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Kevin Smith -- Not Large But In Charge

2/23/2010 4:06 PM PST BY TMZ STAFF

Director Kevin Smith made it to the premiere of his film "Cop Out" in NYC last night ... and didn't get kicked out.


With no one from Southwest there to bug him, the 39-year-old -- and his hot wife -- were not deemed a "safety risk."


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Dude, we get it, you are proud to be from Jersey, but give it a rest!!! All your sports teams suck!!!!!!

1705 days ago

dr cyclops    

i wonder why she is with him ..cant be love thats for sure..noone can love a fat person,,they eat too much food,,its that no limit american express card she gets,,

1705 days ago


Face reality, Kev, you need those 2 seats. Anyone sitting next to you is getting cheated, as you spill over with that flab and take half the seat they paid for. I have been in this hell, sandwiched between 2 gigantic fatties, and it was hell on earth. This is a safety issue and also a fairness issue, the other passengers have the right to ride without your flesh flopping over onto them!

1705 days ago


If you are barely 5'8 and over 250 pounds, then yes, you are one wide load. He said himself he normally bought 2 seats, so he doesn't have a leg to stand on. And judging from his picture I'd say that is a literal translation.

Posted at 3:42PM on Feb 23rd 2010 by milk

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Hey JA.....why don't you actually quote someone correctly. He did not say he regularly buys two seats because he is large. WHEN he bought two seats was to keep some annoying in your face JACK A $ $ (probably not unlike yourself) from sitting right next to him.

1705 days ago


KEvin is NOT fat.... I cant believe they think that! HE is WAYYYYYY smaller than hugo on LOST... and they let him on the plane.
I think Kevin is chunky but not FAT!

1705 days ago

dr cyclops    

listen you coneheads..i weigh 250 and i am 5'8" and my mom says i am husky not blood pressure is 165 over 115 and my cholestrial is 275 which is great,,i feel fine and can run at least 15 yards without getting pains in my doctor says i am in perfect condition because i have big bones..i only eat fast food 5 times a week and only drink 5 pepsi's a beforte you call people fat..think again,,its husky you pants sixe is the same when i was 15 40 waist and i wear 2x large shirts and look great for a 40 year old man

1705 days ago


Dude is expanding into a new area code. He should be flying FEDEX freight. All his movies after Clerks sucked, really milking that film. His next project should be a fitness DVD.

1705 days ago


Posted at 3:24PM on Feb 23rd 2010 by MightyMad

Nice personal attack on a guy who was simply stating an opinion.

Oh you're so smart. Go f$ck yourself. What are you Kevin's little bitch? Let me guess you're one of those anti smoking zealots that think having a smoke is equivalent to smoking crack.

Apparently you're the important one here. Should we bow down to you now or later?

1705 days ago


And to add one more thing, those large legged jeans make him look obese.

1705 days ago

Jeff Simons    

everyone saying his wife's only with him because he's rich need to examine one thing, she's a journalist and still works on her own, at times making more then Kevin actually.

1705 days ago


Is he standing on his knees or something? Wait, wasn't he a hobbit in LOTR???

1705 days ago


Kevin Smith is such a fatass douchebag. He's not funny, his movies suck, he's hideous to look at. I seriously can't think of one positive thing to say about this human skidmark.

1705 days ago


@Husky Man....I lied!

1705 days ago


He should THANK Southwest for his new found fame....before that incident I did not have a clue who the hell he was

1705 days ago


Yeah, what's up with that outfit? How do you expect anyone to take you serious, and you're at YOUR movies premiere!

And to the girl you're with, nice age appropriate hair style!

1705 days ago
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