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'Deadliest Catch' DUI -- Caught on Tape!

2/22/2010 6:19 PM PST BY TMZ STAFF

"Deadliest Catch" star Jake Harris was busted for DUI -- and his arrest was filmed from above, courtesy of a Washington State Patrol chopper.

Jake Harris: Click to watch
The 24-year-old was pulled over after a witness called 911 about an aggressive driver. The footage -- which is pretty interesting to watch -- shows Jake flunking a field sobriety test.

We're told Jake, whose father Captain Phil Harris died earlier this month, refused to take a blood-alcohol test.

As we previously reported, Jake was arrested on suspicion of DUI, hit-and-run and driving on a suspended license.

He was released on $1,500 bond Saturday and will be in court tomorrow.


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This video blows. Why would you say, "it is pretty interesting to watch." It is completely lame. There is nothing to it. My comment is more interesting than that video and my comment is lame.

1668 days ago


I love them, but the article said he was driving on a SUSPENDED license which to me means he has done it before. Before his dad died. Sad.

1668 days ago


Guys guys guys, lets give em a break at lease this once before we start to bust his balls. I thing were all being just a little to critical at this point.

1668 days ago


Jake,Jake,Jake. Your Dad would kick your butt! You can't afford to lose it now, your Dad needs you to be strong. Getting loaded is the easy way out, except it solves nothing and creates more trouble (like this). Been there done that. Good Luck Jake!

1668 days ago


Jesus Christ this kid just lost his father leave him alone...TMZ I love the program and understand that it is your job to fully and completley violate people's personal space, but cut him some slack. He just lost someone we all know he was very close to and I'm sure you've all been there...don't forget what it's like to be going through it, let him do it without it being plastered all over the internet.

1667 days ago


Poor guy. He just lost his Dad. Losing your Dad is a terrible tragedy that you are NEVER prepared for!
The name callers are just jerks who have no compassion & probably don't spend very much time with their parents if they are still living.
I'm not saying Jake was right. I just understand his emotional state.

1667 days ago


26. dude...he just lost his dad man

that is no excuse...I lost my mother and I didnt run amok with liquor and driving......he just lost his dad yes...but if he killed someone while hes drunk driving are all you idiots gonna use that same excuse...he lost his dad? People lose their parents everyday and dont act like this (p) rick!

1667 days ago


I totally agree with Voice of Reason's comment, whether or not Jake is going through a rough time because of the loss of his dad, there really is no excuse for driving drunk. I'm sure he has friends who could have driven him home or better yet, he could have stayed home or stayed over at a friend's house since his license also happens to be suspended. Losing a parent is hard but it doesn't mean that you have the excuse to drive drunk and potentially kill someone or yourself because you're too impaired to drive.

1667 days ago


Looks like the media has tried & convicted the kid before he even got his day in court. If he did what was reported, then why were the charges dropped? Nowadays, no one gets off on DUI charges, not even celebrities & not even with the best attorney money can buy... The kid just lost his father and now he has the media frothing at the mouth to get some dirt on him... I just hope he can handle it. Reminds me of lyrics to the Queen song "Dirty Laundry".... "Kick 'em when they're up, kick em when they're down." It's shameful.

1592 days ago


Poor dude but he started trashing his life before his dad died.There's NO excuse for boosing, drugging, or wasting your life. HE has to clean up his life, sure he might need support but it's up to HIM to do it. I wish him all the best and my prayers are with him and his family.

1487 days ago


Phill Harris would be PISSED. I mean P I S S E D pissed!

Not cutting Jake slack would be what Phil would want.

Not a way to honor your dad, dude. Not the way to do it at all.

I'm way disappointed in Jake.

1356 days ago


Phill Harris would be PISSED. I mean P I S S E D pissed!

Not cutting Jake slack would be what Phil would want.

Not a way to honor your dad, dude. Not the way to do it at all.

I'm way disappointed in Jake.

1356 days ago
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