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Tiger Woods Has Landed

2/22/2010 7:23 PM PST BY TMZ STAFF

Tiger Woods' private plane has landed at a small airport in Mesa, Ariz.

Tiger Woods
The shot was snapped just an hour ago.

After his mea culpa presser on Friday, Tiger said he was headed back to rehab. We're told the plane landed on Sunday.


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I agree that this is getting to be a bit much and that this is an issue between him and his wife. He will still make money and still get women no matter what happens with the divorce. He admitted himself that he was greedy and that he didn't feel rules applied to him. Look at it like this, his wife is home taking care of his kids while he is out screwing anything that walks. How is that fair. If you want to live like a single man, than be a single man. I don't understand why he and some men in general feel that they can do what they want; if you can't handle your commitments like a man then don't make commitments.

1664 days ago


for anyone interested this isnt Tigers plane. this is a net jet. a fractional share rental. the tail letters QS at the end of the numbers mean 'quarter share'

1673 days ago



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1673 days ago

not- buyingit    

Local news in Az says it did land and it is owned by his group. And they noted that his wife was with him. He's not going to the Meadows or any other place. Seems he is going to CaveCreek where that doctor lives for joint/couple therapy to follow up on the single therapy he received.

1673 days ago


That plane is owned by Netjets and Tiger is a fractional owner. I live in Phx and a friend of mine who works at the airport snapped of photo of tiger on the ground with his cell. Its blurry but you can clearly see its Tiger. Flightaware lists the plane as not available to be tracked at the request of the owner. 2 + 2 still equals 4 my friends. Maybe he's headed back to Wickenburg for rehab?

1673 days ago


N517QS is *not* a NetJets airplane. It has the same suffix (QS) and paint scheme, but is not part of the NetJets fleet. Look up N518QS on Google, for example, and you'll see in its registration information that it's "co-owned," as all fractional airplanes are. N517QS is not.

1673 days ago


Actually is Tiger's Airplne.

1. Plane is registered only to GTW Corp. in Florida

2. GTW Corp. is registered to Eldrick Tiger Woods

3. The plane is based at Orlando and only flies for Tiger. The plane flew from MCO-SDL on Saturday and positioned over the Gateway on Sunday.

1673 days ago


KORNAEK predicted Tiger to win April 2010 Masters, using Thai astrology. Posted on 3 March at well before any indication of the timing of his return. Tiger has now confirmed his intention to compete in the Masters. The prediction is now in motion.
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1651 days ago
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