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Tiger Woods Has Landed

2/22/2010 7:23 PM PST BY TMZ STAFF

Tiger Woods' private plane has landed at a small airport in Mesa, Ariz.

Tiger Woods
The shot was snapped just an hour ago.

After his mea culpa presser on Friday, Tiger said he was headed back to rehab. We're told the plane landed on Sunday.


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They specialize in sex addiction

1701 days ago


what a waste of oxygen.

someone call lorena bobbit quick!
get that weiner off this man, then throw him off the planet.
no one needs you tiger.
SOOOOOOOO tired of " awwww forgive people" hey guess what
i have to behave, and so do most other humans on this earth, WHY DO WE have to forgive everyone all the bout lets stand up for whats right and just for once instead of rolling over and poopooing everything.
you are a wad tiger.
a useless wad.

1701 days ago

the expert    

What a life play golf get millions and sleep with all types of gorgeous woman!! Tiger is a hero in the world i live in great work buddy anyone that hates either cant get a girl or is a girl themselves probably a very ugly one

1701 days ago

Sonya in Tx    

Poor Tiger.

For a guy who wants privacy, his actions sure blew that out of the water.

Oh well.....he can afford private security to keep prying eyes away from him.

1701 days ago

to little    

A lil slow TMZ? radaronline said he was in route to AZ over 4 hours ago. I can't believe how hard up and happy you all must be because you got a pic of his plane

1701 days ago


I don’t believe it, Rehab? Tiger didn’t just mess up in my opinion, it was his lifestyle and of course he’s sorry when he got caught, who wouldn’t?

All this rehab talk, don’t believe it for a minute, time will tell.

1701 days ago

Jamaican Sam    

11. False pic...

It is Tiger's plane. N517QS. The QS stands for Quite Studly.

1701 days ago


I bet none of you have even met Tiger.He has a downer smart alec persona that is not the funnest.The sex is his outlet coming from someone who has been around him.

1701 days ago

Mrs Butters    

The plane boss! the plane!

1701 days ago

Jamaican Sam    

GTW Corp, Orlando, Florida. Eldrick Woods and Kultida Woods are listed as owners of GTW Corp. The address of the plane's owner is 8934 Conroy Windermere in Orlando. That is Tiger Woods' address.

1701 days ago


This is just a few miles from me. The local news is reporting this also.

1701 days ago

Kay in San Diego    

TMZ, don't give us these worthless updates on Tiger Woods. Who cares where he is? It is no secret he is going to do more rehab. he said so during his lame apology on Friday. Also, if it is Tiger, remember you don't believe in chasing or photographing people going to or from rehab. Otherwise you guys do a great job.

1701 days ago


I'm sure he's overly familiar with a landing strip.

1701 days ago


What was that Tiger? You said Elin didn't hit you in the face with a golf club. Here, let me.

1701 days ago


Just looked at the web site for "The Meadows" rehab center. While I doubt highly anything he will ever actually do or say could make me actually respect him as a human being, "The Meadows" looks like the kind of place he definitely NEEDS to spend a LOT of time if he has any shred of actual self respect, much less concern for others.

They say they deal with people multiple disorders, addictions and compulsive behaviors, including both substance abuse and things like compulsive sexual behvior. Given how much of a wreck he is on many levels, leaving aside all negative views of him personally that many people have, if he can somehow actually stay there a long time and do real work on himself, he could be a powerful poster dude to demonstrate to many others with a wide range of issues that it is both possible and manly, etc to do real work on oneself. I don't see it is likely he actually will, but at least this place is more of a resort-type sunny setting that I could see him staying at IF by some miracle something can cause him to actually move beyond his radical arrogance and overall jerkiness.

1701 days ago
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