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Charlie Sheen -- Rehab Was His Decision

2/23/2010 8:26 PM PST BY TMZ STAFF

Charlie Sheen voluntarily checked himself into rehab and there was "no one big thing that happened that made him go" -- a very well-connected source tells TMZ.

We're told Charlie made the decision to go to rehab late this morning.

As for the kids, we've learned they will stay at the family house with the nannies and other staff. We're told Charlie's mom will spend a good deal of time at the house, as will Brooke Mueller's mother.

The kids will visit Brooke in her rehab facility.

As we first reported, Charlie will spend two weeks in rehab. We're told he will get outpatient treatment once he checks out.

and Warner Bros. just issued a joint statement, saying: "CBS, Warner Bros. Television and Chuck Lorre support Charlie Sheen in his decision today to begin voluntary in-patient care at a treatment center."

The statement acknowledges production of "Two and a Half Men" is temporarily suspended.


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"no one big thing that happened that made him go"....SO WHY GO???? What did he have like a hundred little things that made him go to rehab.

What sane person checks themself into rehab if there was not a huge problem with SOMETHING. Something stinks with his story.

1669 days ago

Real People    

His family/ Mom etc probably interveined....Like Tiger the Cheeta Woods said. Its hard to admit you have a problem with an addiction.
It Great Sheen went to rehab. Give Him Credit.

1669 days ago

Jerry Martin    

So when did Charlie Sheen take his last crap? You've told us everything else.

1669 days ago


Poor kids. What losers for parents.

1669 days ago


They're doing the right thing now. How can anyone fault them for that? Good luck to them.

1669 days ago


He should go to Shutter Island........

1669 days ago

um, no thanks    

What happens to all the middle class and poor people with alcohol and drug problems when they have things like this happen?
They go to prison and that is why we have more people in prison right now, locked up, sitting there rotting, costing the country a fortune, than live in several of our states combined.

Who does the county put the responsibility of supplying it's addicts?
Youths often from lower class single parent homes. If they don't get caught providing the drugs to our nation of addicts like Brooke and Charlie and countless other and go to prison they will end up committing other crimes that come with the job, mangled or dead.

Charlie and Brooke and are at places most would consider a luxury spa rehab.
The vast majority of people go to jail, they don't take their kids to rehab, they loose their children, their freedom, ability to ever have a normal or decent life again. They give up.

Unless we as a county figure out a better way to treat the vast majority of people with fewer resources like 99.8 percent of the population it's going to continue to suck all the life out of this country.

We can't even build prisons fast enough to lock people up and throw away the keys and pay people to feed them and guard them while they learn how to be hard core criminals.

If we only spent a tiny fraction on preventing and treating the rest of the population as we do putting them away we would all be a lot better off in every way, shape and form.

Would we rather spend 42,000 dollars a year to have someone locked away than 4,000 to provide that same person hope and options that could last them a life time and be victims of the crimes they commit to feed their addiction.

1669 days ago


The buzz is Charlie is heading to Hazelden in Newberg, Oregon where Robin Williams went in 2006. Good Luck Charlie!

1669 days ago


It is taking TMZ way to long to figure that we aren't at all interested in news about Charlie's wife. Whatever her name is.

1669 days ago

Sand D    

I wish him (both) all the most busy people we put off our own wellness until we have time....I am so glad to see him take time.....and it will pay off.
Best of this young family.

1669 days ago

J Byrd    

BIG F'n Deal!!! Rehab schmehab!!! These celebrity country club rehabs are bullchit! I'm sure they get the star treatment and basically don't do chit for them. Ha, it's funny to hear about celebs going rehab.

1669 days ago


Rehab? Ya think? I've seen him do more crystal meth than I could believe. Drinkin the whole time too. He is a mess and his kids should be taken away immediately!

1669 days ago


He is a big ass jerk....if you look at his profile he looks just like the Wicked Witch of the West...his nose meets up with his chin...blechhhhhhhhhhh...and who cares about 'Two and a half men''s a show...he plays a character in that show - it has nothing to do with how he is as in real life such as a drunk ass, wife beating, porn reading/whore renting person. Period.

1669 days ago


Denise Richards is redeemed!

1669 days ago


i think it's sad that every time we hear about them the nannies are caring for the children they not have the ability to care for them ? well i guess having "help" raise their children frees up time to snort lines. i'm tired of celebs having time to put their 6 week old on the cover of a tabloid but no time to actually parent.

1669 days ago
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