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Judge Joe Brown Sued in 'Nookie' Case

2/22/2010 8:52 PM PST BY TMZ STAFF

TV's Judge Joe Brown is being sued by a man who was once a plaintiff on the show -- a man who claims Joe falsely accused him on the show of trying to pay a woman for sex.

The plaintiff, Mark Schweninger, sued a woman on "Judge Joe Brown" for $7,500, claiming he loaned her money but she didn't pay him back. According to Schweninger's lawsuit, filed in L.A. County Superior Court, Brown said on the show, "You were just trying to get nookie."

The suit goes on to define "nookie" as "an indecent sexual term for a woman's private parts and for sexual intercourse."

Schweninger also says Brown called him a "sucker," which he claims drew catcalls from the peanut gallery.

In addition, Schweninger alleges he was defrauded because he was led to believe Brown was a real California judge ... but he is not.

So far, no comment from His Honor or CBS But we know it's SOP in court shows to have litigants sign a binding arbitration agreement in which litigants on the show give up legal recourse once the gavel goes down.


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You Go, Judge Joe    

I think Judge Joe Brown has common sense that is missing in our legal world. He believes that parents should be responsible for their children and that stupidity isn't an excuse for any legal woes.

1705 days ago


Judge Joe Brown is a "real" judge. He was a judge in Tennesse. Just because he's in California now does not change that fact. Unless of course California has different rules from any other state. But with all the "fake" celebs that live there it wouldn't surprise me.

1705 days ago


So, He did it all for the nookie?

1705 days ago


Judge Jizzoe to the Brizzown be ghe-ttoe. Y'all knows what I be sayin' You ain't even need to axe.

1705 days ago


Fool was humiliated on T.V. because he gave up his dignity to get a nice trip to California and to star for a few minutes in his own Reality show. Guess he liked the publicity and wants to go for more.

1705 days ago


Joe Brown WAS a judge in Memphis. He was known for unusual sentencing and well, his ego. But he was a real-- elected judge.

1705 days ago


There are far too many idiotic "Judge ____" shows on TV.

1705 days ago


This loudmouthed racist fool is a total joke, the kind of arrogant uppity schmuck who makes all sensible whites hate blacks. Have you ever watched his show? He shouts in his Ebonic fool voice, insulting everyone, like Buckwheat on contaminated steroids. He should be booted off the air!

1705 days ago


Everytime i hear nookie, fred durst pops in my head
-www. themystified .com-

1705 days ago


The best thing about Judge Joe Brown, or Judge Judy, or any of those shows is that every time I see the litigants, I realize how rightious my life really is. Nothing better than watching a dose of neighborhood trash talk or some con artist getting the smackdown. Love it!

1705 days ago


I hate Joe Brown. Always have, Always Will just only because of his manner of speech and being a total ass.

1705 days ago


Judge Joe is an embarrassment to the legal profession. California is different from Tennessee. Unfortunately the status "lawyer" or "doctor" have become a status-seeker's platform (ie: Michele Obama has a juris doctorate degree). Believe me, many of those individuals are not brilliant nor intellectuals - they are what they are because of special programs permitting dumbed-down course work tailored to any special agenda promoting diversity (black students and latino students). Everytime I hear .... I'm the first in my family to go to college .... that translates into gimme, gimme, free $$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$

1705 days ago


Judge Joe Brown from time to time states he's a retired judge from where ever as all the tv judges are also retired from where ever soooo, what's the problem? This lawsuit is done, point blank period!!! Judge Judy constantly calls litigants all kinds of idiots, whatever, young or old, what ever race, gender, age, a jerk is a jerk!!! Wasred time for all on this lawsuit, lawyer sucking litigant, getting his "nookie" too!!! Holla!!!

1705 days ago


Why is he racist? I watch him and he never is racist or sexist, he just tells it like it is. Judge Judy is way worse, she calls everybody dumb and puts them down but you guys are praising her, so why not praise him? BECAUSE HES BLACK! You guys are the racist ones, talkin bout ebonics n soul train when you guys cant even type out a whole word, you got to use text message language when ever you write, nobody can understand that cr@p.

1705 days ago


And he's suing for WHAT? His own stupidity in going on one of these shows and signing away what's left of his rights except to make himself or be made an ass?

Sorry, no sympathy from me. Joe Brown might not be someone's idea of a traditional judge (ever watch Judge Mathis, who behaves similarly?) but a fool he is not. Nor has he given up the right to express his opinions, however unflattering to the parties before the bench.

This Mark Schweninger loser is undoubtedly just looking for ten more minutes of trashy reality TV fame-or vengeance against the Judge who decided against him.

1705 days ago
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