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Travis Barker Video -- You Gotta See This

2/22/2010 10:37 AM PST BY TMZ STAFF

TMZ has obtained crazy video of Travis Barker and his friends threatening paparazzi outside a Calabasas restaurant -- spitting at the photogs, hitting the camera and, allegedly, slashing a photog's tires.

In the video, Travis starts out by screaming, "Where's your homeboy?" As we first reported, Travis got into it with a photographer on his way into the restaurant -- but neither of the two photogs in the video are that guy.

The photogs claim one of their phones was stolen. When one of the photogs confronts Travis' friends about the phone, a guy can be heard saying, "F**king snitch fa**ot motherf**ker, no one has your gay ass phone."

After a few more minutes of arguing, and the arrival of cops, a photog noticed his tires were slashed.

The photogs told cops they did not want to press charges. No arrests were made, but a vandalism report was taken.

UPDATE: You can read Travis' response to the incident on his Twitter page, saying in part, "Paparazzi cried like young girls when it was no longer three of them against me and my kids. Didn't they remember threatening me an hour ago? What happened to the tough guys with the cameras? It was gonna be a fair fight."


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Hmmm what they left out was this video:

These guys then followed them around the next day as well. Enough is enough. I've met Travis, and he's the nicest celeb ever. When you start messing with someones children, then you have a problem. While he may have been a little harsh, you do have the footage, and I know for a fact Barker doesnt get like this unless you provoke him. So maybe post the rest? Hopefully you learned you lesson.

And to those of you who dont know who Barker is, wow. Just wow.

1706 days ago


Travis Barker is a douche bag and all the losers supporting him should get a real life and stop kissing ass like little bitches.

1706 days ago


HE SHOULD HAVE FINISHED BURNING IN THAT PLANE! Look at those Cholo thugs he has with him. TRASH!

1706 days ago


Whats wrong with you J, if he's going out with a "black chick" nothing wrong with that just cause maybe you cant get some color in your life dont mean you gotta be hatting on those that can get some!!! and people like you that bring race into marriage are the same old racist people that need to get a life and help support those that need it!

1706 days ago


Looks like the Blink is in need of publicity? Do they have a single coming out?

1706 days ago

ron 1488    

Travis is a punk who acts black. I dropped Travis ass in High School and punked him for his lunch money. Punk wanna-be tough guy with gay tattoos. Come back to the IE (56st) and look for me chump. I'll drop you again.

1706 days ago


I used to think highly of Travis, but now I see he is a punk ass! What a tough guy...big friends and a bigger mouth. The dude in the blue shirt would have mopped the floor with that scrawny thug. I would love for him to walk up to me talking that would be worth the beating that his pals would give 3 on 1 just to knock that swollen ego to the ground. The photogs were not the one who Travis had the argument with earlier and they attempted many times to plead their case. Travis you are a joke and your entire gang of thugs are clearly criminals as this video shows.

1706 days ago


"if you knew travis well enough from just watching concert videos like me"

Rotfl. You know him because you watched some Blink 182 videos? Can I have some of what you're smoking please?

1706 days ago


Travis is a little sissy! Can't even fight his own fights. Pathetic!

1706 days ago


I hate the pap, they are always messing with people. Why don't they get real jobs instead of making money from other peoples lives.

1706 days ago


Travis did nothing wrong.... anybody in his position would do the same thing. I think the paparazzi are the douche bags!!!

1706 days ago

mark wahoo    

Trav and Skinhead Rob will fu*k up your day if you mess with them! I'm with Rob and Travis on this one. TMZ you should be the one that gets sh*t, these people are just trying to start sh*t and get it on cam so you can buy the footage.

1705 days ago


I'm sooo happy Travis snapped! Paparazzis deserve that reaction and even more... Travis is taking care of his family. You don't wanna mess with him again ;)

1691 days ago

Oscar in Miami Beach    

One of the most deplorable things that has happened in the history of this great country of ours is that this a**hole did not burn and die when his plane crashed.He is ugly outside and inside.He should have died and made the world a better place to live.He is not even such a great musician anyway.Even his ex-wife thinks he is an a**bhole and a bad smelling one to boot.I have to say like Woopy Goldgerg in the "color Purple" "You is ugly".

1706 days ago


Travis and his friends acted like the regular low life bully in the real world who belongs in jail. If they aren't doing that all their doing is being crack heads.
Why did he get mad? Because he is a celeberty and was gettin taped like all the other celeberties do?? If he dosen't like it he can go get another job and be a regular joe or accept his famous lifestyle...if cameras aren't in peoples faces it means they aren't doing well and just faded out of hollywood cauase they suck.... I feel bad for his daugther to be around such a pshyco parent..I never seen my dad like that around me.

1706 days ago
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