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Travis Barker Video -- You Gotta See This

2/22/2010 10:37 AM PST BY TMZ STAFF

TMZ has obtained crazy video of Travis Barker and his friends threatening paparazzi outside a Calabasas restaurant -- spitting at the photogs, hitting the camera and, allegedly, slashing a photog's tires.

In the video, Travis starts out by screaming, "Where's your homeboy?" As we first reported, Travis got into it with a photographer on his way into the restaurant -- but neither of the two photogs in the video are that guy.

The photogs claim one of their phones was stolen. When one of the photogs confronts Travis' friends about the phone, a guy can be heard saying, "F**king snitch fa**ot motherf**ker, no one has your gay ass phone."

After a few more minutes of arguing, and the arrival of cops, a photog noticed his tires were slashed.

The photogs told cops they did not want to press charges. No arrests were made, but a vandalism report was taken.

UPDATE: You can read Travis' response to the incident on his Twitter page, saying in part, "Paparazzi cried like young girls when it was no longer three of them against me and my kids. Didn't they remember threatening me an hour ago? What happened to the tough guys with the cameras? It was gonna be a fair fight."


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Travis Barker is a wanker!!!!

1648 days ago

R u nuts?    

Travis is volatile and unpredicatable...And the way he behaved in front of his kids is curt, neglectful and iritable. That is typical behavior when ur on drugs or alchol. How immature is it to get his goons to attack the paps. that is their jobs, if u don't like it then take urself out of the limelight! And his wife is lazy and live the good life off of her ex husband efforts rather than making it herself! sorry, but its a statement of facts.

1648 days ago

Rather be an Athiest    

Not only is this guy a freak, but he is violent. I guarantee that we will be seeing more stories about this wad in the future. Maybe he and Mike Lohan will share a cell. The photog is a tool, too. Charges should have been filed. This behavior should not be tolerated. They totally went off on the wrong guy. His kids are already messed up, I'm sure.

1648 days ago


If TMZ got anywhere near me and my son, I would go off like a bomb on your 'photographer'. You guys are crossing the line more and more every day and certainly get NO sympathy from your viewers by playing victim. Maybe its time that you consider what is appropriate as far as where to film celebrities and leave the rest off limits. Personally, I would say that video of someone with their kids leaving a restaurant and walking to a car isn't all that interesting (no offense Travis). You guys are CREATING the story by provoking people. I used to check in on TMZ from time to time for my celebrity fix, but no more. You have become parasites and have no journalistic ethics whatsover. If this is the future of media, I want no part of it.

1648 days ago


Paparazzi is the new military. Any low life with no purpose and no education can grab a camera and provoke anyone with the hopes of making it big. These lowlifes that deal with celebrities have never done anything with their lives nor will they ever amount to anything. TMZ is not affiliated with any of these lowlifes so they can claim "ignorance".

Paparazzi have nothing to lose and have never worked hard for anything ever. Yet, the goal of a paparazzi is to provoke a celebrity who's worked VERY HARD for everything that they have and steal it from them in a matter of seconds. Listen to the interaction from the "photographer", he is nothing but an uneducated, ill-mannered piece of crap. A wanna-be gangsta who calls everyone "bro" or "cuz'n". Good luck in your interview with MacDonalds 5 years from now bro....

1648 days ago


When will you people realize that these guys are just doing their jobs, just like everyone else does. They photograph celebrities, that is their job, dont like it, than dont move to Hollywood and become a celebrity and collect millions, they should know it comes with the territory.

1648 days ago


in response to "D" what ur saying is that all military personnel are low lifes with no purpose or education? that is the most disgusting comment in the history of the internet!!! u need to apologize to all readers of this particular site and the military in general. comments like that get ur face broke, lame!!!

1647 days ago

andrew silver    

Travis Barker is still acting the gangster, that would be expected except he is a Beverly Hills brat. He would be dropped in an instant if that was a tougher neighborhood. He needs to be with his people where he can be kept in check.

Paparazzis need to go photograph some African lions or grizzly bears, that way they can be assaulted without suing them.

Just kidding, I really don't care about how these people act as long as they stay far from me.

1647 days ago


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1612 days ago

Thunder Thighs    

travis barker's a piece of shit skinny white guy that thinks he's a tough latino/black guy, he's real tough with all his security around, plus he has the nerve to sue the families of the pilots of the plane crash he was in. figures the only one to survive was this douche.

1605 days ago


wow guys, calling travis white trash. yea he's gangterish but who cares thats how he is and hes ****ing awesome. And so what he was with his kids, yes he was at a resturant so obviously hes with them, that why he put them in the car its not like he was holding them while argueing. he had every right to be mad.

and to the idioit complaing that he called them gay, who cares he was angry and couldnt congrtol what he was saying. oh ya becasue gays need to rise up to this issue. grow up.

travis barker is the coolest dude ever and i love him. **** the haters

1558 days ago

Beat Junkie    

First off Travis had EVERY right to react the way he did. What ya'll are not seeing is the first video where the Paparazzi threatened him. Second: Travis wasn't the one who said the gay comments. That would be his boy Rob Aston. Third:None of these guys are Thug Wanna Be rockers, and if you actually knew what the hell you were talking about you'd know that his boy (Rob Aston) is the lead singer of the Punk Band Transplants. So in future think before you type. And I also agree that this video freakin sucks. It's a weak attempt for TMZ to try and bank off T-Barkers fame.

1516 days ago


Im SOOOO glad Travis went hard on these guys, they deserve it... paparazzi is a JOKE now days, and need to be put in their place.. Thanks Travis!!

1384 days ago


**** tmz y dont you ****ing leave people alone u freaks. no one wants to see this ****!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! ****in stalkers

1343 days ago


are u f*** stupid that wasnt blink 182 the band moron it was travis barker 1 f**** person from the band. and so what if he says *** gay or whatever you f*** queers its his right of freedom of speech. dont like get the F*** out of the country!

1277 days ago
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