreds    

The man-boy has insulted America, the Olympics, and made a fool of himself. Lago is a joke and is getting his just desserts of acting like a pure moron. He should be banned from further participation in the Olympics and stripped of his medal. Thank you TMZ for showing how low this jerk will go in his arrogant behavior. Disgraceful.

1673 days ago


I heard it was TMZ that published the picture in the first place that led to Scotty's situation. Is that true?

1673 days ago


By "popped up on the internet", does TMZ mean "posted it on the front page to take advantage of his picture and situation?"

1673 days ago

Rip It Up    

Maybe Lago will join the cast of Jersey Shore. He would fit in with that bunch of low life trash. What an ignorant fool. Hey Scotty, do you think you're cool now? You're a joke. How does it feel to embarrass your country and the Olympics on the international stage? The USOC should strip you of your medal. Get out town, you moron.

1673 days ago

Nasty Nate    

Shut out the US Olympic Team Scotty. They are nothing more than a pack of dogs anyway. Make no appearances for them, do not promote them one bit.

1673 days ago

Rip M 2 Shreds    

Hey Mike #44, here's a reality check for you. Just because the little punk won a medal doesn't give him license to act like a sex animal in public. If he wants to bang a slutty chick off the street, then get a room. He doesn't need to be a putz on in public. Boorish behavior isn't going to be excused just because he's famous or a stoner jock with a silver medal. He deserves to get kicked out of the Olympics and is lucky to still be able to keep the medal. I think he should have been stripped of it. TMZ only showed what an idiot Lago really is. Lago is nothing more than a stupid jock with nothing between his ears, and just a swingin' d!ck between his legs.

1673 days ago


first off:

tmz can suck it. i hope lago sues the foundations from under you guys.

whats interesting to me is the seemingly HUGE cultural (maybe generational?) gap between these posts responding to the pics and lago getting prematurely ejected. theres the ones that are mellow and understanding of what it means to be young, athletic, and successful, and then there are those who are calling for lago to be forever banned, reactively stripped of his title, and that label him "an embarassment to the games and the united states".

to the latter camp i say, "really?!"

since none of us know this kid personally im just going to leave his actual personality out of it (yes, he may in reality be a jerk). what im more interested in is this fanatic defense of THE MEDAL and THE COUNTRY. how is lago more embarassing to america than say our politics and our police? do you realize that while this kids out there competing for gold, we got politicians of MAJOR u.s. cities breaking glass in their girlfriend's face? (im from nyc), or that local cops can sexually assault citizens while we're restrained by handcuffs and get acquitted (brooklyn's finest!).

i have no issues with moderate sensibilities or folks whose tastes aren't the kind that our current comedies reflect (sex, raunch, drugs, etc). but i have issues with people who HONESTLY think that these pics somehow bring down america's glory or its rich history of moral fortitude moreso than anything else out there.

please remove your chastity belt and come on down to reality and join us.

between phelps's pics and lago's, theres an obscene amount of surveillance and disciplinary voyeurism surrounding these athletes. the reality is people do drugs, some are prescribed and and some are recreational, and often times the pharmaceuticals are WORSE for your system than the illicit ones!

and for the olympic committee to raise hell about its so-called standards, let me ask you this:

isn't the olympic grounds standing on native canadian land?
and aren't the first nations' leaders protesting as we speak, and you arresting them as we speak?

and ALSO,
didn't you and your corporate sponsors erect massive advertisement bill-boards around the local slums during the beijing summer games so that their destitution wouldn't offend the balance between the olympics "worldliness" and the reality of global suffering?


getting fake-double-entendre-head is TOTALLY worse than moving working peoples' off their livelihood and land.

in conclusion,
i would like to say that im sure sitting members of the olympic committee (and the tmz crew) smoke weed and have nasty sex, the whole while listening to the satanic music known as rock.

between janet jackson's breast and lago's suggested penis, nothing's more embarassing TO america THAN america making criminal cases over the existence of our own living bodies.

no wonder our kids grow up with messed up self-image-issues:
look at the schizophrenia they're inheriting.

lago can celebrate bodily one way (competing, snowboarding) but NOT in another (recreational/sensual, partying).

what a messed up country.

1673 days ago
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