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The Undertaker Survives Fireball to the Face

2/22/2010 12:10 PM PST BY TMZ STAFF

Not everything in wrestling is fake -- and last night during a WWE event, a real fire mishap engulfed The Undertaker in flames!

The Undertaker: Click to watch
In a truly scary moment during the Elimination Chamber event in St. Louis, some rogue pyrotechnics went off during The Undertaker's entrance -- and the WWE star was caught in the middle of a giant fireball.

But instead of doing the stop, drop and roll, the wrestler shook it off, threw his jacket to the floor and entered the ring.

We're told he was checked by medics before his match -- and his only injury was comparable to a sunburn on his chest.

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It's FAKE! You think tv shows would be stupid enough to use real fire with so many fans around? The fire WAS NOT REAL!

1683 days ago


@KidKazoomba - Wrestling is fake... what about it? I found that out when I was 5 years old. It took you this long just to find it out? WWE stands for World Wrestling Entertainment.... entertainment. Isn't it common sense that it's all a show? Since when did you hear adults bragging about entertainment shows being scripted? Obviously you don't know anything related to wrestling and seeing you don't have any credibility or knowledge regarding the topic, it makes your own comment worthless.

The Undertaker was burned. Those who actually watch wrestling would know there isn't suppose to be a pyro going off right on the center of the stage during the Undertaker's entrance. It was out of character to see the Undertaker run to the ring and take his jacket off so instantly.

And those who ordered the PPV they would have noticed he looked red throughout the match. Though the cameramen tried to cut it out but referees kept handing the Undertaker water bottles while he was in his pod. I guess they figured it would look awkward for the Undertaker's character pouring water over his body during a match.

The Undertaker getting burned was not shown on live PPV. All what the viewers saw was the Undertaker running out of a bunch of smoke and fog looking pissed off. If it was fake why wasn't it shown on live PPV? And why did the referees keep handing the Undertaker water bottles to cool down? Better yet, why would the cameramen bother to cut it off?

There are other credible sources who collects information from backstage workers with legit information such as spoilers, drama, locker room rumors, future storyline plans, etc. and multiple sources did verify it actually happened and they also claimed the Undertaker was very angry and it took quite awhile for him to cool down once he got backstage. He also made a threatening gesture to the guys who works with the pyro because of the accident.

Obviously there are people around who are uninformed with no that decides to post comments although they have no knowledge or credibility. Sometimes freedom of speech can make people look pretty bad.

And also, TMZ should do a better job providing the full and accurate story.

@ that's right - You do realize it's all just entertainment, right? Since when did they roll around on each other? That sounds like MMA to me.... where they do bear hugs, wrap their legs around other guys and such. But if you see things like that then perhaps you're the gay one? I can't picture straight people thinking of such thoughts like that.... not that there is anything wrong with it. Homophobic comments won't get anyone far.

1683 days ago


kid kazooma. It's real fire. It burns, it ignites, it kills. The only reason his coat didn't completely catch on fire is because the undertaker always drenches his coat with water backstage before entering for this very reason. The sounds it makes aren't real. You can use real fire in these situations with fans as long as it's controlled, its at a certain distance from any fan, and some type of fire control is on hand.

1683 days ago

Ladies Love RKO    

OMG That's horrible. I'm glad he didn't get hurt too bad. He's a good guy!

1683 days ago


@kidkazoomba - If you were smart, you would know pyro is commonly used for many events whether it's wrestling events, plays, concerts or just about anything else.

And also, how can you claim it was not real fire? If you were smart or have any credibility, you would know the WWE used pyro for live events for over a decade. I attended three WWE events in the past 10 years and every time I go there they use pyro.

The reason they can use fire is because it happens on stage. There is a good distance between the crowd and the stage which is why they feel it's safe. The same can be said about MANY different events that takes place in indoor venues. If you think it's just wrestling then you seriously need a life and actually go to more places.

1683 days ago

Hello Jeremy    

Hope he is ok.

1683 days ago


His name is Mark CALAWAY not Hollaway!!!

1683 days ago


Lucky man. Could've been much worse. Remember when Michael Jackson
was hit by pyro while filming a TV commercial in the early 1980's?


1683 days ago


I was there last night. I saw him hurry to the ring, but I didn't see the ball of fire hit him. I couldn't really see the ramp that well with the chamber in the way.

1683 days ago


yes it WAS real. i happend to be there watching and got some amazing pictures of him WHILE he was on fire!! and as he was walking out he flipped off the pyro-techs. he was red throughout the match and while waiting to get in the ring refs. continuley handed him water. it was very real.

1683 days ago


Anybody who says that this is fake... of course it is. Lighten up and get it over. If you can't derive even a little bit of entertainment from this funny, cheesy stuff, then you need to stop taking yourself so seriously. By the way, I wouldn't be surprised if you watched "reality" TV, which is basically the same thing.

1683 days ago



1683 days ago


You can't kill a dead man.

1683 days ago


Whatever. It's obvious that I won't ever be able to smarten up you idiot fans. Keep mourning over the fake burning of your fake fighter. I'll choose to...you know...have a life.

1683 days ago


Of course the fire was real. What's wrong with you dopes? And if you don't think it's real, attend a match sometimes when those ringpost flares go off. You can feel the heat from 50 feet away, even through thy only go off for a few seconds.

1683 days ago
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