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Travis Barker Video -- You Gotta See This

2/22/2010 10:37 AM PST BY TMZ STAFF

TMZ has obtained crazy video of Travis Barker and his friends threatening paparazzi outside a Calabasas restaurant -- spitting at the photogs, hitting the camera and, allegedly, slashing a photog's tires.

In the video, Travis starts out by screaming, "Where's your homeboy?" As we first reported, Travis got into it with a photographer on his way into the restaurant -- but neither of the two photogs in the video are that guy.

The photogs claim one of their phones was stolen. When one of the photogs confronts Travis' friends about the phone, a guy can be heard saying, "F**king snitch fa**ot motherf**ker, no one has your gay ass phone."

After a few more minutes of arguing, and the arrival of cops, a photog noticed his tires were slashed.

The photogs told cops they did not want to press charges. No arrests were made, but a vandalism report was taken.

UPDATE: You can read Travis' response to the incident on his Twitter page, saying in part, "Paparazzi cried like young girls when it was no longer three of them against me and my kids. Didn't they remember threatening me an hour ago? What happened to the tough guys with the cameras? It was gonna be a fair fight."


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Kenya Rose    

There should be a "make my day" law applied to pap's, they are trash, way to go team Barker!

1650 days ago


Post it when a Paparzzi is murdered we all want to see that one. When that happens I will film the funeral and the 4 people that show up to pay their respects.

1650 days ago

Well Informed    

I'm all for the publicly displayed having private lives, AND also being "monitored" for all those with a high appetite for entertainment "news"... however, if you were to Pap on, say, Judges and D.A.'s every chance you got, and displayed that for the niche group that may be interested, I'm sure they would feel differently in their decisions when charges were brought up in court against a person in the spotlight. Video killed and continues to kill privacy rights. How is it the that police departments in certain counties can declare it illegal to film their actions, but paps can film any ol' random person they want because there is a MARKET and audience for it? It makes now sense. However, I'm quite ambivalent, I can see both sides of the argument.

1650 days ago


The paps told Travis over and over it wasnt them bothering before but he has some dumb friends. Why would they slash the guys tires and take his phone that is just childish. Travis should pay for this cause he was being an idiot going off at the wrong guys.

1650 days ago

love her!    

Travis Barker should have been the one to overdose not DJ Am..Oh well it's coming this guy is a prescrip addicted paranoid wormie puke!

1650 days ago


STICKS AND STONES. Travis fell for the paps taunting. He should have been the bigger man and walked away esp since he is used ot this. There is no excuse for what him and his friends did to the paps who were clearly not taunting him or his children or invading his personal space. They were sitting in there car and Travis & friends provoked a fight. Travis and friends should be charged for spitting on the car and if they did slash the tires!!!! Regardless of what the pap before said that we didnt see in this video, Travis is a celeb who knows paps will photograph him. He could have used it as lesson to his kids to ignore name calling and be the bigger person but no he stooped to the paps level - actually far below it. In front of his children none the less!!!!! Travis and friends are totally in the wrong. Paps are part of the business all celebs know this. Not condoning some agressice paps but hello celebs can hire bodyguards etc. If they get into the business they know paps comes w territory and shouldnt be suprised when they try and get rise out of them. No its not right w kids but hey those tabloids pay alot of money for that stuff & they are trying to make a living like everyone else. SUpply & demand. As long as people want to see celeb photos etc there will ALWAYS be paps.

1650 days ago


Here's a clue, stop taking pictures of the already overexposed guy and there won't be any problem, except he would search them out to get something out there. ALL in this episode are tools, period.

1650 days ago


I think they got what they deserved...their needs to be restrictions on what the paparazzi can do because come on when a celebrity is trying to be normal and just be themselves for a day why the hell get in the way of that and ruin everything!!! And in the end it sounded like they were just doing it for money come on the video freaking made it on this website obviously they got what they wanted!!!

1649 days ago


damn...i wanted to see barker knock that dude out.oh well maybe next time.the paps are such babies and the way that wasnt l.a.p.d...they were sherrifs.

1649 days ago


He is the worst father and that little girl looks like she has been
through the ringer already. She has aged before her time. She has
seen enough. Get CPS over to his house to check on these kids because
he is a bomb waiting to explode and it may be on the kids. He was with
a black chick having her hold her kids hands leaving the restaurant
and he got pissed that his ex is going to see who he was with. This
is another reason he is so pissed off. The black chick is no good and
the ex does not want her kids around this black female.

1649 days ago


"What happened to the tough guys with the cameras?"

It's called they weren't there Travis, because you decided to start a fight with guys that had nothing to do with the other a-hole that was harassing you.

You may have walked up to a complete stranger and had your boys **** them up and slash their tires.

Oh wait, you did.

Father of the decade!

1649 days ago


Nice editing job.

1649 days ago


GOOD FOR TRAVIS enough is enough

1649 days ago


They were waiting for him. As if the earlier guy had called them and told them too. The first thing you heard them say was "here he comes"" like they were expecting him. They deserve a good ass whooping.

1649 days ago


Damn, they had to call the whole calvary to save their punk a$$es. Fire trucks and ambalamps, LMAO. They knew Travis was in the restaurant, had previous beef with another pap smear, then had the nerve to hang out and wait for him to see them. You deserve what you get. Travis escaped a plane crash, you think he won't twist you up like a balloon animal?

1649 days ago
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