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Travis Barker Pap Attack -- What Set Him Off

2/22/2010 11:42 AM PST BY TMZ STAFF

Travis Barker was challenged to a fight by a photog just one hour before yesterday's nuclear showdown -- and TMZ has now obtained video of the confrontation that ignited the whole thing.

The video shows an antagonizing cameraman (not TMZ) seriously getting into it with Travis, inciting him by saying, "Whatcha gonna do?" as Barker walked with his children into Marmalade Cafe at the Commons.

Travis is seen swinging at the camera and yelling "I'll kick the s**t outta you bro ... if I didn't have my little girl in my hands ... give me an hour and I'll meet you." The photog said he'd be waiting.

As we previously reported, neither of the guys Travis and Co. fought with on the way out are the photog in this video.


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the expert    

I think the camera girl is a little instigator wussy but i really wish these celebritys would go stronger on them bet that camera girl wouldnt try that on mike tyson or maybe he would and mike would lay him out then i could go piss on him and his camera!! my name says it all folks i am THE EXPERT

1702 days ago


It's not that the photographer wasn't out-of-line, but I don't think Barker should have challenged the guy to a fight in front of his daughter. It's true that you can only take so much, but your kids shouldn't have to see you act like a high school thug. Don't say, "I'd kick your a$$ if I wasn't holding my daughter." Turn to your daughter and say (loud enough for the dude to hear), "See how that guy acts? We're better than that." If you go back later and beat the guy down, so be it. Just act like a civilized human being in front of your kid.

1702 days ago


These videos prove absolutely nothing for or against either side, except for maybe that all of the people involved are a bunch of losers. The Paps however, win the prize for bigger loser. Travis and Co just put Paps on notice that people won't put up with their garbage. Paps may think all they want that they have "a right" to do this and that, but all people have a right to stick up for themselves. Paps should get a real career rather than annoying the living sh*# out of others. What's that song, "F The Police!" Here's a new pne, "F to Photogs!"

1702 days ago


You're an idiot if you think this incident is going to change anything about how the media goes about following celebrities. It will not make any shake in their boots. I mean really, who is scared of some fat friends of TRAVIS BARKER? Real scary dude to attach yourself to guys...

If anything it's going to make "celebs" more careful about the way they act out in response to photogs. Clearly getting your friends to rough them up is not the way to go about it.

They are lucky to get off without any charges in this incident, and Travis will be very lucky if Shana doesn't use this event in any sort of future custody battles for their children.

Absolutely sad parenting, just look at his kid in this video.

1702 days ago

Child Protective Services    

This video is even worse than the first one shown on tmz. Now I am even more convinced CPS needs to remove these kids from what looks like a drug addict with a bad temper. What if the cameraman would have acted just as manic as you and take a shot at you after you swatted his camera. You had Shainas daughter in your arms you fool. I wouldnt be surprised if shes not your daughter. No wonder she couldnt put up with your shiit anymore. If that kid woulda got hurt in the altercation YOU STARTED you would be in some serious trouble right now. I am going to request they give you anger management classes in order to be around your kids. I think its unsafe and unhealthy for you to be around them. You are making a negative impact on their lives with your thuggish behavior and I also think cps needs to set boundaries to keep your hoodrat friends away from Shainas kids. How many times have you yourself or got someone else to beat Shaina for disagreeing with you? I wouldnt be surprised if you have made threats to hurt her or have her hurt. I used to like you before this incident but you are putting your kids in harms way just as much as "the uncle" would. I hope you face legal charges and lose in court so the little kid will know that assaulting someone is not the answer nor will it get you anywhere but in trouble. Clean up your act. This is unacceptable. And how can you make fun of the paps for whining like girls when you went around spitting on people like a little BIITCH. Get some professional help man.

1702 days ago


its funny how people complain about the paparazzi and media but are on this website every day trying to keep up with celebrity gossip..if it wasnt for the paparazzi and media tmz wouldnt exist

1702 days ago


The cameraman was CLEARLY being a douche. BUT Travis was wrong to hit the camera ONLY b/c HE WAS CARRYING HIS DAUGHTER!! Hello IT'S HIS JOB TO PROTECT HER! What if the cameraman moved when Travis went to push him and he and his daughter fell?? What if the cameraman was nuts along with being an ass.... What if he hit back??

Travis should have just walked by and went inside.

THEN come back out..... w/o the kid..... and take care of business.

1702 days ago


I totally agree with Travis reaction BUT he's with his little girl.. whats she gonna pick up? bad words from daddy? yeahuh! He's just watching after his family.. i mean, it gets old the whole paparazzi thing right? In the end, artists are human beings too! give em a break!

1687 days ago

catherine turley    




1702 days ago


It's sexy when a man gets protective over his cubs like that. The photog was moving up on Trav pretty fast and you could see Travis was shaking his head at the guy to indicate he wasn't interested. Paps need to recognize that these people are probably more approachable on some days more than others, for whatever reason.

1702 days ago

Greg S    

You can't be too hard on Travis for acting the way he does. He's young and has a lot of maturing to do. Growing up is a process, which doesn't happen overnight. I was also kind of a belligerent hot-head little punk when I was nineteen too, and now I'm a calm, non-violent adult. Oh wait, he's not nineteen? He's older than me? In his mid-30's? Really?

1702 days ago


Way to go Travis! The mosquito's don't have any respect when it comes to exposing children, and it's also easy for the camera guy to talk crap and instigated when the instigator(s) outnumber the instigated, I believe it was 3 to 1 in favor of the camera guy, initially.

1702 days ago


travis is a bitch for getting his friends

1702 days ago


So? This is the guy that ran away and it wasn't the ones Travis and his crew went off on stealing their mobile and slashing tyres whilst using homophobic rants and bad language in front of his kids!! Travis and crew knew this was not the same guy so still no excuse - in the end he could have walked away protecting his kids and their dignity as well as his own like some stars manage to do!! You don't want paps near you Travis go back home and become a monk lol!! You want fame, you know the price, and you just had to have known this was a pap laden area to start with - gottcha p.r though didn't it hm?!

1700 days ago


He returned with friends and then went after someone that was not involved...This ass has anger issues and should have been arrested...Now he will probably go into rehab like all other hollyweird people do after they screw up...
Whats up with that anyhow? I cheated...OOOPS! Better go to rehab...I stubbed my toe...OOOPS! Better go to rehab...I like sex...OOOPS! I must be addicted to sex! Off to rehab I go...I do drugs...Off to rehab...I did drugs while in rehab...My Bad, Back to rehab I go...

1700 days ago
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