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WWE Star Randy Orton No Longer in Deep Spit

2/21/2010 2:15 AM PST BY TMZ STAFF

WWE superstar Randy Orton is officially off the hook for allegedly spitting gum in a 15-year-old fan's face back in January ... after it was decided there wasn't enough evidence to move forward with the case.

According to cops in Saugus, Massachusetts, the teenager claimed it all started when he approached Orton for a photograph while in the parking lot of a local restaurant.

The kid told cops Orton suddenly became enraged, spit gum in his face and then called him a nasty name -- and when the kid's mother approached Orton about it, he allegedly told her "so sue me."

According to documents filed yesterday in District Court in Massachusetts, there was "no probable cause found" to charge Orton with a crime.

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To zippy, before you call him a sissy, would you take a dive with no shirt on in thumbtacks and get brushed up by barbed wire like Randy did? I dont think you would you idiot

1713 days ago


are you people kidding me? Randy Orton is one of the nicest wwe wrestlers I have ever met (and I have met a lot of them). Most of you, I bet, have never even met him. Yeah he stopped being a marine, get over it. It wasn't what he wanted todo and if you go to Iraq and don't want to be doing what your doing you are putting a lot of people in danger. Shut up. He didn't do it. The people were harassing him and he didn't give them a autograph. They got angry and a week later went to the cops. I bet half of you never even read the full story, the original one. @ssholes.

1713 days ago



1713 days ago


My opinion has nothing to do with what goes on on TV. It's backstage reports from different people. Either they're all lying, or Randy is a d-bag. Now this kid is making up his story too, I suppose. Orton is really a saint...

1713 days ago

The Truth    

Randy did not "STOP" being a Marine. He deserted like a little bitch. Big Diference. FYI: You never stop being a Marine. But you Randy never were one.

As for being a Bitch you will alwys be one for being a deserter to our Country. This has nothing to do with wrestling but has to do with you in real life.

I can see your daughter now, calling you "Daddy the Deserter", or My Daddy is a Punk" It's true so don't whine. Live with it.

1713 days ago



1712 days ago

The Truth    

Randy how does it feel to desert your brother Marines when you were all supposed to deploy to Iraq. 19 brothers from the Unit are dead serving our country and your bitch ass has never once acknowledged them. In fact when asked you laughed it off. 19 men and you laughed at their deaths.

I think I'll start a website with my brothers (yes Marines) so you can post an apology for deserting and letting good men die so you can be the punk, bitch ass you are.

What a piece of trash. Think we will sell Deserter Randy Orton T-shirts that say WWE Randy Orton - Deserter - 19 Brothers Dead and and he laughs. Give the money from the sales to the brothers kids.

You are a poor excuse for a human. I feel sorry for your daughter growing up knowing her dad is a deserter.

1712 days ago


I don't watch wrestling and thus know nothing of how Randy Orton acts on television, but I can say I have met the man in person and he waso ne of the courtious people I have ever met. Several weeks back, Randy stopped into the vitamin store I work at to make a purchase. I waited on him, not realizing who he was or that he might be someone famous. I even looked up his membership, and his name didn't register in my head at all. It wasn't until a swarm of people rushed into my store and started snapping his picture and begging for autographs that I realized this might be someone famous. Randy took pictures with everyone that he could, including myself, and gave me a personalized autograph. He was in a hurry, but still very polite. And wasn't offended that I had no clue who he was. I find this story very hard to believe.

1712 days ago


When has he laughed about those deaths? Send me the link to the interview or the video. Randy Orton left the marines and so have many people. He is not the first one to desert and he won't be the last. I fully support the military, mainly the marines. My father, my uncles, my brother, and my husband are all marines. I know desertion is a horrible thing but you know what? I would rather someone who wasn't meant for the marines not be in the marines. If your not meant for it your putting people in a lot more danger than when you desert. That was a long time ago. He has not have any recent "angry" altercations in the back so that has no play here. Oh an if you hate Randy leave his daughter out of it. Bring her into this saying how you feel sorry for her makes me feel sorry for any child you will ever have. God bless marines and while I don't agree with your thoughts I hope you stay safe.

1712 days ago

The Truth    

Randy Orton deserted right before deployment. Defend him all you want to. The BS about I wouldn't want to be with someone who does not want to be in the Marines is made by someone who has never been a Marine. You never stop being one, you are always a Marine.

Randy volunteered for the Marines. He could has washed out at anytime. Instead he decided to desert when it came time to deploy.

Randy knows exactly when he smirked and laughed at the questions about other deceased Marines and other things he has said. Don’t forget you piece of s*** . Camera phones with video are great. He knows what I am speaking of.

Randy for once do yourself and everyone involved make a public apology about deserting your brothers. Maybe then we will forget about you.

For my Brothers


Ooh Rah and for the old dogs Gung Ho Marines

1711 days ago


Really TMZ? You deleted my comment so now the guy making false claims about Orton has no response? Well, heres my post again:

Hang on there motard.
You are entitled to your own opinion, but you are not entitled to
your own facts.
According to his bio on wwe.com, Orton went into the Marines in 1998.
With a 4 year active duty enlistment, it means he would have been
done in 2002. Instead, he was dishonorably discharged in 1999. How
exactly did he "desert right before deployment"? Did the 2003
invasion magically begin in 1999 without anyone besides you knowing
about it? Perhaps he would have been sent to Afghanistan in 02, but
that is debatable as there werent a whole lot of regular ground
forces early in the campaign. What is also debateble is whether he
would have been called back into active duty status after 4 years.
Now, lets keep things in perspective. Him going AWOL was not a smart
thing to do. Nor was disobeying an order from a commanding officer.
But honestly as I went to boot camp last year and was "washed out" as
you would called it, but in reality i was injured and unable to
continue according to the doctors. Now i'm sure that you are so
programmed into following the Marine Corps line that you think both
me and Orton are P*ssies. But honestly niether of us would care.
Talking to friends in the Marines and Reading posts from Marines on
this site, http://www.ihatethemarinecorps.com/ made me realize how
lucky i am. The bullsh*t from boot camp never does end, unless you
are a motard and enjoy sucking off your superiors. And btw, Orton has
made millions since becoming a wrestler, and just signed a 10 year
contract with WWE. Hows that government salary working out for you?

1710 days ago

don 2610    

He should change his name to Randy Orbit

1655 days ago


how the hell would u know what kinda person randy is in person,...everyone does stupid things in their lifes...even if its true or not about randy what kinda person that make u for judging him....so get a life and let him live his!

1576 days ago


Omg you know good and well he didn't do that. People do whatever they can to get money. Secondly people are stupid Randy is not the same ass out of the ring as he plays on TV, he's actually really nice in person.

1540 days ago

RKO <3    

wooo wooo wooo u know it

1461 days ago
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