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Michael Lohan Wants OJ Lawyer for Lindsay

2/22/2010 4:15 PM PST BY TMZ STAFF

Michael Lohan is trying to enlist the help of famed lawyer Robert Shapiro in Lindsay Lohan's DUI probation case ... this after M.L. was shut down by the judge on Friday.

Michael Lohan Wants OJ Lawyer for Lindsay

Michael was a no-show for Lindsay's hearing Thursday, but on Friday he went to the courthouse in Beverly Hills and tried going before Judge Marsha Revel. We're told the judge muzzled him, saying she would not let him appear in Lindsay's case.

Michael tells TMZ the judge told him to hire his own lawyer, who could then confer with the prosecutor who is handing Lindsay's DUI probation case.

Michael thinks his daughter is in trouble with substance abuse.

No immediate reaction from Shapiro or Lindsay's lawyer.


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Who cares?

1667 days ago


Lindsay Lohan never had a snowball's chance in hell with these two f'-ups in her life. What a disasterous, maladaptive, dysfunctional family! This wretched man needs to quit wasting the world's oxygen.

1667 days ago


This f*cking loser should stay out of LL's life. Probably one of the reasons why she has so many problems.

1667 days ago

John Poole    

Another IDIOTIC and post from TMZ. A prosecutor CANNOT selectively provide access in a case based on a person being a lawyer or not.

Where did Levin get his degree? Why would this faux crusader of people's rights not mention this in this so-called news piece?

Either the dad has an interest in the case or he doesn't. A prosecutor would be in violation if he/she refused to give the dad time but allowed an attorney representing the dad to be granted an audience on the same matter. And the judge is clearly wrong "IF" what TMZ is reporting is true.

1667 days ago


L7 DOA peep N tomtom`ss we`re all livn in amerika it`s WONDER BAR? she is a money train HOP on BS I`d stay over dair l@@K^@ what they did to MJ build`um trash`um double payday`SS.UNSSU SUPER STORM TROOPER stuntman

1667 days ago


She was doinf the reg PR works ALL movie folks have to do2makA FN livN she was OK`ed to go over and HAS2bacStudio or be likeU I broke tassed and L@@Kn4wards2life time joblessness.FINE her buy us some burgers&beans coffee MONEY make the world go round let her make it go round BROKE is broke and working is LIVing let her bee a buzzy bee

1667 days ago



1667 days ago



TMZ reported what that idiot moron douchebag Micheal Lohan was saying. We all know the law does not bend that way, no matter how famous or high-priced your lawyer is. This smug & annoying p.o.s. seems to be living in his own little planet in which only he believes this can happen. Also on this planet he really believes he is bringing teh sexy with those hideous mesh shirts.

I agree with the person who said this dip-s**t is trying to get a conservatorship going ala Britney Spears. But it doesn't seem this sorry excuse for a living being doesn't have his daughter's best interest in mind as Jamie Spears seems to have had. No. This douche only wants to get control of his daughter's life in order to get a hold of her $$$$$ (whatever little may be left that is). And the mother most likely go in cahoots with this p.o.s. when her own money well runs dry. Sickening and disgusting people, the whole lot of them.

1667 days ago

Why Not    

This the ddaddy dearest who recorded and released private conversations with his daughter and ex-wife. He gave 'advice' to Jon Gosselin and Levi Johnston... that isn't working so well for them. Now, he goes to the judge hearing her case and declares Lindsay in using again? The case he is meddling in right now is her probation hearing for a previous DUI.
The man needs to sectioned, certified and placed in a facility where he can no longer speak publicly about his daughter, or give advice to anyone. Period.
With a father like him, who needs enemies! What a jerk!

1667 days ago

river rat    

Michael and his loser ex, Dina, should have cared about their kids years ago when it would have made a difference. Too late, now!

1667 days ago


Who cares, She's STILL on COKE and Drugs. Why should she get a break when everyone else doesn't? Shes not even a celebrity anymore. If the judge was smart he/she would sentence her to jail and a rehab program for at least 6 months each but they are too wussy to do it. Throw down the law the right way and get it over with, PUT HER IN JAIL NO ONE WILL MISS HER, I am also still surprised she hasn't died from drug use.

1667 days ago


my dad was a nut case like this, tried to get judges and cops etc to let him interfere in my life after i was grown. i was able to get a restraining order she should be able to too. thing is i was able to stay away from my dad and he didn't know how or where to find me, but lindsay? heck the paparazzi's would find her for him wouldn't they. get the order lindsay he will not stop this.

1667 days ago


Im happy to see I am not the only one thats sick of seeing this loser and his loser daughter! Why is she even famous anymore I struggle to think of a movie title oh wait Freaky Friday! What a masterpiece!!!! Thank god she did that re-did movie it will totally impress the generations to come im sure!
Dude stop trying to ride ur daughters coat tails already I didnt hear her asking u for help, help urself, ur plate is full enough....

1667 days ago


This Lindsay carries so much weight on her shoulders.. Somebody ought to tell her “It’s Ok to shake it off and fallow Jesus.” A new way of life without the evil sticky gunk on her hands, face, shoulders..

1667 days ago


I thought Robert Shapiro was dead.

Oh wait, that was OJ lawyer & best friend Robert KARDASHIAN that died.

1667 days ago
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