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Travis Barker Pap Attack -- What Set Him Off

2/22/2010 11:42 AM PST BY TMZ STAFF

Travis Barker was challenged to a fight by a photog just one hour before yesterday's nuclear showdown -- and TMZ has now obtained video of the confrontation that ignited the whole thing.

The video shows an antagonizing cameraman (not TMZ) seriously getting into it with Travis, inciting him by saying, "Whatcha gonna do?" as Barker walked with his children into Marmalade Cafe at the Commons.

Travis is seen swinging at the camera and yelling "I'll kick the s**t outta you bro ... if I didn't have my little girl in my hands ... give me an hour and I'll meet you." The photog said he'd be waiting.

As we previously reported, neither of the guys Travis and Co. fought with on the way out are the photog in this video.


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TRAVIS BARKER IS A LITTLE BITCH! Go find the guy that was talking trash lil bitch. Can't handle his own trouble. Bring your lil goons to handle it. LIL BITCH!

1668 days ago


At the end of this video the cops are there talking to Travis. That means this pap was still there while the other guys almost got their butts kicked.

1668 days ago


Question: Why does his daughter look like a 30-year old woman in the video still? Is she partying as hard as her daddy?

1668 days ago


Most of you are f*cking hypocrits. "Oh i hate paps, they need to get real jobs" well you morons you are coming to TMZ.COM!! HELLO???? Why would u come to this site to read and watch stories about stupid f*cks like him. Come on, don't be stupid. Before u post something, maybe you should use your brain.

1667 days ago


Yeah like this skinny tattooed wanna be is really going to kick someones arse. He's been hanging out at clubs his whole career begging to get his photos taken with every bimbo in the room. He's an attention hoe for show.
He's a nobody and most people have no idea who he is or what he's done to have paps chasing him because he really has done nothing to deserve any sort of notoriety except marry a former pageant queen/playboy model who was much more famous than he will ever be.
A near death experience taught this loser nothing.
Just like his record spinning DJ buddy who offed himself.

1667 days ago

Who is behind that camera?
Time to take action against the paparazzi!!!

1667 days ago


This video sums up the life of that he-bitch punk poser :

1667 days ago


Why would he even want a picture of that white trash, that poor little girl has to have that douch bag as a father....

1667 days ago


He is the worst father and that little girl looks like she has been through the ringer already. She has aged before her time. She has seen enough. Get CPS over to his house to check on these kids because he is a bomb waiting to explode and it may be on the kids. He was with a black chick having her hold her kids hands leaving the restaurant and he got pissed that his ex is going to see who he was with. This is another reason he is so pissed off. The black chick is no good and the ex does not want her kids around this black female.

1667 days ago

not- buyingit    

Who the hell is Travis Barker. Become a household name to all, like Sean Penn or Charlie Sheen, then
he can do the Diva thing.

1667 days ago


He should of just ignored that A-hole and walked away, even though that pap came right up to his face. Or at the very least, if he had someone with him, tell them to take the kid out of view then proceed to curbstomp his stupid ass!

1667 days ago


While it may NOT be a stalker working for TMZ, TMZ condoned their behavior by airing and most likely paying for a copy of the footage. smooth move idiots!

Anyone who provokes or harasses an adult in front of their child is 3 donuts short of a dozen in IQ points.

Despite the suggested banter that he was on drugs, I say he handled it rather well and perhaps the stalker should be glad he was on drugs *if that is true* as it kept him mellow.

Had it been me, stoned or not, I'd have put my kid down and pummeled him with his camera ensuring he would be out of work for quite a while.

I doubt any jury would hold me responsible. Even if so, it would make him think twice about the line of questioning he uses the next time.

If you're *man* enough to provoke me in front of my child, be man enough to take what's coming to ya afterward.

Thanks to the never ending thirst for photos of celebs, there will be idiots like this immature stalker out there ready and willing to take pictures at any cost.

Celebs do indeed need to unite and put an end to this already out of control self-imposed right to interfere with a celebs private life.

1667 days ago

Not a BLinK FaN    


1667 days ago


Travis and his douchebag friends need to stop hitting the crack pipe. The world does not revolve around them and acting that way at a shopping mall is rude and disrespectful to every other family that was out shopping and spending time together. Travis could have just ate and easily ignored them and walked away, but he had to call his loser friends and look for a fight.

Travis has a lot of rage in him because Blink-182 is dead and so is his career.

1667 days ago


I am going to start referring to Travis as T-WHACK!! This dude thinks he is much bigger than he actually is -- both physically and in celebrity!
You are exactly the punk you act like chump! Nobody thinks you're tough either --

apparently even T-WHACK himeself, as he tells the guy he'd meet him in an hour and then he called on like 4 of the doofiest looking chumps known to man to come help him. Well, next to T-WHACK himself, of course.

I wish he would grow up and learn how to be a good father -- one that doesn't subject his children to years of mommy bashing in the tabloids and other bullspit like this!

T-WHACK IS THE BIGGEST DOUCHE KNOWN TO MAN!! I wonder if Mark Hopper can turn that into a hit song and we might be able to get this guy some work again. He's cranky when he's unemployed.....
grrrrrr. HAHA more like purrrrrr for T-WHACK!!

1667 days ago
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