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Charlie Sheen's Wife

Bails on Rehab Facility

2/22/2010 3:30 PM PST BY TMZ STAFF

Charlie Sheen's Wife Brooke MuellerTMZ has learned Charlie Sheen's wife, Brooke Mueller, has left a Malibu rehab facility because of a serious privacy breach.

Sources tell TMZ Brooke is no longer at The Canyon in Malibu, after someone from the staff sent a patient admissions document to various members of the media -- including TMZ. The document is very specific about the circumstances surrounding Brooke's admission. We declined to publish it.

We're told the facility acknowledges the breach and is conducting an internal investigation ... nonetheless Brooke bailed and is now in the process of entering a new facility. She is currently staying at a home in L.A.

As we first reported, Brooke checked into The Canyon earlier this month for substance abuse.

Charlie Sheen and Brooke Mueller


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Wow, who'd a thunk TMZ would take the moral high ground and declined to publish it.

1703 days ago

Dumb Surfer Guy on TMZ    

And why do we care about these people?

He Sux as an actor and who is she again?

1703 days ago


6. Can you actually give the woman a break. If any one of the TMZ staff was in Rehab would you actually post information about there stay, so that the world would know. Yes, she is in the spotlight, but she deserves some privacy.
Posted at 2:18PM on Feb 22nd 2010 by Mary

Yo, stupid bitch! TMZ didn't post anything about her stay there - they decline to do so, and, as far as I know, they didn't.


1703 days ago

um, no thanks    

I think if she sincerely wanted to get better she would go right into another facility or get them to fix things where she was.
Pictures and stories are unfair in that environment but that is what civil courts are for.
People are always looking for any excuse to bail on rehab.

I think they both have problems and wonder if she might have gone to rehab to help water down any case the DA might have against Charlie.
I imagine if Charlie does not go to trial over this they are going to have a plea deal where he goes to a rehab facility and has to agree to testing which I think could potentially be a situation like Robert Downey Jr. experienced, especially if they tried to stay together.
With some people, simply being around each other is enough to cause them to fail.

Put it this way, I bet DA is going to make one of them go and actually stay in rehab, even if a picture or two make it to the tabloids.

1703 days ago

Furry Pajamaz    

Amazing the depths of someone's greed and lack of respect for another human being's personal protected health information. Disgusting. New HIPAA laws mean the person responsible could be fined up to hundreds of thousands of dollars, and I hope someone sticks it to them!

1702 days ago


Anyone who believes rehabs are safe, needs to a little investigating. Not only an internal program, but external as well. Many drug/alcohol counsleor's attend AA meetings and gossip about who is in rehab.

Add that to breach of privacy that occurs within 12 step groups, and it is simply not safe.

1702 days ago


Number 7..Absolutely right about HIPPA. I work in a doctors office and HIPPA rules are very strict. I hope that person gets fired. They probably wanted money in exchange for the records. Celebs have the same right to their privacy..especially in a rehab facility.

1702 days ago


***6 and 19*** My goodness...If you read what TMZ posted..they declined to put up what they found out. They are just saying someone let the cat out and she went to another place...What's wrong with that!?!

1702 days ago


come on! the state or somebody needs to remove these children, they are helpless babies, neither she nor charlie are ready to take care of these kids; these two have too many serious issues, come on now!

1702 days ago


Should be a private matter!!

1702 days ago

Martin Sheen    

Where has that B*tch of a Daughter In-Law gone to now....

1702 days ago

my my my    

She probably leaked own information, publicity @hore

1702 days ago


Kudos to TMZ for not publishing that info!!

1702 days ago


TMZ you guys and gals are the BEST! You always have the best stories and I have noticed that if a celebrity talks to you, you never harass them you seem to be just as nice to them as they are to you.
They should all learn this as well. They wanted to be famous and now they’re mad that ppl are interested in them. I know I’m one of the few but I’m on the paps side, the paps are just doing their jobs and TMZ paps are great ppl! SUPER NICE to the celebs everything from not letting ppl walk into stuff to helping them find dogs.
Anyways getting to my point, You are the best! Here is why..... Not only all the above reasons but when some sleazy person trys to make a quick buck in a despicable manner on a celebrities fame, YOU DONT RUN IT. Good for you guys & gals!
Celebs should realize this too. You are super respectful but you don’t take no Poop (ha) either. So to all the celebs out there who are reading this you don’t need to be D##ks to TMZ you’ll find you’ll have better, easier time just talking to them for 2min and you won’t come off looking like such tools! (cough....travis barker....sean pean)
Love the website, Love the show, Keep up the great work!
From a loyal fan who’s been watching since day one!

1702 days ago


#3....good name. Fits..

1702 days ago
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