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Travis Barker Pap Attack -- What Set Him Off

2/22/2010 11:42 AM PST BY TMZ STAFF

Travis Barker was challenged to a fight by a photog just one hour before yesterday's nuclear showdown -- and TMZ has now obtained video of the confrontation that ignited the whole thing.

The video shows an antagonizing cameraman (not TMZ) seriously getting into it with Travis, inciting him by saying, "Whatcha gonna do?" as Barker walked with his children into Marmalade Cafe at the Commons.

Travis is seen swinging at the camera and yelling "I'll kick the s**t outta you bro ... if I didn't have my little girl in my hands ... give me an hour and I'll meet you." The photog said he'd be waiting.

As we previously reported, neither of the guys Travis and Co. fought with on the way out are the photog in this video.


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THESE PAPS TAKE IT TOO FAR!!!! i know if i was in public with my daughter and one of those flies with a camera got in mine and my daughters face... it would be over for him. i would smash up his camera, then i'd beat the sh!t outta him. or i might even beat the sh!t outta him WITH the camera. true, it wasn't a good thing for her to see... but looking from a child's perspective, a man running and yelling at me and my father would have more of a negative affect... she sees her father defending her. and that's exactly what every parent has the right to do. props to travis, you handled the situation much calmer than i would have.
dude would have his balls tied to the dangly thing in the back of his throat. HAHAA. F the paps.

1672 days ago


Seriously the paparazi need to fkn stay outta people faces when they obviously dont want to be bothered especially when there with there childen. What the paps did was wrong. Stay the fk away.
Un fkn real...seriously

1672 days ago

What's wrong with you?    

86 % 'way to go'???

How about make sure it is the same guy who 'dissed' you before going into thug mode??

It was so obvious that the more Barker realized that THESE photogs were NOT confrontational AT ALL, the tougher him and his clinging-cronies became.

No different than high-school emo's getting pissed at their peers, so going after some 8th graders...COWARDLY.

1672 days ago


you guys are pathetic. Travis is not on drugs, Travis is definitely one of the nicest celebs out there. Morons.

1672 days ago

ray ray    

I went to a wedding last week and a photographer was taking photos of me all the time. Did I punch and yell at him? NO. Grow up Barker. Pretend you are at a wedding when you are walking around outside.

1672 days ago


pretend your at a wedding when you walk outside?!?! lmao
personally I've never attended a wedding where the photog was in my face yelling and asking me personal questions... BAD ADVICE.

1672 days ago


19: wow congrats! not. on a wedding you hire a photographer. kind of similar to the red carpet:

- Bottom line, take photos at red carpets. Take pics of hungry hollywood starlets and douche bags that are out at clubs and bars that like it.
about 13 hours ago -

from Travis' twitter.

1672 days ago


Leave them alone especially when they are with their children. The paps take things too far.

1672 days ago


i dont think he was high i think the look on his eyes, is one of shock and anger the type a father gets when a child is in danger, this person that confronted him did it with this mans daughter in his arms if this isnt a poster child for why the paps need to lay the hell off and not be able to invade a persons space i dont know what is, i think if any person has a kid with them then they are completely off limits to the paps, that is sick to do this to a man holding his kid, imagine the rage he had at this cameraman.

1672 days ago


What's the difference between a douche-bag at a bar or a douche-bag at a restaurant?

1672 days ago

ray ray    

Twitter? WTF. Twitter is for tween girls not 45yr old washed up musicians.

1672 days ago


We dont know what the photog said before the camera was rolling he could have said something before. The photog could have just as easily stepped back and said sorry instead of what you gonna do also. There are 2 sides and I think if a celeb says stay away from me, the photog has to step back so many feet away because I feel it could be unwanted assault just like panhandling. Pandhandlers that are aggressive just like these guys can get fined ot jailed, the same law should be used against the photogs. they dont have to violate their space to get a pic, that's what zoom lens are for.

1672 days ago


1672 days ago


It's tramatizing & confusing for little kids to be bumrushed by stalkerazzi. The paps hunt down celebrities and their kids like animals. The line should be drawn somewhere. A law might get passed once a pap actually causes harm to a young child. By then it will be too late.

1672 days ago


3rd world trash cameramen. Seal the border please.

1672 days ago
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